A jury convicted a teenager — tried as an adult — of murder today in the death of his close friend and alleged gay lover a year ago.Jon Paul Marsh, 17, was found guilty of killing Nathan Mayoral, 14, March 20, 2001. According to court records, Marsh choked Mayoral, hit his head with a hammer, wrapped his head in plastic and dumped his body along a deserted dirt road.The jury began deliberating his punishment Wednesday afternoon. He faces a possible sentence ranging from 5-years probation to life in prison.

Marsh stood with his head hanging down as state District Judge Don Stricklin read the verdict.

Marsh pleaded not guilty to murder, citing “temporary insanity due to involuntary intoxication.” He was under the influence of powerful anti-depressants at the time of the killing, according to testimony.

The two-man, 10-woman jury deliberated about two and half hours before reaching a verdict.