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SSRI Ed note: 17-yr-old commits suicide on line

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Feb 27, 2003

Third installment of a three-part series

On a January afternoon in 2002, a 17-year-old boy from Lawrence, Kansas, posted the following message on several Internet newsgroups:

From: unresistance (unoriginality_incarnate@hotmail.com)
Subject: goodbye.
Newsgroups: alt.suicide.holiday, alt.suicide.methods, alt.drugs.psychedelics
I just took step one of my suicide plan thing. Should be dead in about 40 minutes. Bye everyone.
i weigh 120 lbs
1. dramamine for anti-vomit, wait 30 min
2. 3 bottles robo max strength
3. bottle zoloft
4. bottle celexa
5. wash each down w/ antifreeze
6. some more antifreeze
7. some benedryl
8. tie plastic bag around head
If I don’t post back, it worked. 🙂
It did work. When Patrick Marks’ mother returned home a few hours later, she found her son’s still-warm body; but neither she nor paramedics were able to revive the teen.
Joanne Hossack filed a wrongful death suit in December against Amy Viscuso, another poster on alt.suicide.holiday, who was on the phone with Hossack’s son while he overdosed.
ASH, a website that combines discussion groups and detailed instructions for self-annihilation, has been linked to 10 confirmed suicides.