19 Year Old Arrested For Stalking

Last paragraph reads:  Fox 13 talked with Myles on Tuesday evening. He says the whole incident was a misunderstanding and he was off medication for depression and is better now."


Stalking Cases on the Rise

Updated: Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010, 8:43 PM CDT
Published : Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010, 8:43 PM CDT

Memphis, Tn – A 19-year old is arrested for stalking, after he was allegedly found hiding in his ex-girlfriends car. A spokesperson for the Shelby County Crime Victim's center says stalking reports are on the rise.

The Crime Victim's Center attributes the rise in reports to an increase in awareness that may be due, in part, to some recent high-profile cases that had some frightening endings.

Tuesday, 19-year old Walter Myles was arrested for stalking. He's not alone. Anna Whalley, with the Crime Victim's Center says there has been a rise in stalking reports in Shelby County this year, "Stalking can lead to some dangerous problems so we're glad to have victims report it and try to get some safety from law enforcement."

Myles' alleged victim, his 18-year old ex-girlfriend, says he came to the Tennessee Technology Center where she was taking classes Tuesday morning.

The victim says her classmates told her that her ex-boyfriend was hiding in her car. When police arrived, they say they found him hiding on the rear floorboard.

It was the second stalking report filed against Myles in two days. The same woman said he came to her place of work the day before, called her nearly 70 times and texted her 50 times. She told police she "feared for her life." Whalley says stalking is, "very dangerous and it's not something to play with."

According to the Stalking Resource Center, 3.4 million people are stalked each year in the US. Most are between 18 and 24 years old.
Whalley says stalking can be a pre-curser to more serious crimes, "In fact most women who are murdered by someone in a relationship were stalked before the murder happened."

In February, a Crenshaw Mississippi police officer, checking on a suspicious person at this home, was shot twice by the ex-boyfriend of a woman living here. She told police, the man had been stalking her.

That same month, Taffi Crawford reported her ex-boyfriend, Memphis firefighter Frank Graham, was texting and calling her repeatedly before he allegedly shot and killed her outside Delta Medical Center.

Tuesday, Myles Bond was set at $500. He bonded out, paying 10% or $50. Whalley calls the amount, "ridiculous." "I would like to see the judicial system take stalking seriously treat it like the pre-curser it is to other crimes."

Myles bond was set by a judicial commissioner. We tried calling about it, but was after business hours. However, the District Attorneys office says stalking is a misdemeanor and there are guidelines the commissioners must follow when setting bond.

Fox 13 talked with Myles on Tuesday evening. He says the whole incident was a misunderstanding and he was off medication for depression and is better now.