Car park fall death ‘not suicide’ — (The Worthing Herald)

SSRI Ed note: Young man, 21, being treated by psychiatrist for depression threatens suicide then jumps to his death. Coroner decides not to record as suicide.

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The Worthing Herald

 Published: 09:00 Tuesday 04 February 2014

A CORONER in the case of a young man who died when he fell from a car park could not be sure he intended to take his own life. Adam Lyndon, 21, of Worthing, fell from Grafton Road multi-storey car park on August 7, 2013, after calling police to say he was going to jump.

The inquest, held last Wednesday at Centenary House, Durrington, heard how Mr Lyndon had previously made attempts to take his own life.

He had also been receiving treatment from Dr Christine Pugh, psychiatrist at Swandean Hospital, as well as attending regular meetings with social workers. But in the days before his death, he had been in ‘high spirits’.

A statement read to the coroner from his mother, Susan, said: “I last saw him on the second or third of August and he seemed quite stable and in good spirits. “On August 7th, I was awoken by the door knocking in the early hours and I was totally shocked to see the police. They told me Adam had died and I couldn’t believe it. There was no note or anything to suggest he was going to harm himself.” Coroner Dr David Skipp said because of his ‘impulsive’ behaviour and documented changes in mood, he could not be sure ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ Mr Lyndon intended to take his own life. He recorded a verdict of misadventure.