29 Year Old Depressed Man Takes his Own Life

Paragraph two reads:  "Jack Edward Kirby, 29, had been taking anti-depressants and seeing therapists for months before he killed himself at his home in Billingham."


Depression led Billingham man to end his life – inquest

Nov 12 2010 by Sophie Barley, Evening Gazette

A TEESSIDE man who battled to try and overcome his severe depression hanged himself after viewing websites about how to commit suicide, an inquest heard.

Jack Edward Kirby, 29, had been taking anti-depressants and seeing therapists for months before he killed himself at his home in Billingham.

An inquest into his death was held at Teesside Coroner’s Court where coroner Michael Sheffield recorded a verdict that Mr Kirby killed himself.

The court heard that Mr Kirby, who ran a local Kleeneze business, had a history of depression and had visited his doctor and therapists for help.

Dr Andrew Morton said, despite his depression, Mr Kirby did not talk of killing himself and on one occasion had told his therapist that he was “too much of a coward to kill himself”.

Dr Morton said Mr Kirby had low self esteem and little motivation.

The court heard Mr Kirby’s body was found at his home in Imperial Road by his lodger, Brian Dagnall.

Mr Dagnall told the court he found him hanging upstairs and called the police, who examined the house.

PC Andrew Evans, from Cleveland Police, said an A4 piece of paper was found near his body covered in the handwritten words “I love myself”.

He said there was also a sheet with a hangman on it and the words “I don’t work. Look in the red and black book”. Officers then found a red and black book which had a list of people to contact and information about his business and finances.

They also found websites open on his computer which gave information on how to assist suicide.

A post-mortem showed that he had taken more than 30 pills before he hanged himself and had a small cut on his left wrist.

Mr Sheffield said: “Jack Kirby did have a troubled state of mind and despite receiving help from his family and medical authorities which was extensive, it seems that it reached a stage where it had got on top of him.

“It seems likely that he used a knife to make a small incision on his wrist but that did not cause his death.

“He took a substantial amount of tablets, but before the effects could be reached he carried out the process which ended his life.”