British boy, four, is ‘drugged and killed by mother who then tried to commit suicide’ — (Daily Mail)

SSRI Ed note: Austrian woman taking Cymbalta kills her beloved 4-yr-old son and attempts suicide.

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UPDATED: 15:28 GMT, 8 March 2012

Note:  Ms Miesenbock contacted Dr Healy to explain that this tragedy was caused by the Cymbalta she had been prescribed.  

The four-year-old British boy stabbed to death apparently by his mother had been drugged before he was killed, say detectives investigating the case.

Tragic: Judith Miesenbock is suspected of killing her 4-year old son, David, before slashing her own wrists

Austrian mum Judith Miesenbock, 31 – who had worked in Britain as an au pair and teacher before moving back to Austria – is suspected of having carried out the killing before slashing her own wrists.

She was found lying beside her son David’s body by her mother, Anna, 54.

Miesenbock was reportedly depressed after failing to get back with the youngster’s English father – and is recovering in a local hospital.

There is an arrest warrant issued against her. However, local police in Reichenau am Muhlkreis have still been unable to question her.

One of Miesenbock’s neighbors said she was still depressed over the break-up of her relationship with her British partner four years ago and had tried to rekindle the romance several times. Another neighbour revealed: ‘I cannot believe it. We are in shock. She was such a happy person.’

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However, a third neighbour said: ‘Judith had withdrawn a bit, she no longer was meeting up with people. She was seen doing strange things for example she took little David in the middle of the night sledging once.

‘She returned from England four years ago and was pregnant. Little David was born here in Austria.

‘She wanted to go back to England, but the father of the child is an Englishman and wanted nothing to do with the child or the mother,’ they added.

Police believe 4-year-old David was drugged before he was killed

Police confirmed a suicide note was left for the family, but have no released any details as yet. Local media say the boy’s unnamed father had told her he wanted nothing to do with her or his son.

Miesenbock’s brother-in-law Roland Egger, 46, said: ‘We cannot explain this, there were no signs, nothing that made us think anything would happen.’

Paramedics declared the youngster dead at the scene but rushed Miesenbock to an intensive care unit in nearby Linz where she is recovering from severe knife wounds.

Police spokesperson Simone Mayr added: ‘The women was living in her parents’ home where the tragedy occurred.

‘The motive is unknown. No suicide note was left and the woman is not yet in a position to be interviewed.’

Stunned colleagues at the school where Miesenbock works as an English and biology teacher said she had appeared completely normal.

‘There were absolutely no signs that such a terrible drama could occur,’ said one.