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Ohio IP Exonerates Glenn Tinney in False Confession Case — (California Innocence Project)
‘Raped’ male nurse guilty of wasting police time — (The Wimbledon Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Nurse on "cocktail" of medications for depression, insomnia, has vivid dreams, thinks he was raped, later recants. Court accuses him of lying to get attention.
Woman who falsely accused her father of rape reveals ‘doctors hijacked my mind’ — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman, on antidepressants, other meds encouraged by NHS doctors to believe that her father, a respected politician, had abused her as a child.
Lackey free; D.A. seeks no bail — (The Oneida Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking Prozac, benzodiazepine & antihistamine blacks out, attacks herself, cannot remember, accuses D.L. of sexual assault, later accuses another man.
Suicide verdict on swimming girl — (This is Wiltshire)
SSRI Ed note: Athlete, 17, not depressed, put on antidepressants by her GP, experiences thought disturbance/distortion, dies by suicide 3 after starting.
Defense witness refutes earlier Hess testimony — (Wausau Daily Herald)
MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES AND SATANIC CULTS — (National Centre for Reason and Justice)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Xanax, Prozac, Klonopin & other meds induced to believe she had been part of a satanic cult. Escapes, but has lost everything.
It Started with an Eating Disorder — (fmsf)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants for 6 1/2 years believes het therapist that eating disorder caused by childhood abuse. Finally realizes memories false, stops meds
How Therapy Drove Woman Into The Hospital Jane Brennan Talks About ‘False Memory’ Suit She Won And The Power Therapists Have — (Rocky Mountain News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman feels down, takes antidepessants and therapy, believes she was abused as child. Husband switches drugs for placebo, she realizes abuse memories false.
False memory syndrome “recanter’ tells of horror — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: Woman takes Prozac for stress, therapist finds represssed memories of child abuse. QUits Prozac, "memories" disappear. 200 or so others had same experience.
After The Fall – Cast Out Of His Family After Accusations Of Sex Abuse, A Father Searches For The Truth — (Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Man loses marriage and kids when daughter is convinced he abused her as child, false memories planted in her consciousness, then her brother's.
False-Memory Backlash Is Coming Full Circle — (The Wichita Eagle)
SSRI Ed note: Worman cuts back psych meds,. realizes her "repressed memories" of abuse never happened. Foundation of families damaged by false memories has 7,000 members .
Mind Over Memory? — (Press-Telegram)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on psychiatric meds, probably antidepressants + other, becomes susceptible to false memories, causes massive hurt to her family.
Beth’s Story: The Process — (fmsf)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman on medication for stress is counselled into "remembering" a fabricated past involving abuse.
‘Plot’ Target Says Daughter Changed — (San Jose Mercury News)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman given Xanax and Prozac for anxiety, she deteriorates, makes false accusations, is paranoid, decides to have her psychiatrist father murdered.