Teen shot mother, kissed her cheek, fled — (New Hampshire Union Leader)

SSRI Ed note: Teen, 16, takes antidepressants, becomes aggressive and suicidal, expresses violent thoughts. He shoots and kills his mother, to be sentenced as adult.

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New Hampshire Union Leader

By LORNA COLQUHOUN, Union Leader Correspondent

 Sept 30, 2004

LANCASTER – After shooting his mother once in the head one Saturday morning last January, a Whitefield teen kissed her cheek and fled his family’s home, according to court documents unsealed this week.

Bernard Poulin III was 16 the day he shot his mother as she sat at the kitchen table writing out checks. He turned 17 and became an adult in the eyes of the law last weekend and on Tuesday, pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of his mother, Linda.

The teen, who had been a student at White Mountains Regional High School in Whitefield, will be sentenced in November.

Because he was a minor at the time of the murder, details of the case were sealed. What was known is that Poulin fled the state and was taken into custody in western New York the day after the shooting, when he did not have money to pass through a toll.

Court documents said he was bound for a friend’s home in Ohio.

Late on the morning of Jan. 24, Bernard Poulin Jr., the boy’s father, a long distance tractor trailer driver, had returned from several days on the road, coming home to find his wife on the floor in the family’s kitchen.

According to court papers, the elder Poulin told responding officers that his son “has finally flipped his lid, lost his temper and killed his mom.”

Poulin immediately began CPR to try and save his wife after calling for help, but she was later pronounced dead.

He told investigators that he and his wife had been having problems with their son and said that he had a “strong temper.”

“BJ was a strong kid and that the damage to his wife could have been done by BJ,” according to court documents. ” . . . BJ had told him and Linda that he has wanted to pummel kids at school to the point that their faces were bloody and mutilated.”

Local police officers told investigators that they were familiar with the teen, who had once considered suicide and had been on anti-depressants after receiving counseling.

Young Poulin, according to court papers, apparently stole the handgun the night before from a residence where he and his mother were attending a birthday party.

In an interview with State Police conducted in New York after he was taken into custody, the teen said he had intended to take the .22 caliber handgun “out to his barn to commit suicide.”

But on that morning, according to the court papers, Linda Poulin was sitting at the kitchen table taking care of some finances and had apparently been asking him to take care of the trash.

“His mother then made another comment to him which upset him and in response, he fired a round from the handgun at his mother from a distance of about three feet,” according to the court papers.

As his mother lay bleeding, according to the documents, her son took the spent casing out of the handgun and put it in his pocket.

“He gathered the box of ammunition and left the house, kissing his mother on the cheek before he left,” according to the court papers.

The teen is being held without bail in the Coos County House of Correction, awaiting sentencing.