Wrexham joiner’s fears had led him to suicide — (NorthWales News)

SSRI Ed note: Man stops taking all his meds including antidepressants, develops unjustified megative outlook, dies by suicide 3 weeks later.

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NorthWales News

by Carl Butler, Daily Post

Dec 12 2008

A JOINER shot himself, imagining his health and financial problems were worse than they really were.

John Gary Robinson, 60, from Norfolk road, Borras, had stopped taking medication for depression, diabetes and high blood pressure, in the weeks before his death on July 31.

A Flint inquest heard yesterday how his family became worried about him when he failed to come home one night, and police found him the next day in his van, parked and locked on the Redwither Industrial Estate, Wrexham.

After breaking in they found Mr Robinson dead inside with his air rifle at his side. Pathologist Dr Anthony Burdge said his death was due to a gunshot wound to the head.

Mrs Sandra Robinson said her husband John, a father of two, had been in business with his son.

Although he suffered with high blood pressure and diabetes and had been prescribed anti-depressants, she felt he sometimes thought his medical problems were more serious than they were. And although they had some financial concerns she again felt he exaggerated them.

He had used an air rifle to shoot rabbits and pigeons and often kept it in his van.

Acting central and north east coroner John Gittins, recorded a verdict of suicide. He said: “Mr Robinson was a man whose judgement was clouded by illness, but things were nowhere near as bad as he thought.”