Police release details about McAbee shooting at news conference — (Owyee Avalanche)

SSRI Ed note: Normal, nice 18-yr-old on antidepressant goes crazy, killed by police after car chase

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See also Homedale Man Killed Following High Speed Chase, ☺, Nov 20,2002, Vol 18 #47                        

Here is a list of new details released at Friday’s Critical Incident Task Force press conference on the Ross McAbee shooting.

Officials released an audio tape of dispatchers describing the chase and shooting, which included several tense moments when dispatchers were reporting shots being fired during the chase.

There’s no known motive for McAbee’s actions. Officials said McAbee was taking medication for depression but it is not known if that was a factor in what happened.
McAbee reportedly stole his father’s pickup truck in Homedale. The SKS semi-automatic assault rifle that McAbee fired was in the truck.
The rifle can hold an estimated 30 rounds, at least three of which remained in the banana clip after McAbee died. Investigators said they aren’t sure how many rounds he fired during a car chase with officers on I-84.
Officers returned fire after McAbee fired one to three shots at the closest police officer after crashing at Broadway Avenue and Park Boulevard.
Officers fired up to 80 rounds, in part as suppression fire to keep McAbee from shooting a nearby police officer and the motorist McAbee crashed into.
The 10 officers involved in the shooting were placed on paid indefinite leave, a routine step following a shooting.
A Boise police victim/witness staff member went to the shooting scene Thursday night to offer support to Washington Group International workers who were traumatized by the event. Bullets from the shooting hit WGI headquarters in the MK Plaza. On Friday, WGI made counselors available for workers who witnessed the shooting.
Ada County Coroner Erwin Sonnenberg said later Friday an autopsy on McAbee revealed he had been shot eight times in the arms, upper back and head. The head shot most likely was the fatal shot, Sonnenberg said. Toxicology test results on McAbee could take several weeks.
Edition Date: 11-16-2002