Tom Cruise Extortionist Dies — (2snaps tv)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants tries to extort money from celebrities, has suicidal urges, dies by suicide.

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Posted September 30th, 2007 by wildouble 

The alleged scam artist who tried to extort $1 million from Tom Cruise, was found dead Friday from a possible suicide.

David Schmidt, also known as the “Sultan of Sleaze” because of his “hobby” of selling celebrity dirt, had previously told a Daily News reporter he wanted to kill himself.

Schmidt kept calling columnist George Rush telling him, “I did something really stupid,” and “I put a belt around my neck in the shower. Fortunately, it didn’t work.”

He was on house arrest and planned to plead guilty to charges that he tried to force Cruise to pay money for pictures of his and Katie Holmes’ wedding.

Rush says he told Schmidt to get on some medication. “He said he was on some, but it just didn’t work for very long.”

Cruise, however, being a Scientologist would not agree with Schmidt taking medication for his depression, having spoke[n] out against the use of psychiatric drugs in the past, and also calling “psychiatry a false science.”

David Schmidt was famous for getting and selling celebrity sex tapes, tried to sell naked pictures of Paris Hilton and claimed to have topless pictures of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch.

Authorities have not officially released how he died as of today.

Source: Daily News