SSRI Ed note: Man in withdrawal from antidepressants becomes abusive, argumentative, assaults wife, realizes it was drug withdrawal causing his anger and impulsiveness.

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2007-03-08 04:41:04


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Julia Roberts

JULIA ROBERTS’ actor brother ERIC credits a domestic dispute that got out of hand for helping him kick his addiction to antidepressants for good.
The movie star ignored advice to wean himself off the happy pills and instead went through a terrible time in his life 12 years ago (95) after quitting cold turkey.
Then came the day when he knew he’d made the wrong choice – when his wife’s attempts to stop him from driving off after a row got ugly.
As Roberts’ wife ELIZA tried to convince her hazy husband not to make the trip, he dragged her through the home they shared and then pushed her into a wall before driving off.
Roberts reveals he quickly turned back so he could apologise for his actions, but by the time he got home, his wife had called the police – and they were waiting for him.
He says, “I had to live with the shame of being called a wife beater.” Eliza refused to press charges against Roberts and now he credits her with helping him become a better person.
He tells US tabloid the National Enquirer, “Now life with Eliza is the most amazing thing, and she has helped me become a much calmer person. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there.”