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Tarrington man charged with father’s murder — (The Standard)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants convicted of murdering father, no clear evidence. Acts as his own defence on appeal, is acquitted after 2,450 days in prison.
A tormented soul — (
SSRI Ed note: Former NFL football player suffers serious loss of quality of life from effects of polypharmacy, including antidepressants. Dies at 50.
Circuit judge delays Yost murder trial — (The Bay City Times)
SSRI Ed note: Woman kills her daughter by poisoning her with imipramine.
Police chief’s threats detailed — (Utica Observer-Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Police Chief on antidepressants becomes abusive, aggressive and threatening, and dies mysteriously.
Woman freed from murder charge — (The Toledo Blade)
SSRI Ed note: Man found dead with alcohol and citalopram in body might have been strangled by his girlfriend, whose meds he took. Disagreement about cause of death.
Famous Actress from “Eight is Enough” Dies: High Levels of Prozac in Toxicology — (The Cincinnati Post)
Discovery Of Man’s Remains Leaves A Trail Of Questions — (Hartford Courant)
Accused Killer Admitted Making Up Story — (The Spokesman Review)
SSRI Ed note: Child prescribed Paxil may have died from overdose.
A Mystifying Murder And the Del Mar Doc — (The San Diego Reader)