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The Cranberries Singer Dolores O’Riordan Has Died At Age 46 — (ET CANADA)
SSRI Ed note: Performer stressed by split with husband gets psychiatric medication for depression, bipolar, has air rage incident (no alcohol), in Jan 2018 "dies suddenly".
Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley served in Air Force, was court-martialed for assaulting wife, child — (Fox News)
SSRI Ed note: Once "happy, caring" boy, after years "heavily medicated" with "psych drugs" becomes withdrawn, abusive, shoots churchgoers, killing 26. Mental illness blamed.
How Did George Michael Die? Cause Of Death For Ex-Wham! Singer Is Unknown As He Dies ‘Peacefully’ At Home — (Follow News)
SSRI Ed note: Singer takes zolpidem and Effexor, drives badly impaired, is convicted twice (2007 & 2010). At 53, dies in sleep at home, cause not yet known.
Identity of victim in fatality fire released — (Princeton Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on multiple medications including Zoloft dies in fire. Foul play ruled out, so this may have been suicide, may have been a fatal accident.
Former doctor testifies in Lypps trial: Alleged murder victim was ‘out of control’ — (The San Luis Obispo Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Depressed woman taking Effexor, possible withdrawal from Wellbutrin, Abilify, Klonopin, dies in bathtub. Husband charged with murder, acquitted.
Her brother drowned, but addiction was his killer. Now she wants reform — (The Sun Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Adolescent given antidepressants, he becomes much worse, later becomes a drug addict, drowns. Antidepressants not suspected as potential source of problems.
Nicolla Rushton tragedy: Daughter told her ‘mummy is brightest star in the sky’— (The Birmingham Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Depressed single mom taking "lots of medication and tablets" found dead by 3-year-old daughter.
Judge says he doesn’t believe defendant intended to kill wife — (Kentucky New Era)
SSRI Ed note: Wife in antidepressant withdrawal goads husband to shoot her.
Mother seeks answers in daughter’s mysterious death — (Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman with several drugs in her system, including antidepressants, dies mysteriously in forest.
Dead baby was found with cocaine, opiates, and anti-depressants in her stomach, report finds — (The Independent)
SSRI Ed note: Baby dies with small amounts of cocaine, tramadol, mirtazapine in her stomach. Coroner concludes cause of death “unascertained.
Troubled schoolgirl, 14, died in her sleep after being given depression medication which is only meant for adults — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Anxious teen, 14, prescribed quetiapine & sertraline, dies in her sleep. Coroner refuses to connect death to drugs.
Questions remain for family following Presteigne ‘murder’ inquest — (The Brecon & Radnor Express)
SSRI Ed note: Man drinks, takes potentially fatal dose of Prozac, is found in a field with a head injury, later dies in hospital.
Paradise Lost — (CBS News)
SSRI Ed note: Two depressed people isolate themselves in a jungle, she is on "an enormous amount" of antidepressants. He is shot in their bed, she is charged with murder. Efdffd
Inquest into death of Newport dad and Argus worker— (South Wales Argus)
SSRI Ed note: Man on sertraline drinks, drowns in river in mysterious circumstances.
Knife edge: The strange death of Jenny Lee Cook — (Sydney Morning Herald)
Missing elderly man recently taken off antidepressant — (WZZM)
Missing Corby man’s death ‘accidental’ — (Northamptonshire Telegraph)
Thirty-five injuries found on Véronique Pirotton’s body — (L’
Film-maker found dead while sleeping rough during homeless documentary died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome — (Daily Mirror)
Coroner still hoping to ID mystery man found in Marin Headlands wearing wetsuit — (San Jose Mercury News)
SSRI Ed note: Drowned man with pain medication and Lexapro in his system remains unidentified.
Molly Young’s mysterious gunshot to the head: “Suicide” or Murder Coverup? — (Police State USA)
Utah doctor Martin MacNeill found guilty of murdering his wife after coercing her into plastic surgery, drugging her and leaving her to die in tub — ( NY Daily News)
Missing man’s plane found at airport, wrecked with his body on board — (The Post and Courier)
Utah pediatrician pleads not guilty to murder — (York Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking high dose of Xanax drowns in bathtub, her husband is charged with murder, whether or not it was suicide is unclear.
Flawed results indicated woman died from overdose — (Isle of Man Courier)
Inquest into gardener Jolan Malhas leaves questions unanswered at body found in sea off Dover — (Kent Online)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants becomes agitated, "unstable and unpredictable", buys a boat, goes out and if found drowned 2 days later.
Mystery of stairs death — (The Reading Chronicle)
Former business partners gave Baden-Clay affair ultimatum — (The Reporter – Queensland)
Open verdict on 21-year-old DJ’s death — (North Devon Gazette)
Body lay in shower for 19 days — (
Alleged murderer Caroline Ruth Koenig killed partner for his money and stored his body in shed, court hears — (The Advertiser)
Fatal overdoses involving prescription drugs on the rise in Albany County — (Laramie Boomerang)
Autopsy inconclusive in death of French scholar in midtown hotel room, Medical examiner awaiting further tests — (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
Inquest held into Goodmayes woman found dead with ‘fatal’ level of nicotine in blood — (Ilford Recorder)
Postpartum depression: When the bough breaks — (Ottawa Citizen)
SSRI Ed note: Baby born to woman on Zoloft dies shortly after birth, she continues drug off and on, still depressed. True cause of postpartum trouble ID'd: sleep loss.
Man pleads guilty to failing to report death —(Idaho Statesman)
Audio: Producer Says Vesta was Taking Pills for Depression — (EURWeb)
Tunica millionaire’s death continues to mystify his daughter — (WMC-TV)
SSRI Ed note: Millionaire behaves in bizarrely, travels with 2 young women spending recklessly, appearing intoxicated. Drowns in car on fluoxetine and low level of alcohol.
Transient threatens to kill Longview police officers, booked for felony harassment — (Longview Daily News)
Bob Ward murder case: Diane Ward ingested many anti-depressant drugs, defense expert says — (Orlando Sentinel)
SSRI Ed note: Wife of millionaire, on high doses of Celexa & Trazodone, dies from gunshot. Husband claims he tried to stop suicide, is convicted of murder.
Coroner's jury rules cause of death of man shot by Taser 'undetermined' — (The State Journal-Register)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac, Wellbutrin breaks into neighbours' home, beats a woman, is subdued, dies en route to hospital.
Kin recall man who died in cold — (Billings Gazette)
Stephen Gately: The Boyzone star’s secret life that drove him to lies, pills and depression — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Boyzone member becomes zombie on antidepressants, claims he feels no emotion on them, dies prematurely.
Falling Through the Cracks of the Army's Duty of Care The Forgotten Casualties—(CounterPunch)
Manassas woman suffered fractured skull, broken neck—(INSIDE NOVA)
Body found in Duck River—(Daily Herald)
Parents may never know how son died — (Cyprus Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Healthy, fit Brit on holiday in Cyprus, taking antidepressant, inexplicably dies of dehydration on walk, 4 miles from hotel.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln student dies during Puerto Rico spring break trip — (KPTM Fox News)
SSRI Ed note: Student taking Effexor, on school trip to Puerto Rico does a dive in the morning, later collapses and dies.
Mentally Unfit, Forced To Fight — (The Hartford Courant)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman in military given antidepressant. It does not work, she remains depressed until she collapses and dies in Baghdad.
State v. Tolliver, 2005-— (Franklin County Court)
SSRI Ed note: Court denies possibility that Claire Schneider committed suicide, nothing that Paxil withdrawal occurs in "less than a minority of cases".