SSRI Ed note: Family man "never in trouble before" stops taking antidepressant/anxiety meds, robs food store at gunpoint, threatens clerk, gets 7 years.

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Jan 23, 2006

We learned more today as to what might have caused a family man with no criminal record to rob a convenience store with a loaded gun.

42-year-old Keith Poulter of Pocatello was sentenced in Bonneville County for the May 5th robbery of the Jackson’s Food Store in Ammon.

Suzanne Hobbs was in the courtroom and has more.

Judge Gregory Anderson gave Keith Poulter up to seven years in prison. He will serve at least one year before he’s eligible for parole.

Poulter’s attorney explained that his client has never been in trouble before, and was off his anxiety and depression medication and was unemployed.

He also had issues with alcohol and was not acting like himself when he robbed the Jackson’s Food Store on 17th Street.

Deputy prosecutor, Randy Neal, reminded the judge that as the surveillance video shows, Poulter, wearing a ski mask and carrying a loaded gun, threatened to kill the store clerk and attempted to rob a customer.

Poulter got away with a bundle of cash, but he was caught just hours later at an Idaho Falls motel after an officer spotted his S-U-V in the parking lot.

Poulter did tell the judge that he is willing to take accountability for his actions.

In October, Poulter attempted to run away from the charges. He was on house arrest awaiting trial when he cut off his ankle monitor.

Randy Neal says Poulter then went to the bank, took all the money from his account and fled to Colorado.

After a couple weeks, he turned himself back in. He won’t have a chance to do that again now that he’s headed to prison for a one to seven years.