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I won’t be long behind you’: The heartbreaking story of a loving husband who died just hours after his beloved wife — (Wales Online)
SSRI Ed note: Sertraline causes 2 deaths - Mrx Cross dies from the drug combined with pain meds, her husband Adrian cannot bear that she is gone, dies by suicide.
Rugeley woman lay dead as children played — (Staffordshire Newsletter)
Nelson dad died after taking too many painkillers — (Lancashire Telegraph)
Medics criticised by inquest expert over Bridgnorth man's death — (Shropshire Star)
Prosecutor fatally overdosed on sedatives and anti-depressants hours after her judge boyfriend was found guilty of misconduct — (Mail Online)
Woman died after taking her boyfriend’s medication — (Sunderland Echo)
Oakes man dies after taking fatal overdose of prescription drug Quetiapine — (Examiner)
Accrington metal worker died after taking methadone — (Accrington Observer)
Kent County Council worker James Sutton dies at home in McKenzie Court in Maidstone after trying heroin 'possibly for first time' — (Kent Online)
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Scots identical twin steps in to raise her niece following her sister's tragic death — (Daily Record)
Dead woman was on cocktail of drugs – coroner — (
‘Gifted’ Limerickman died due to toxic level of anti-depressants — (Limerick Leader)
Graduate died from taking morphine tablets — (Bolton News)
Woman from Republic is charged with killing toddler daughter with anti-depressant — (KY3)
Coroner says patients at risk from ‘poor communication’ from Loxford Polyclinic to drug services — (Iford Recorder)
Assault alone didn’t cause Keith’s death: Inquest — (Shields Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Man on amphetamines, high level of Celexa gets involved in a brawl, he dies from combination of head injury, heart problem and effects of meds.
PA Supreme Court declines to hear appeal in Phila. Paxil wrongful death case that ended with defense victory — (The Pennsylvania Record)
Man may have taken more than 300 tablets, Carlisle inquest told — (News and Star)
Autopsy finds bad heart, antidepressant killed “Low Tax” Looper — (Knox News)
Woman's Death From Anti-Depressant Happened Before Health Canada Warning — (The Canadian Press)
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Southampton dad with history of drug abuse died from overdose — (Southern Daily Echo)
Deaths Associated with Medication Incidents: Learning from Collaborative Work with Provincial Offices of the Chief Coroner and Chief Medical Examiner — (ISMP Canada Safety Bulletin)
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Depressed widow killed by fatal dose of medication — (GetReading)
Mother Sues Pfizer Over Son’s Death from Zoloft Birth Defects — (Top Class Actions)
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Heart condition caused mother-of-two's death — (Burton Mail)
Father charged with murder after son’s overdose — (The Winona Post)
SSRI Ed note: Father gives son, who is taking Effexor, 2 methodone tablets, son dies of drug toxicity, father charged.
Man Who Killed Dwarf Friend By Putting 27 Anti-Depressant Tablets Into His Pint As A Joke Is Jailed For Five Years — (Daily Mail)
Tragic death of mum from cocktail of drugs — (Dewsbury Reporter)
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List of dangerous antidepressants that cause sudden death is rapidly expanding — (Natural News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants becomes fidgety, has mood swings, bizarre behaviour, dies of heart failure. Huntington's early onset is blamed.
Partner's tribute to Llangennech man after tragic drug and alcohol death — (Llanelli Star)
Recovering addict was found dead in Bradford sheltered living flat, inquest told — (Telegraph and Argus)
Susan Tracey Armstrong died after taking 'combination of medications'— (Watford Observer)