Business boss took own life — (The Wigan Post)

SSRI Ed note: Man taking antidepressants feels suicidal, overreacts to a planned meeting, threatens suicide, carries it out. Depression blamed.

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The Wigan Post

By Natalie Walker

Published: 09:50  Thursday 24 January 2008

A man took his own life while suffering from depression, an inquest heard.

Mark Neary, 44, was pronounced dead at Wigan Infirmary, on July 24, last year.

An inquest in Bolton was told he died of carbon monoxide poisoning after being found in his car, locked in the garage of his home in Millingford Avenue, Golborne.

The inquest heard he had been suffering from depression since Christmas 2006 and was prescribed anti-depressants.
Mr Neary was a director of Manchester-based Autonomous Vehicles International and had been due to attend a meeting on the day of his death.
His widow, Janet, said she was aware he was under stress at work, but he seemed quite happy.

The inquest heard Mr Neary had resigned a few days earlier and was worried about the meeting, which involved the recent employment of his step-son.
When he failed to turn up, his boss, Craig Shaw, went to his house.
He heard the car running and broke into the garage and saw Mr Neary in the driver’s seat of the Jaguar car.
He attempted to resuscitate him and paramedics took him to Wigan Infirmary, where he was pronounced dead.

The inquest also heard Mr Neary had crashed his car in 2006 to avoid a meeting.
Mr Neary’s friend and colleague, Neil Burridge, told the hearing Mr Neary had spoken to him on the phone a week before his death, saying he “was feeling down and fed up”.
He said: “I was quite shocked. We had never had this conversation before. He said he actually thought about taking his own life and how he would do it.”

Mr Burridge said he spoke to him the day before his death and Mr Neary told him he had spoken to his family about the depression and he had seen a doctor.
Deputy coroner, Alan Walsh recorded a verdict that Mr Neary died of carbon monoxide poisoning and intended to take his own life whilst suffering from depression.

He said: “I won’t accept this was an accident. He had a problem in his own mind and that problem was facing the meeting. He prepared the car and the garage and took the action some hours before he was found.
“He had expressed thoughts that he might take his own life and he died in the way he explained.
“He was a man acting out of character. He had matters that troubled him. He took the weight of the troubles on himself without sharing them.”

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