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Dramatic antidepressant dependency from across the pond in the UK has leading American doctors crying out for change in prescription policy as incoming American research is expected to reveal more damaging results than their British counterparts.

New York, NY — —  — Damaging statistics obtained by the UK government’s Health and Social Care Information Centre(HSCIC) has caused a ripple of concern amongst the American healthcare community. The recent HSCIC data reports that the United Kingdom has increased the usage of antidepressants in recent times by over 7.5% with some cities like Cornwall to have increased by 30% in the past three years.

The obsessive search for the best antidepressant for anxiety has Americans worried as the problematic dependency in the United States is expected to be far more severe than the statistics revealed by the British government. The new data that is due sometime next year is projected to be far more severe than the astounding statistics from a survey conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey which revealed that about 23% of women in their 40’s and 50’s take the drug and shockingly about one third of single Americans take antidepressants. The results have shown that the best antidepressant for anxiety is actually not medication with many experts attempting to redirect public perception of antidepressants and the way it should be prescribed.

Leading contributor from Harvard, Peter Wehrwein believes that the best antidepressant for anxiety is not medication. He asserts that patients who are attempting to find the best antidepressant for anxiety need to keep searching for alternative methods. Wehrwein emphasizes that whilst many health experts do believe that antidepressants have their place, the overuse of it is shocking and that society will end up depending on it. The benefits of the studies have shown that there is now increased awareness and treatment for panic attack prone patients and depression but the benefits do not outweigh the increased abuse of the medications.

The National Institute for Health Care Excellence (NIHCE) urges doctors to treat patients who aren’t suffering from high levels of depression or anxiety to use alternative methods in favor of psychological therapies and to only reserve medication for severe illnesses.

Leading research company, Panic Away have teamed up with renowned specialist in order to create a natural solution to alleviating panic attacks. The group specializes in providing a natural relief that has shown significant reduction of panic and anxiety. Panic Away abides by the advice given by NIHCE in providing leading alternative psychological therapies that abstain from the use of medication and antidepressants.

A spokesperson from Panic Away said, “There are just too many known and unknown side effects associated with modern medicine, we prefer to give suffers of panic attacks an effective alternative. Our track record has proved that our patent pending ‘one move technique’ to be effective, so much so that over 60 000 people have reported to us as being cured and many more have reported significant changes in their lives. We believe the best medicine is to use therapy and even the best antidepressant medication for anxiety on the market will have some serious side effects. We believe that people should best avoid it if they can.”