Actions were ‘totally out of character’ — (Berkshire Live)

SSRI Ed note: Man described as rational, mood never fluctuated takes antidepressants for depression that nobody noticed, dies by suicide. Close siblings totally shocked.

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Berkshire Live

By Laura Herbert


A man who suffocated himself by tying a black bin bag over his head with a necktie acted “out of character”, an inquest heard.

The body of Jack Siwo was discovered lying on the sofa of his one-bedroom studio flat on Friday, March 14, by a representative of his landlord following reports of a smell coming from the West Reading home.

Although the 35-year-old was diagnosed with depression in 2002 and took anti-depressants, his brother and sister, who attended Tuesday’s inquest at Reading Civic Centre, were unaware of this condition.

His sister Erica Siwo said: “His mood never fluctuated. He wouldn’t get upset about something unless there was a reason to.

“He called me three times a day throughout 2007 and we would talk about things, and I could tell at some point there was probably something but I couldn’t put my finger on it because I didn’t know about the depression.”

Both Mr Siwo’s siblings were extremely shocked at his actions describing them as “completely out of character”.

Samuel Siwo, his brother, even visited his flat in Waylen Street to trace the events leading up to his death.

He said: “We know he was on his computer beforehand, he even turned the computer off before he did it and left the flat as if he was going out and would return.”

Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford said Mr Siwo had known and intended the consequences of his actions and that this was not a cry for help.

He added: “There were issues in his life, but it does seem to me he looked around in despair for something that could allow him to carry out the thoughts he had, and they were a bin bag and a tie.”

Mr Bedford recorded a suicide verdict.