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Murder suicide death a mystery — (Lancashire Evening Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man, 58 in happy marriage, on antidepressants for stress stabs his wife to death and then steps in front of train. No motive can be found.
Pamela Brooks not under influence of illicit drugs or alcohol when she killed daughter and herself — (Palm Beach Post)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac stabs daughter, 10 to death then stabs herself 150 times in murder-suicide.
Rachael Slack inquest: police failings contributed to deaths, jury finds — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Man takes antidepressants after relationship break-up, becomes "agitated and anxious", kills former partner and toddler son.
Police call deaths of Winnipeg mother, children a murder-suicide — (Canadian Press)
SSRI Ed note: Mom treated for postpartum depression (PPD) murders her children and kills herself. PPD blamed, treatment not questioned.
Navy Yard shooter was defense contractor; 13 killed in rampage — (Associated Press)
SSRI Ed note: "Navy Yard" Shooter on Trazodone prescribed by Veteran's Affairs goes on shooting rampage killing 13 people, including himself. No motive identified.
Mother, son died of smoke inhalation: RCMP — (Journal Pioneer)
After Canadian mother killed herself and their only grandchild, U.S. couple started 10-year fight to change Canada’s bail laws — (National Post)
SSRI Ed note: Newfoundland mom kills father of her baby, fights extradition to US, is released on bail, feeds baby psychoactive meds, commits murder-suicide.
The many faces of bipolar disorder — (Digital Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Mum on antidepressants diagnosed bipolar (likely an A/D side effect), becomes suicidal, tries to stop meds, seeks help, shoots & kills 3 daughters and self.
North Bellmore man suffering from hallucinations kills wife, self — (Bellmore Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man starts taking antidepressants, shortly after begins to suffer hallucinations, shoots and kills his wife and himself.
Edward Gingerich- Only amish man ever tried for murder — (Prezi)
SSRI Ed note: "Peaceful Amish Man" stops taking antipsychotics, on and off antidepressants, is delerious, murders & dismembers wife, hangs himself. Mental illness blamed.
‘So scared I don’t know who I am… I love you son’: Anguished note from depressed mother who died under speeding train with her three-year-old son — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Mum, 41, takes Zoloft, jumps in front of train with toddler son
Grandmother Who Shot 2 Grandsons Left Suicide Note — (NBC Connecticut)
SSRI Ed note: Devoted grandma diagnosed, medicated for depression & bipolar, sometimes stops meds, shoots, kills 2 grandsons and self. Leaves vengeful note.
Mental Illness in Homicide-Suicide: A Review — (Journal of the American Acadamy of Psychiatry and the Law)
SSRI Ed note: 30 studies reviewed, find mental illness a factor in 2,431 murder-suicides, mostly depression. Meds an obvious confounding variable not noticed by researchers.
Before a suicide, A mother’s lament: ‘Why can’t I fix this?’ — (Billings Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Socially awkward man has trouble fitting in, marries, divorces, is prescribed Prozac, becomes negative, paranoid, delusional, kills himself and toddler son.
Death on Lady Kirk was result of murder-suicide — (CP24)
SSRI Ed note: Man being treated for "mental illness", probably depression, kills himself and his wife.
Depression meds found in Accent Signage shooter’s home, police say — (MPR NEWS)
SSRI Ed note: Introverted, "laid back guy" on Mirtazapine, Trazodone, Temazepam, buys gun, ammo, is fired, shoots, kills 5, at work then self. Mental illness blamed.
Perfect family wiped out by dad grieving for tragic baby boy — (Mirror News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants kills his family on the anniversary of the death of his baby son.
Mother murdered boyfriend by stabbing him 90 times with a pair of scissors before killing herself — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking antidepressants stabs her long-time partner to death with scissors in "unexplained frenzy", then kills herself with razor blade.
Former Sammamish man convicted in Illinois of killing wife, 3 children — (The Seattle Times)
SSRI Ed note: Mom on deadly combo of nortryptaline and Topomax kills kids and self, tunnel vision police blame husband she also tried to kill
Frantic 911 call from Camden woman who allegedly decapitated her son: 'I did it, I did it' — (The Associated Press)
Essex gunman Peter Reeve was 'paranoid' and had made threats to kill — (London Evening Standard)
“They’d had a lifetime of bad luck over a very short period”: Retired couple plagued by string of family tragedies found dead in suspected murder-suicide — (The Daily Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Happily married man given antidepressants to cope with loss shoot and kills wife of 46 years, then himself.
Causes of deaths released in murder-suicide — (The Topeka Capital-Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Retired veteran taking antidepressants, in divorce proceedings, murders wife, kills himself.
Jacksonville couple killed in murder-suicide remembered for affectionate walks — (Florida Times-Union)
SSRI Ed note: Happily married senior loses job, takes antidepressants, is "stressed out", shoots, kills husband and self. Neighbours astounded.
Family Speaks Out About Mental Illness of Woman Accused of Killing Herself and Her Kids — (Fox2 News)
SSRI Ed note: Mum in perfect family "struggling with depression" gets worse (after treatment), shoots and kills herself and two young children. Mental illness blamed.
Mother, 28, who was hooked on cannabis found hanged next to the body of her six-year-old daughter — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Woman starts antidepressants & sleeping pills in fall, feels suicidal, "numb" and "soulless", kills daughter, hangs herself in June. Cannabis use blamed.
New details revealed in mother, son deaths, Police say mom killed toddler then drove into bridge — (KCCI Des Moines)
Children’s deaths shattered family — (Edmonton Sun) Allyson McConnell, Alberta Mother Who Drowned Sons In Bathtub, Sentenced To Six Years For Manslaughter — (Associated Press)
SSRI Ed note: Mum on antidepressant drowns her sons, returns home to Australia and kills herself there.
Mother’s alleged drowning of 2 girls baffles dad — (The Associated Press)
SSRI Ed note: Mom on antidepressants drowns her 2 daughters, commits suicide in jail a year later.
Man who killed ex-wife at Parker McDonald’s was cancer-free — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man on barbiturates and nortriptyline kills ex-wife, self.
Report blames ‘complacency’ in Minkler shootout deaths — (Fresno Bee)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Vicodin, Prozac, Valium and Temazepam shoots and kills two deputies and himself.
Police: Sam Friedlander left notes before family massacre, killed wife with rolling pin — (
SSRI Ed note: Lawyer on antidepressants, sleep aid and blood pressure med becomes suicidal, shoots and kills his estranged wife, 2 kids, and himself.
AG: Couple killed in murder-suicide had rocky relationship —(Concord Monitor)
Contractor shot man over ‘debts’ — (Gloucestershire Live)
SSRI Ed note: Contractor in financial dispute gets antidepressants from GP, takes them sporadically, goes to home of business owner, shoots him dead, kills himself.
Report sheds new details in Rodrick Dantzler’s murder spree that killed 7, note he left to his mother — (Grand Rapids Press)
SSRI Ed note: Man who tried to get help for depression but medication "didn't work" goes on rampage, killing 7, finally dies shooting self in head.
Murder-suicide mother suffered depression, psychotic episodes, father reveals — (Sunday Telegraph)
Police Say Grad Student Was Shot 11 Times — (KHQ Q6)
Final note leaves detectives with more questions Investigators still seek answers in double-murder-suicide on Bridgeport cul-de-sac — (The Valencia Signal)
SSRI Ed note: Respected dentist loved his family, suffered from depression (according to police = clue), shoots, kills in-laws, no motive. Wife shocked.
Depressed woman kills daughter, self — (The Times of India)
Mother-in-law says medications warped judgment of woman who killed son, herself — (Newark Advocate)
Ex-nurse feared she wasn’t the perfect mum, so she smothered her sons and hanged herself — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Former nurse takes medication for anxiety, kills her kids and herself.
Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in older people — (BMJ) / Murder-suicides in Elderly Rise — (WebMD)
SSRI Ed note: Study finds risk rises significantly with use of antidepressants, higher with SSRIs than tricyclics. Murder-suicides in elderly up as rate of A/D use rises.
Tragedy of a killer mother — (The Daily Express)
SSRI Ed note: Mom given antidepressants remains depressed, kills daughter and hangs herself.
Girl, 7, Called Grandma Before Shaler Murder-Suicide — (News WPXI)
Woman strangled by husband before gas blast: Edmonton police — (Edmonton Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants strangles his common law spouse, tampers with gas line to create explosion which kills him and 2 others.
Andrew Case stabbed wife and smothered children at Fordingbridge home — (The Daily Echo)
SSRI Ed note: Man given Champix to stop smoking murders wife, young daughters, then kills himself.
Quiet man stayed silent on his most terrible deed — (
SSRI Ed note: Devoted father, on medication for depression, kills himself and his two kids by setting his car on fire and staging a crash.
Motive a mystery in rampage of Dad who killed his two children and himself — (
SSRI Ed note: Man upset by marriage breakdown takes Zoloft, shoots and kills his young children and himself.
Woman ‘shot husband before drowning herself’ — (The Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Wife in "inseparable" couple, happily married 40 years, prescribed antidepressants after father's death, kills husband and herself.
Ohio mother in murder-suicide took depression meds — (
SSRI Ed note: Mother kills her 18-month-old son and 6-year-old daughter and herself.