Body found in Ottawa is Nadia: Dad — (Toronto Sun)

SSRI Ed note: Student, 18, on antidepressants for 3 weeks, self harms and kills herself at the suggestion of an internet contact. Cyberbullying is blamed.
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Toronto Sun



He wasn’t expecting a happy ending, but it still hurt when he didn’t get one.

“Once I saw the (anti-depressant) prescription that the doctor gave her, I knew it was hopeless,” a tearful Mohamed Kajouji said from his Brampton home yesterday afternoon.

Just an hour earlier Ottawa Police called to say they had found what is likely the remains of his 18-year-old daughter, Nadia.

“I just knew it,” he said.

Exactly six weeks after the teen was last seen by her roommates at Carleton University, Kajouji was waiting for his wife to come home before the family made the gruelling drive to Ottawa to identify their daughter.

Only after the first-year public affairs and policy management student was reported missing did her family learn she had been on anti-depressants for three weeks.

“The only medication she’s been on is Aspirin,” Kajouji said. “I was not just surprised. I was shocked.”

The family has since been told by university security staff the teen had tried to hurt herself “with razor blades — not just once, not twice,” Kajouji said, angry he hadn’t been told sooner.

He didn’t notice any signs of depression when he last saw Nadia Feb. 17 after she had come home for her week-long school break.

“We went for dinner. Every thing was normal. Then we dropped her at the bus stop and everything was fine,” he said.

He and Nadia’s mother Deborah Chevalier and brothers Mark, 29, and Omar, 30, had been anxiously awaiting news of her whereabouts. They rushed to Ottawa after her disappearance and even offered a $50,000 reward.

“Mark is just falling apart,” her father said. “He was very close to his sister.”