Man Shot to Death in NW Oklahoma City Identified—(

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In addition to the videos posted by Cline he also writes in several blogs about his struggle with antidepressants.

Posted: Apr 18, 2009 10:09 PM GDT 

Updated: Apr 21, 2009 12:48 AM GDT

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Homicide detectives are investigating the shooting death of a man in northwest Oklahoma City.

According to Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, 58-year-old Richard Cline was found dead in his home Sunday after officers received a call about 7 a.m. Saturday from someone who heard gunshots inside a home in far northwest Oklahoma City. Cline’s son, Morgan Cline, 18, was arrested on a first-degree murder complaint in connection to the shooting.


Inside the NW Oklahoma City home crime scene investigators try to piece together how the homeowner wound up shot and killed.

“They’re going to go through, collect evidence, take photographs of the scene; it’s a pretty detailed process,” Oklahoma City Police Lt. Wade Gourley said.

That detailed process led investigators to the arrest of 18-year-old Morgan Cline.

“Apparently it was the youngest son, because they cuffed him, and put him in the car,” neighbor Ernie Ansley said.

On Cline’s MySpace he lists his occupation as “serial killer.” There are also several videos on YouTube that shows Cline mocking his dad, and one pretending to be his father as he sets a car on fire inside a garage.

But it’s on his brother’s MySpace page that is even more telling. On his page he writes, “my brother killed my dad,” and on his twitter page he also writes, “I lost two people today my dad was killed and my brother is in jail.”