Antidepressants Starting my Panic Attacks — (MD Junction)

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01/22/2012 09:04 AM

I have a long history of panic attacks about 10 years now.

I believe that I am partially predispositioned to high anxiety because of life situations but never had a Panic Attack in my life until I asked my Doc. to put me on Wellbutrin to try to quit smoking. This was 10 years ago. About 4 days into the Wellbutrin I started having panic attacks and had no idea what they were and it took awhile for anyone to figure out what was going on. Finally an ER doc pinpointed it.

I continued to have the panic attacks regardless until I finally got some help with Klonapin.

Fast forward, I have been on Klonapin and Effexor for almost 10 years now and decided I wanted to cut back. My doc changed my effexor to generic Lexapro and I started getting more agitated, nervous and angry at the littlest things.

I decided to stop the Lexapro and just be on Klonapin, but cut my dose way back on that too….because I wanted to be NORMAL again. What a JOKE!!!

I kept feeling anxious, angry and agitated and recently got very sad so I decided to go back onto the generic Lexapro (I had some left over). Well 4 days in to only taking 10 mg. I started to have Panic Attacks again. I discontinued immediately.