You are an Addict — (Fat Is a Family Affair)

SSRI Ed note: Women take Prozac to lose weight. It does not work, and they become addicted.

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Fat Is a Family Affair: How Food Obsessions Affect Relationships – Hazeldon

By Judi Hollis


Excerpt:  Since this book first came out, we’ve witnessed another very dangerous result of looking only at the psychological aspects of eatiing disorders.   Many Americans are on Prozac and other drugs of that same family.   These are known as selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs.   It is as if these drugs received Federal Drug Administration approval and then manufacturers immediately took doctors on junkets and luncheons to teach them about the benefits of prescribing them.

The female population suddenly developed an epidemic of Prozac deficiency.   This was coupled with managed-care clerks insisting that medical teams prescribe these drugs.   Also the patient population became educated and learned that the drugs were an appetite suppressant.   What they didn’t realize was that the actual claim was that these drugs did not cause as much weight gain as other antidepressants.   All this new data merged, and countless food obsessed individuals begged their general practitioners for Prozac.   It didn’t even need psychiatric monitoring.  Years later, I admitted to in-patient units individuals who were on Prozac and were still bingeing and vomiting and also gaining weight…

There was also more difficulty getting off these drugs than medical personnel had predicted.    They assured people with addictive personalities that the drugs weren’t addictive.   They forgot to consider the person involved.  You can’t just look at the drug without looking at the drug-taker.