Alcohol, drugs and narcotics in suicides in the Aarhus police district — (Ugeskr Laeger)

SSRI Ed note: Drugs involved in 60% of suicides, among the most common were benzoz, antidepressants.

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Ugeskr Laeger

1995 Mar 13;157(11):1524-7.  [Article in Danish]

Hansen AC, Kristensen IB, Dragsholt C, Hansen JP

Author information: Retsmedicinsk Institut, retspatologisk og retskemisk afdeling, Aarhus Universitet.


For a period of one year all suicides in Aarhus police district were investigated with a view to identifying the presence of alcohol or drugs in the body of the deceased. Fifty-one suicides occurred, 46 of which were examined. One third of the suicides were due to poisoning and one fourth to hanging. Alcohol was detected in 20% and drugs or narcotics were found in approximately 60%. The most frequent findings were benzodiazepines, analgetics, antidepressants and carbon monoxide. Approximately 40% of the deceased had received psychiatric treatment.