Bury St Edmunds: Coroner says PCSO Sue Medcraft took her own life — (EADT24)

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Mariam Ghaemi Tuesday

August 6, 2013 1:29 PM

A well-known Police Community Support Officer from Bury St Edmunds – who died just days before her husband’s funeral – committed suicide, an inquest has heard.

PCSO Sue Medcraft, 55, was pronounced dead at her home address in Cumberland Avenue on May 14. Her husband Brian died on April 29, aged 48, and his funeral was held on May 17.

Today, at the inquest into Mrs Medcraft’s death Coroner Dr Peter Dean recorded a verdict that she took her own life.

Toxicology results revealed she died from a drugs overdose.

Note: Toxicology report also showed antidepressant in her blood.

Dr Dean said: “From the family point of view clearly there had been a very difficult time for her since the loss of her husband and it appeared to the family she couldn’t bear to live without her husband.”

Dr Dunne from the Swan Surgery said he had seen Mrs Medcraft after the loss of her husband and had had discussions with her about the future, adding how shocked the surgery was to learn she had apparently taken her own life.

Police officer Chris Reynolds and Sergeant Mark Whitehead attended the home address of their colleague on May 14 after Mrs Medcraft’s sister Christine Medcraft raised concerns.

With the help of Sergeant Fisk, the officers forced entry and Mrs Medcraft was found apparently lifeless on the bed.

Ambulance staff tried to resuscitate her, but she was confirmed dead at the scene.

Dr Dean said a letter and medication packets were also found, adding police believed no third party had been involved in her death.

He said: “It does appear to be the case looking to all the evidence we have she understood and intended the consequences of her actions and following her very sad personal loss and grief she took her own life.”