Belle Meade Couple allegedly stabbed By 14 Year Old Son — (WZTV)

SSRI Ed note: Teen prescribed antidepressants stabs his parents in the night.

Original article no longer available


by Erika Lathon

Aug 4, 2008

A double stabbing in one of Nashville’s wealthiest zip codes leaves neighbors and police stunned.

Investigators say Bill and Deborah Powell were attacked in their Belle Meade home on West Tyne Boulevard Sunday night.

Eighty year old Bill Powell is well known as the former owner of Capital Chevrolet and Honda dealerships.

Police say Mrs. Powell was awakened by her son stabbing her.

Mr Powell was attacked when he came to her aid.

Police say that’s when Mrs. Powell ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

The fourteen year old was found in the backyard and police say the he admitted to the attack.

Investigators tell Fox 17 News the teen was under a doctors care and taking anti-depressants for depression related issues.

Authorities say they’ll talk with the District Attorney before deciding whether to press charges.