Alphen aan den Rijn shopping mall shooting — (Klokkenluider)

SSRI Ed note: Dutch youth, 24, on antidepressants behaves strangely, shoots 13 at shopping mall, killing 6. Mental illness blamed.

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April 12, 2011


A former colleague of Tristan placed a piece on the website of De Telegraaf to confirm that Tristan took anti-depressants: He just saw him on the medication Sat.  And if you walked past him, he was always talking to himself. He was just very strange. Now we learn the facts that almost everyone who commits such crimes ‘on the pill’ was. This website contains more than 4500 cases of pill-induced mentioned atrocities like fathers who strangle their daughter and cutting. But the MSM is so much crime in the grip of the pharmaceutical industry killer on this site as we previously demonstrated in the cases of Wim ‘miracle’ Simon Kohler of NRC and “GlaxoSmithKline” Roozendaal Elsevier [backgrounds], that the questioning of pills in the most general sense all is declared taboo. Do these idiots realize that by their corrupt behavior and the squandering of their duty as journalists complicit in massacres such as those in Alphen aan den Rijn and r as mentioned on the website ssri? If we Gelauff Marcel, now editor of the NIS this call, he throws the handset. If it were up to him to be mowed down innocent civilians prefer that he stop his evil propaganda for the pharmaceutical industry killer.
Big pharma is so rich and powerful that their lobbyists in Brussels and Strasbourg by the bribery of EU’politici “so far have been informed that a European ban on the way to natural and really effective drugs which residents in the EU-slave the future will be forced the poison of big pharma, Ab Osterhaus, Simon Rozendaal and Wim Kohler to swallow! More on this website!

Toby Sterling

AMSTERDAM (AP) – Thousands of people, including the Dutch prime minister, gathered Sunday evening to lay flowers and mourn at a candlelit memorial service outside a mall in a quiet Amsterdam suburb where a mentally troubled young man shot six people dead a day earlier.
Investigators are still puzzling over the gunman’s motive and trying to understand how he was able to obtain and legally own five firearms in the Netherlands, where gun control laws are considered strict, despite prior run-ins with the law and a stay at a psychiatric institution.

The attacker, identified as 24-year-old Tristan van der Vlis, opened fire at the Ridderhof mall in Alphen aan den Rijn with an automatic rifle on one of the first pleasant Saturdays of spring, authorities said. Many of his fatal victims were elderly people unable to flee.

At the ceremony, Mayor Bas Eenhoorn asked for special attention for those he called the “heroes of the Ridderhof” – people who tried to help others escape the shooting including one, not named, who was among those killed as a result. Prime Minister Mark Rutte summarized the attack as an “incomprehensible deed and a terrible day” in Dutch history.

In addition to those killed, the gunman wounded at least 17 people, including two children, and dozens more suffered minor injuries, including one infant. Van der Vlis ended the rampage by shooting himself fatally in the head, bringing the death toll to seven.

At a news conference Sunday, District Attorney Kitty Nooy said the investigation had uncovered notes left by the killer and more information in several files on his computer.

“What I can say about that is the broad lines, and this is, of course, very sad for the victims’ families, but that no clear motive can be found there,” she said. “This man was clearly suicidal, and the contents are more of a spiritual than a threatening nature.”

Twelve people remained in hospital, Eenhoorn told reporters. The children with serious injuries were both girls, aged 10 and six, one of whom has since been released from hospital.

Authorities did not publicly release victims’ identities, citing privacy reasons. Eenhoorn said the victims all lived in Alphen, but one was an 42-year-old immigrant from Syria, a poet.

“And it was in our ‘safe’ country that he died because of this violence,” Eenhoorn said.

Alphen is about 20 miles (30 kilometers) southwest of Amsterdam.

Van der Vlis’ apartment building remained under police guard. Neighbors gave mixed comments about his character.

“He seemed to me to be a nice guy, he always greeted me nicely,” said Veronique Troon. But she said that one time he asked her about her native Brazil, saying: “‘that seems like a very, very dangerous country, don’t you think so?’ I found it very weird.”

An online condolence register has been signed more than 9,000 times.

“It’s unbelievable. I thought such things could happen only in America, but it’s here too,” said Gisele Klaas, attending the memorial. “I’m not afraid of the future, but I hope such a thing never happens again.”

Witnesses, including some interviewed by The Associated Press, said the blond-haired gunman wore camouflage trousers and a black jacket as he stalked through the mall, shooting people at random. The attack lasted around 10 minutes, and witnesses saw him changing magazines in his gun.

The exact type of weapons he used have not been made known, but the city as confirmed he had permits for five, and he had three with him at the time of the attack, one of which was an “automatic weapon.”

Witnesses said he later shot himself in the head with a revolver.

Nooy said an investigation about whether Van der Vlis had properly been granted gun permits has been given to prosecutors from a different jurisdiction to avoid any conflict of interest. She said that a 2003 run-in Van der Vlis had with police over a weapons possession charge – when he would have been a minor – had turned out to involve an air rifle.

But no explanation was offered for how he could have been granted any permit after having spent 10 days in a psychiatric institution in 2006 because he was so depressed health workers were concerned he might commit suicide.

Van der Vlis lived with his father in an apartment near the mall and both parents were said to be cooperating with the investigation.

“It appears that he stopped working for a staffing company several weeks ago,” prosecutors said in a statement. “He was down, but it was not known that he was suicidal. His actions yesterday came as a total surprise.”

Under Dutch law, owning revolvers and rifles is only allowed with a license, and they must be kept unloaded and locked unless they are in use at a firing range or during hunting. In theory, only the military and special police forces have access to fully automatic firearms.

However, despite their illegal status, automatic weapons are frequently found during drugs busts and used in gangland killings.

Nooy said she was still unable to say whether Van der Vlis had permits for the guns he actually used in the attack, but added “it appears that it’s reasonably easy to convert one of the weapons” from semiautomatic to fully automatic.

Saturday’s violence is unusual in the Netherlands, but not unprecedented.

In the past 15 years the country has had two school shootings, one political killing and one terrorist attack – the 2004 murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an Islamic fanatic, which was followed by a standoff with militants armed with machine guns and hand grenades. In 2009, a man killed eight people and wounded 10 by driving his car through a crowd watching a royal parade.

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Today Love, Tomorrow Death

Tristan van der Vlis was the man who killed 6 people and himself in a Shopping Mall in the dutch city Alpheen aan den Rijn on April 9 2011 (Eric Harris Birthday) when he was 24-years old.
The biography that did lead to this desperate act is relatively unknown even among people who are heavily interested in Mass Shooting. Yet, I think his story is bizarre and sad enough to be of high fascination for many people here. Since I am not able to speak dutch and there was nearly zero information about him published in German or English, all informations in this piece are taken from what people from the Netherlands told me in a forum discussion on a Columbine board. I can’t name sources or warrant for the truth of every bit of information.
Tristan van der Vlis grew up in a family of believing Christians in Alpheen aan den Rijn, where he lived until the end of his life.
Around the age of 14, Tristan started to smoke Cannabis with his friends and developed a growing interest in spirituality and faith. However, he also started to show early signs of Schizophrenia such as bad concentration and hearing voices. At the age of 15, he became a member of a gun club.
During the years, his Schizophrenia worsened. Additionally, he was suffering from depression and would later try to commit suicide in 2008. He already had left suicide letters in 2004, 2005 and 2006.
Tristan owned an electronic voice phenomenon & an Ouija-board, with whom he believed he could channel spirits with. He started to not only hear voices, but also feel them. The Christian faith, with whom he grew up apparently started to dissatisfy him, since he began writing a Manifesto “Het Tegenwoord” (The Counterword) in which he describes a dreadful vision of religion (with some interesting parallels to Gnosticism): Tristan believed that God rejected him. He believed that people who are praying to God are really praying to the devil, without being aware of it. He was angry at God, angry at the society God created. Tristan started to explore the paranormal and the afterlife. He also started to hear a voice, louder than any other voice and believed it was the voice of God.
In the year 2006, Tristans father noticed, that his son was watching several videos about Mass Shootings. As he asked for the reason, Tristan told him that he was interested in the psychological background of these crimes. When he started to research Columbine, he immediately was fascinated by the story of Rachel Scott and the story of her saying “Yes”. Tristan wrote about being angry with God for taking Rachel Scott- a girl who devoted her life for him.
Tristan started to hear yet another voice- one of the Columbine Shooters (apparently no artlice points out, WHICH one of the Shooters he did hear). He also began to channel Eric’s and Dylan’s souls through his Ouija-board.
His classmates had mixed feelings towards him. Some described him as a normal guy; others saw him as a weirdo who got quickly angered. It seemed obvious, however, that Tristan withdraw more and more from his peers. He also never had a girlfriend during his life.
Tristan was put in and out to several mental health facilities during his teenage years and got plenty of antidepressant and antipsychotic medication. But apparently, none of the treatment seemed to have lasting effects on his state of mind.
After his release from a mental hospital, where he had to spend time because of a suicide attempt in 2008, he asked for a gun license- and got it. He started to work at a warehouse/distribution center, but got fired because he had aggressive outburst just as kicking a colleague and destroying a cart of main dish soup with a knife. He also was not able to wear a headset due his Schizophrenia.
After getting fired from his job, Tristans mental state apparently collapsed totally and he started to suffer from chronic Insomnia. His anger at the world grew. He did not only want to punish God´, but his sheep’s as well.
As already mentioned, the April 9 2011 would have been Eric Harris 30th birthday. On this day, Tristan van der Vlies drove with his car to the parking lot of Ridderhof mall in Alphen aan den Rijn, after giving bomb threats by phone to 4 other shopping malls in the area.
At 12:08, around the time of Eric and Dylan’s suicide, he opened fire on the parking lot and killed a bystander. Following, he entered the mall and killed 5 additional people. Just 3,5 minutes after firing his first shot, Tristan van der Vlies committed suicide.
Besides his Manifesto (which was not published) he also left a suicide note to his parents:

“Lieve Marieke, mamma, ik hou van je. Het spijt me na al die jaren je zo te moeten kwetsen. Dit is nooit de bedoeling geweest! Ik hou van je en zal altijd van je houden. Ook jou wil ik blij maken. De reden waarom ik dood wil zijn is omdat ik met rust gelaten wil worden. Vergeet niet dat als ik verder had geleefd, dat ik het niet naar mijn zin had gehad.” Naar zijn vader schreef Tristan: “Hans. Help mamma goed en vergeef wat ik gedaan heb, maar ik kon niet anders. Het werd tijd dat jullie rust kregen. (..) Ga door met leven tot je niet meer kan en maak mooie schilderijen.”

“Dear mom, I love you. I’m sorry to hurt you after all these years. This was never my intention! I love you and will always love you. I want to make you happy. The reason I want to die is because I want to be left alone. Don’t forget that if I would’ve lived, I wouldn’t have been happy.”
To his dad he wrote: “Hans. Help mom and forgive me for what I’ve done, but I didn’t have a choice. It’s time for you to get rest. (…) go on with life and make pretty paintings.”