Cave City woman attempts suicide — (The Guardian)

SSRI Ed note: Young woman,22, on Lexapro becomes suicidal, attempts suicide by overdose.

Original article no longer available

The Guardian

Published Tuesday June 13, 2006

CAVE CITY  A 22-year-old Cave City woman attempted suicide Monday evening by allegedly taking 17 Lexapro prescription pills, Police Chief Vernon Gann said.
Cave City officer Cpl. Aaron Presser responded to a call of a possible overdose about 6 p.m. at 707 Matlock Road. Cave City First Responders, LifeCare Emergency Medical Services personnel and Gann also responded.
Presser said that when he arrived, he found Jessica Ramsey lying in her bedroom crying. He said he asked what was wrong and she told him she had taken “a bunch” of Lexapro. He said when he asked how many she replied seven plus seven plus three and he asked if 17 was correct. She answered yes, Presser said.
“I did find two empty blister packs in the bedroom; both would have contained seven pills,” he said.
By that time LifeCare EMS had arrived. She was taken to White River Medical Center.
“As I was exiting the house I found a red notebook on the kitchen counter. In the book was a two-page letter that started as ‘last will and testament.’ I took this into evidence as a suicide note,” Presser said in his report.
He said he and a first responder secured the doors to the house before leaving.