Family’s agony after son dies at house party — (The Evening Chronicle)

SSRI Ed note: Man loses his mom, is prescribed antidepressants, drinks alcohol at a party, collapses and dies.

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The Evening Chronicle

Jun 2 2008

by Peter Taylor, Evening Chronicle

A FAMILY has been left devastated after a young man died after collapsing at a party.

Paul Morgan, 27, was in Ashington on May 25 near his former family home in Chillingham Crescent when he collapsed.

Paramedics tried to resuscitate Paul but he was taken to Wansbeck General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

His step dad Terry Rose, 61, said today: “All we know is that he was at a party and collapsed just after 10 pm. We went to the hospital and got there about 12.30 am, but we couldn’t see him. We had to wait until the following morning.

“There are a lot of rumours going around, but we have not got the facts yet.

“Everything is in the hands of the coroner and from what we can gather it could be six months or so before we know anything

“Paul lost his mam seven years ago and it affected him rather badly. He had a good job working at the Dewhirst clothing factory as a stock controller, but he started losing time and left his job.

“He was drinking and he had been under the doctor who had prescribed medication for depression.

“He was well liked at Dewhirst and he was in charge of keeping stock of stuff from Morocco.”

Mr Rose had thought about selling his house in Chillingham Crescent around two years ago, where he lived with his late wife Denise. He married her after she divorced Paul and elder brother Kevin’s father.

Kevin, who is a manager of Sports Direct in Ashington, has been badly hit by the loss of his brother.

The pair moved out from their Chillingham Crescent home to live elsewhere in Ashington when their step dad was thinking of selling it.

A funeral for Paul is to be held at St John’s Church, Ashington, on Wednesday at 1.15 pm, followed by cremation at Cowpen crematorium.