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Bournemouth woman: I stabbed my mum to death — (The Bournemouth Echo)
SSRI Ed note: Teen divorced parents is drugged for years with risperadone, venlafaxine, at 39 stops antidepressant, deteriorates, a month later is delirious, murders mum.
Ex-Prisoner threatened to kell baby with knife, Bristol Crown Court hears — (Bristol Post)
SSRI Ed note: Ex-prisoner on anti-depressants assaults wife, threatens child. This is out-of-character behaviour.
Drunk Westport man who assaulted garda in mid-afternoon jailed for three months — (The Mayo News)
Coroner calls for urgent anti-depressant inquiry after doctor blames drug for mother’s suicide — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Citalopram makes depressed woman's condition worse, doctor ups dose and she hangs herself.
Ablechild – Unsung Hero in Battle Against Psychopharmaceutical Industry — (Countercurrents)
SSRI Ed note: Parents fight school pressure to drug their kids.
Hallucinations in Hospital Pose Risk to Elderly — (The New York Times)
Father: Son may have had breakdown — (Sentinel and Enterprise)
SSRI Ed note: National Guard captain has manic episode on Paxil, assaults 4, screams about bomb in car, job loss likely due to incident.
A life in prison — (Bucks County Courier Times)
SSRI Ed note: Woman's "cocktail" of anxiety and depression meds is causing problems, she calls psychiatrist to adjust, he is away, she commits murder, jailed for life.
Doctor’s doubts on antidepressant treatment—(Gazette live)
Friend: Man shot in SWAT standoff was depressed—(American
Man made threats towards police—(Blackpool Gazette)
Playboy arrested over millionairess’ murder is facing extradition to France—(Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Man on cocaine, alcohol and antidepressants beats girlfriend to death.
Spurned wife burned down family home so ex-husband would get nothing from divorce—(Daily Mail)
Man on Med For Depression Attacks Landlord and Is Shot To Death—(
Woman tried to open aircraft door—(BBC News)
Wife Hates Husband After Starting on Prozac: He Finds Website with over 300 Divorces Caused by SSRI—(
Chantix User almost Killed Himself­ Or Someone Else—(
Rabideau's taped conversation with police played—(
Rabideau’s taped conversation with police played—(
Police fury at sentence—(The Mercury)
‘I’m messed up’: Iraq war veteran says PTSD led him to crime, prison—(The Tribune-Democrat)
‘I'm messed up’: Iraq war veteran says PTSD led him to crime, prison—(The Tribune-Democrat)
British-based Russian artist ‘drank liquid soap and scuffled with staff in air rage attack’—(Daily Mail)
British-based Russian artist 'drank liquid soap and scuffled with staff in air rage attack'—(Daily Mail)
Ruling reopens drug lawsuits—(MJ True Jersey)
SSRI Ed note: Man takes Paxil for 8 days, becomes agitated and paranoid, kills himself, GSK makes confidential settlement of lawsuit.
Ambulanceman in court for assault—(Pendle Today)
State faults Sutter Roseville for violations in psychiatric treatment—(Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune)
Book review: ‘No Place to Die’—(
Book review: 'No Place to Die'—(
Police Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Man after Attack—(
Woman jailed after starting fire at parents’ home—(This is Wiltshire today)
Woman jailed after starting fire at parents' home—(This is Wiltshire today)
Man jailed for savage ear bite attack—(Gazette Live)
Details emerge in Middletown family murder-suicide —(The Frederick News-Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man on cocktail of antidepressant and other meds kills his wife and 3 young children, then himself. Financial worries are blamed.
A Broward foster child who killed himself last week had been prescribed powerful psychiatric drugs, some of which the FDA does not approve for children.—(
SSRI Ed note: Foster child given neuroleptic, Lexapro dies by suicide, hanging himself in shower. Family had noticed he was overmedicated.
Man Shot to Death in NW Oklahoma City Identified—(
Drunk easyJet passenger jailed—(News Guardian)
Funeral expenses an added burden—(
Tom and Diane Vande Burgt formed their own support group for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, a condition that plagues Tom.—(
$1M bond for man accused of killing girlfriend—(
Psychiatrist Not Liable to Patient’s Victims, Rules Calif. Appeals Court—(
Gettysburg College in shock over slain student—(The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Student, "nice guy" in Zoloft withdrawal murders girlfriend, no motive.
Psychiatrist Not Liable to Patient's Victims, Rules Calif. Appeals Court—(
Woman Chases Husband Through Shopping Mall: Uses a Knife: Arrested—(
After Change in Prescription for Depression, Man Burns Himself to Death—(Inside Nova)
Man plunges 7 stories to death in Jersey City—(The Jersey Journal)
Pilot of Stolen Cessna Wanted U.S. Fighter Jets to Shoot Him Down—(abc News)
Shock over sons' killings—(
Bail for woman who bit police officer’s finger—(
Revealed: Why millionaire Christopher Foster slaughtered his family—(Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Millionaire has tax problems, loss of mansion imminent, takes antidepressants, has suicidal thoughts, kills family, animals and self. Finances blamed.