Boy who drank whiskey bit ambulance worker — (Worcester News)

SSRI Ed note: Teenager given antidepressants and obviously suffering side effects drinks whiskey, becomes physically and verbally abusive. Bites.

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Worcester News

9:22am Wednesday 2nd May 2007

Claire Fry, @clairefryWN #WENews

A TEENAGER who lashed out at hospital staff, biting the hand of an ambulance worker, had drunk half a bottle of whisky on top of prescribed anti-depressant pills.

The 15-year-old was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, but began to verbally and physically assault staff and a police officer.

Magistrates found the boy guilty of affray and assaulting a police officer, but refused a request by the Worcester News to allow him to be named.

The Worcester court was told the boy bought the alcohol from a shop in Kidderminster. When he told his mother what he had drunk she took him for a check-up.

Medical staff decided to keep him in overnight because of his history of depression and self-harm. The boy objected.

“He became verbally aggressive with his mother,” said senior sister Kirsteen Haynes. “I asked them to leave.”

The boy and mother were seen by off-duty special police officer Martin Leslie and his wife Angela, a community support officer. “He seemed very agitated and kept demanding his mother give him her car keys,” said Mr Leslie.

Mr Leslie tried to retrieve the keys from the boy. He showed the boy his warrant card, but the two ended up wrestling on the floor. Mr Leslie was punched in the stomach and kneed in the groin.

A nurse, Mrs Leslie and ambulance technician David Hope ran to his aid. While they restrained the boy Mr Hope was bitten hard enough to penetrate the skin.

As his mother drove the boy from the hospital they were stopped by another police officer blocking the road.

PC Neil Bennett was standing in front of the car when he heard the boy tell his mother to run him over.

PC Bennett called for help and dog handler Sergeant Andy Woolhouse arrived.

PC Bennett said he saw the boy punch Sgt Woolhouse in the face.

Questioned by Mark Soper, prosecuting, the boy admitted asking his mother to run PC Bennett over, but only as a joke. He said he had drunk because he was depressed, but sobered up at the hospital.

The boy said he had bitten Mr Hope because he had felt a hand around his throat as he was being pinned down and lashed out at PC Bennett and Sgt Woolhouse because he was scared they were going to beat him up.

His mother believed the police had been heavy handed.

Andy Childs, defending, said: “This has been deeply traumatising to his family. He has been suffering from a deep depression.”

The boy, from a village near Worcester, was released on conditional bail until Wednesday, May 23, for sentencing.