Behind the Scenes at the NHS

SSRI Ed note: NHS clients on psychoactive drugs commit murder, take the blame even where medication responsible.

SSRIstories is dedicated to posting news articles about antidepressant problems.  Many of us have long suspected that many suicides and homicides in the news are medication-induced even though medication is never mentioned, and where no contributory role is suspected by officialdom.  There is a U.K. organization called Hundredfamilies  ( ).  It is concerned about homicides committed by people who are mentally ill, and wants the government to do more to prevent these deaths.  In fact, the NHS often does review or investigate such cases, where a perpetrator was receiving mental health care from them.  These independent reviews offer a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes, where we see that a likely cause of, or contributor to, the violent act was psychoactive medication.   Usually, the news articles about the deaths make reference to the mental illness of the perpetrator and say nothing about the medication they were prescribed, and sometimes were forced to take.  Below a series of documents is posted which include the NHS reports and news articles, to highlight the major flaw in the public perception that mental illness causes violence.  In almost every case of homicide dealt with by the NHS, psychoactive medications were involved and were probably a contributory, or causal, factor.  This is important knowledge in the quest to prevent these kinds of deaths.  Below, when completed, there will be one report for each region in the U.K., with at least three recent examples from each.  In every report, for each perpetrator there is one news article, relevant direct excerpts from the NHS review, related links, and a summary:

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