The Sam Kastanis Case — (HBO)

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The Sam Kastanis Case

Ann Tracy, Ph.D., Executive Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, confirmed that this woman was in a two week withdrawal from Prozac and another antidepressant, trazadone,  at the time of the murder-suicide.

On the morning of November 17, 1991, Sam Kastanis placed a 911 call, telling police that his son was bleeding, his fingers chopped off. Arriving at the scene, police discovered Kastanis in the midst of a grisly scene: three children and Sam’s wife Margaret had been stabbed to death. Although Sam insisted he was innocent, he was arrested and brought to trial.   The evidence seemed overwhelming until Dr. Joseph Burton examined the bodies, and determined that based on the difference in wounds found on the children and the cuts on Margaret’s hand (seen left), the most likely scenario was that Margaret (who had a history of mental problems) had killed her children (injuring herself with the knife in the process) and then committed suicide by stabbing herself in the heart (she was the only one who did not have defensive wounds on her body).

Margaret Kastanis was also the only one with the blood of all three children on her (T-shirt seen right). As a result of Dr. Burton’s findings, Sam Kastanis was acquitted.