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Selma Blair pours heart out about battling alcoholism and depression — and hoping to land good roles again — (Yahoo Entertainment)
SSRI Ed note: Actress taking medication for "four years of postpartum depression" and “crippling anxiety" drinks on airplane, has meltdown, has to be carried off.
The Cranberries Singer Dolores O’Riordan Has Died At Age 46 — (ET CANADA)
SSRI Ed note: Performer stressed by split with husband gets psychiatric medication for depression, bipolar, has air rage incident (no alcohol), in Jan 2018 "dies suddenly".
Glamour model stabbed her boyfriend to death when he sent text saying: ‘It’s over’ — (The Irish Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Former model who drinks and takes antidepressants has serious air rage incident, is argumentative, murders her boyfriend when he decides to leave her.
Lauren’s niece faces claims for compensation after air-rage fine—(
SSRI Ed note: Air rage incident involving antidepressant and alcohol
Grandmother, 50, who 'spat at and punched' flight crew blames 'medication' breakdown — (Daily Mail)
American Airlines Flight Disruption Blamed on ‘Mental Episode’ — (Bloomberg)
Air rage passenger attacked her husband and flight crew on holiday jet to Caribbean — (Manchester Evening News)
Rocker battles depression by sharing hope, passion — (The Columbus Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Musician on Paxil has meltdown on airplane, does not remember, gets diagnosed bipolar, prescribed antipsychotic. SSRI not suspected.
Woman tried to open aircraft door—(BBC News)
British-based Russian artist ‘drank liquid soap and scuffled with staff in air rage attack’—(Daily Mail)
British-based Russian artist 'drank liquid soap and scuffled with staff in air rage attack'—(Daily Mail)
Drunk easyJet passenger jailed—(News Guardian)
Pilot of Stolen Cessna Wanted U.S. Fighter Jets to Shoot Him Down—(abc News)
Model went wild on jet after downing cocktail of booze and anti-depressants — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Model on antidepressants drinks, loses control, is abusive and fights with air crew.
Low level of air rage points to new policy on anti-social behaviour — (The Irish Times)
SSRI Ed note: Vancouver man, 40, taking antidepressants drinks on flight, is abusive, spits at flight attendant, charged with assault.
Assault charge thrusts Ch. 7 chief into the news; Allegedly unruly, fought arrest — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: "Tough", "consummate professional" news Chief takes Lexapro, drinks, becomes disorderly, disruptive, resists arrest.
SLC man gets probation in air-rage incident — (Salt Lake Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Man on two antidepressants demands alcohol on airline, appears intoxicated. Air rage incident, plane is diverted.
Jury clears diplomat of being drunk on flight — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Senior British diplomat taking Paxil / Seroxat drinks alcohol, becomes verbally abusive and insulting during flight.
Woman charged with interfering with flight crew — (Billings Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants becomes belligerent on flight after being denied a 4th drink.
Prosecutors Want Prison Term for Former NFL Lineman Alonzo Spellman in Airliner Incident — (The Edwardsville Intelligencer)
SSRI Ed note: Former NFL linebacker in withdrawal threatens passengers on flight.
Unruly passenger admits guilt — (Alaska Dispatch News)
SSRI Ed note: Man becomes abusive after taking antidepressants and alcohol
Impaired pilot crashed plane — (Anchorage Daily News)
‘Air rage’ episode gets flier arrested — (The Fort Myers News-Press)
Air rage incident not all his fault, man says Passenger – blames behavior on mix of medication, alcohol — (Daily Herald)
Australian pleads guilty to air rage — (TVNZ)
Californian Fined $5,000 for ‘Air Rage’ — (Los Angeles Times)
Air Rage Targeted By Airline Employees — (Chicago Tribune)
US Air patron mixed medication, alcohol — (The Durham Herald-Sun)