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SSRI Ed note: Man mourning wife's death takes antidepressants, dies by overdose suicide.
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Published 31/03/2009 11:46

A BURNLEY man mourning the loss of his wife had a history of illness and depression and left a suicide note for police before taking an overdose.

The body of Mr Gerard Hirst (55), of Marles Court, was found at his home in September. He had not been seen for six weeks when staff from housing association Calico called police.

Along with his body they also found a detailed suicide note addressed to police containing personal information, reasons for his suicide and an apology. A post-mortem examination revealed high levels of anti-depressants in his system, which caused him to slip into a fatal coma.

Recording a verdict of suicide, East Lancashire Coroner Mr Richard Taylor said: “Sadly Mr Hirst clearly had a number of issues that led to his death. He had clearly suffered with depression and planned his death. The note he left for the police officer was comprehensive and thought out. He had taken a significant amount of drugs and that, coupled with the note, leads me to believe he took his own life.”

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