Senate President Calls for Oversight Hearings on Foster Care — (Salem-news)

SSRI Ed note: Gabriel Myers dies on antidepressants, Senate Committee learns states routinely violate law requiring that psych drugging of foster kids be reported.

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(SALEM, Ore. ) – Senate President Peter Courtney has called for Legislative oversight hearings into the practices of the Department of Human Services with regard to the use of powerful psychiatric drugs by children in state foster care.

A published report Sunday indicated that more than one-fourth of children in foster care in Oregon are taking prescription drugs designed to treat depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health problems and the state does little to monitor their use.

“The state is responsible for the well-being of these children. We need to determine if agency policies are putting the health and potentially the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens in jeopardy,” Courtney said. “It’s the Legislature’s job to provide oversight of the agency.”

The Senate President said he was appalled by the report which asserted that a 1993 law – passed after the death of a 7-year-old boy in foster care who was being given a powerful antidepressant – is not always being followed. The law requires foster parents to notify DHS when children under their care are prescribed a psychiatric drug.

Courtney said he anticipates that DHS will conduct its own investigation into the allegations made in the report and expects the agency to report to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, during hearings in February.

“February’s Supplemental Session will give Senator Monnes Anderson and the committee the opportunity to ask the hard questions and get real answers from DHS,” Courtney said.

Note: The resulting follow-up includes a report that clearly outlines the problems with medicating foster children, while doing nothing to ensure that these children are better protected from the damaging and predatory actions of the pharmaceutical industry via physicians.