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Postpartum: Mother Kills Self
Jury calls baby-killer mother still insane — (Associated Press)
Postpartum: Mother Kills her Infant: Several Days Withdrawal
Postpartum: Mother Lets 13 Month Old Son Drown in Tub: Does Not Call Emergency Services
Postpartum: Woman Attempts to Choke Her Mother
Suicide: the silent thief of mothers — (Birth Faith)
SSRI Ed note: Suicide is the leading cause of death for new moms. Naturally, no information is provided on the % postpartum suicides that involved antidepressants.
Postpartum: Mother Drowns 7 Month Old Twins
SSRI Ed note: Postpartumwoman on antidepressants attempts suicide, drowns her twins
Postpartum: Mother Kills 3 Month Old Baby
Postpartum: Step-Mother of 7 Year Old Missing Boy Investigated: She had Postpartum Depression
Warner Robins mother sentenced to 15 years in infant’s beating death — (The Telegraph)
Postpartum: Mother Attempts to Smother 5 Week Old Baby
Colorado mental-health counselor charged with murdering infant son — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: Woman worries needlessly that her 6-month old son is autistic, takes Zoloft, feels increasingly suicidal, smothers baby to death a week later.
Postpartum: Depressed New Mom Commits Suicide After Antidepressant Adjusted
Postpartum: Mother Drowns Two Month Old Baby
Postpartum: Antidepressants Can Exacerbate Depression Symptoms: American Journal of Psychiatry
Postpartum: Mother Attempts to Murder 20 Month Old Daughter
Jury told mom accused in baby’s killing either selfish or psychotic — (Detroit Free Press)
SSRI Ed note: Mom on antidepressants smothers her baby to death.
193 — (Texas Monthly)
SSRI Ed note: Woman given antidepressant for postpartum depression, her husband often prevents her taking it, she stabs him to death, 193 times.
Postpartum: Mother Kills One Month Old Baby
Postpartum: Mother Tries to Kill Baby & Self While Driving her Car
Postpartum: Woman's Baby Missing: Told Father She Had Killed Him
Postpartum: Mother Kills Baby
Lawyer: Mental illness wore down accused Texas mom — (The Seattle Times)
SSRI Ed note: Woman takes Citalopram (Celexa), kills son the next day. Probably a non-metabolizer. She is sentenced to a mental institution (more psychoactive drugs).
Postpartum: Mother Turns Blind Eye to Abuse of Son by Boyfriend: Son Dies
Postpartum Depression: Woman Becomes Assaultive
Postpartum Depression: Do All Moms Need Screening? — (Time Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Anxious postpartum mum given Zoloft, start to have homicidal and suicidal thoughts.
Postpartum: Mother Kills 7 Month Old Twins: Attempts Suicide
Postpartum: Mother Kills Her Infant Daughter
Yeeda Topham vows to help all depressed mothers — (Perth Now)
SSRI Ed note: New mom who longed for child for years gets 5 medications instead of help and reassurance, attempts murder-suicide but lives, does nor remember.
Postpartum Depression: Mother Kills her Seven Month Old Child
Young girl’s death shocks family — (The Barrie Examiner)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman on antidepressants and sleeping meds assaults common-law spouse and he moves out, is found dead at a grow op.
Inquest rules Mandy, 19, died after taking no more than four anti-depressants — (Skelmersdale Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: "Happy, bouncy, genuine, sincere" woman loses baby at birth prescribed antidepressants, she drinks, dies. Coroner records accident.
Airline chase suspect claims post-partum depression — (The New Orleans Advocate)
SSRI Ed note: Mom on Prozac speeds with baby in back seat, drives recklessly, hits another car, throws baby over barrier, caught by police, blames post-partum depression.
Mom-child burnt to death — (The Sangai Express)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants is victim of house fire along with her baby. No mention of how fire started.
Tragic mum sang lullaby to baby before drowning — (The
SSRI Ed note: Adoring mom of 9-month old, on drugs for post-natal depression, attempts suicide, later drowns herself and her son. Nobody suspects antidepressant.
SSRI Ed note: New mom given antidepressants becomes "cold and emotionless", stops them, gets therapy, all is well, now campaigns for other moms to get help not meds.
SSRI Ed note: Antidepressant causes young mum taking it for postpartum depression to pass out, drop baby who is injured. Custody of her children is threatened.
Mother plunged to death from cliffs — (The Argus)
SSRI Ed note: Woman treated for depression for a decade treated in hospital, released, taking antidepressants, 2 weeks later dies by suicide. Mental illness blamed.
Mother won’t be prosecuted — (Expatica)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking antidepressants for post partum depression forgets 5-mo-old baby in hot car, he dies. She is not charged.
Mum apologises for false claims — (The Sydney Morning Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants "blows" $3,500, afraid to tell boyfriend she invents a story blaming a fictitious assailant.
Dying for a cure — (Online Opinion)
SSRI Ed note: Journalist new mom given antidepressants, is suicidal, has panic attacks, self-harms, mental illness blamed, more meds piled on. Finally realizes ADs the cause.
Court faces tough issue with Escondido mother’s case Woman has history of postpartum illness — (The San Diego Union-Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Model mum runs out of medication for PPD, tries to drown beloved daughters in bathtub, is charged, separated from kids. PPD, not medication, is blamed.
Cousin: Woman depressed before 2-year-old was suffocated — (The Pittsburg Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Experienced, excellent mother prescribed medication for post-partum depression smothers daughter, everyone is shocked.
A beginning to forget — (The Richmond Times-Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: New mom given various antidepressants and getting worse goes to Mayo Clinic where she learns she is a non-metabolizer, drugs are poisoning her.
SSRI Ed note: GP gives new mum antidepressants, within 3 months she carries out a scheme to burn the baby to death & blame intruders. She escapes jail time.
Witnesses: Woman admitted hurting baby — (The Pantagraph)
SSRI Ed note: New mom given 4 different antidepressants for post partum depression kills infant for crying at night.
SSRI Ed note: New mom given antidepressants for post-partum depression commits suicide by parking car on train tracks.
Tragic mistakes in case of mother who jumped under train — (
SSRI Ed note: Depressed young mum, getting from social worker with "little knowledge of anti-depressant medication" kills herself and her children after 3 months' treatment.
Dad: ‘He’s gone, I mean he’s cold’ — (Dallas Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Zoloft drowns her 1-yr-old boy in the backyard hot tub.
Drug connected to thoughts about killing — (Houston Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Manufacturer adds warning to Effexor re: homicidal ideation. At Aug, 2016, still the only SNRI/SSRI with warning, despite worse record of other SSRIs.