2020/07/13 - Loving husband and father died after tragic mental health battle — (Devon Live)
2020/07/01 - Depressed dad, 47, who lost IT job due to coronavirus pandemic takes his own life — (The Mirror)
2020/07/01 - ‘Gifted’ schoolboy, 18, killed himself by crashing into a lorry after missing out on place at top uni — (The  Sun)
2020/06/23 - Steve Bing pals: Suicide spurred by money, drugs and mental health struggle — (Page Six)
2020/06/21 - Barrow man Paul Joseph Smith had ‘potentially lethal’ concentration of antidepressants in system — (The Mail)
2020/06/20 - Leading heart doctor, 63, hanged himself after fighting secret 40-year battle against depression — (BrinkWire)
2020/06/14 - ‘He loved me so much…’: Shah Rukh Khan mourns Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise — (Free Press Journal)
2020/01/20 - ‘Broken’ young man sent to A&E by GP as suicide risk was referred back to doctor and told to ‘work on self care’ – he was found dead days later — (Manchester Evening News)
2020/01/15 - Family of West Point cadet who died by suicide blames medical negligence at Portland VA — (Task & Purpose)
2019/10/27 - Chantal Ackerman: My Mother Laughs review – too umbilically linked? A moving record of the complex relations between mother and daughter— (The Arts Desk)
2019/10/19 - Medication made mother an addict’- family of woman who died by suicide — (Irish Examiner)
2019/10/06 - Mum found daughter’s body after suicide using Find My Phone app — (Metro.co.uk)
2019/08/22 - GHD hair straighteners founder killed himself after ‘fearing bankruptcy’ — (The Mirror)
2019/07/11 - Fund launched in memory of Durham University student who took her own life — (The Northern Echo)
2019/07/11 - Autopsy Report Reveals Details of Dan Markson’s Death — (The Rivard Report)
2019/05/24 - GP ‘did not follow guidance’ for suicidal Bristol University student — (The Guardian)
2019/05/24 - Brighton student took her own life two days after taking Xanax and Ketamine — (The Sussex Tab)
2019/05/23 - Ashley Massaro Died of Apparent Suicide After Claiming Years of Depression, Injuries Suffered from WWE Career — (The Blast)
2019/05/14 - ‘She just wanted to be a mum…’ – Tragedy of carer Steph, 34, who was battling demons of postnatal depression when she plunged to her death off A50 bridge — (The Stoke Sentinal)
2019/05/06 - Suspect in violent standoff previously threatened to leave wife ‘black and blue,’ records show — (San Antonio Express-News)
2019/04/27 - Film director, 43, who worked with an Oscar-nominee hanged himself shortly after the birth of his baby daughter after work pressures added to his battle with depression — (The Daily Mail)
2019/04/25 - Police negotiator took his own life on Christmas Eve — (The Shropshire Star)
2019/04/04 - Suicide Or Murder? Philadelphia Teacher’s Baffling Death Still Leaves Her Family Searching For Answers — (Oxygen)
2019/03/08 - Heartbreaking suicide note of mum-of-four who died in post natal depression tragedy — (The Mirror)
2019/02/06 - Teacher who told kids ‘believe in yourself’ hanged herself after low self esteem — (The Mirror)
2019/01/11 - Tragic dad’s final phone call to wife before walking into traffic on M62 — (The Hull Daily Mail)
2018/11/10 - ALL THAT REMAINS Guitarist OLI HERBERT Drowned After Ingesting Antidepressants And Sleeping Pills — (Blabbermouth)
2018/10/24 - Woman who falsely claimed she was pregnant three times killed herself after becoming depressed she had no kids — (The Mirror)
2018/10/17 - Much-loved paramedic killed himself after receiving ‘unwanted phone calls’, inquest hears — (Devon Live)
2018/10/04 - TRAGIC MUM  Beautician, 30, hanged herself after post-natal depression made her wrongly fear social services would take her newborn away — (The Sun)
2018/10/01 - Young mum hanged herself after losing job at doctor’s surgery — (Metro U.K.)
2018/09/25 - ‘One of the loveliest people I ever knew’: Suicide tragedy of the Manchester Royal Infirmary nurse who struggled with self doubt
2018/09/14 - ‘Being thin can’t solve depression’ – grieving husband’s warning as wife, 37, kills herself after 20 stone weight loss — (The Stoke Sentinal)
2018/09/04 - Call for suicide prevention — (The Express Tribune)
2018/08/28 - OPP overhauling mental supports in wake of suicides, Widow wants force to set aside time for officers to talk about difficult calls — (CBC News)
2018/08/24 - Why “happy” doctors die by suicide — (America’s leading voice for ideal medical care)
2018/08/03 - My Husband’s Suicide: Recognizing Predictors of Police Suicide — (In Public Safety)
2018/07/24 - Antidepressant prescriptions for children on the rise — (BBC News)
2018/07/16 - Distraught husband shares grief of ‘hardest moment of his life’ after wife’s heartbreaking text before she hanged herself — (The Mirror)
2018/06/22 - Travels with Anthony Bourdain — (The New Yorker)
2018/06/19 - ‘The world wants me to fail’: Strict headteacher, 37, of six academies who banned pupils wearing lipstick and fake tan ‘was worried about losing his job’ before he hanged himself at home — (The Daily Mail)
2018/06/16 - Liverpool soldier killed himself weeks after suicide of friend with PTSD — (The Liverpool Echo)
2018/06/11 - UAE teen commits suicide, cops find book on depression near body — (The Khaleej Times)
2018/06/06 - Andy Spade Gives Heartbreaking Statement On Wife Kate Spade’s Death: ‘We Can’t Even Begin To Fathom Life Without Her’ Rachel West — (MSN)
2018/06/01 - Death by suicide of paramedic who rushed to Quebec City mosque attack shines light on trauma risks for first-responders — (The Star)
2018/05/18 - Her husband took his own life after he was bullied on the job. Robert Duhaime’s employer denies bullying, but Workers’ Compensation Board has ruled differently — (CBC)
2018/05/16 - Scientist killed himself after suffering male postnatal depression, former wife claims — (The Telegraph)
2018/05/03 - Joshua Corbett, Sandra Bullock Stalker, Found Dead From Self-Inflicted Wound After Police Standoff — (INQUISITR)
2018/04/29 - Mother’s agony as daughter hanged herself after suffering withdrawal from Xanax which she took to help her cope with anxiety ahead of university exams — (All World Report)
2018/03/29 - Coronation Street actor Kevin Rowley committed suicide after ‘struggling with ageing’ — (The Daily Express)
2018/02/21 - Toronto Man Leaves Heart-Wrenching Suicide Letter Naming Ativan as Murderer After Suffering Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome for 3 Years — (Benzodiazepine Information Coalition)
2018/02/09 - Adult Film Star August Ames Had Cocaine, Depression Medication in Her System at Time of Death — (Pop Culture)
2018/02/04 - When love isn’t enough A daughter’s suicide leaves a grieving father searching for answers — (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
2018/02/01 - Fidel Castro’s son, a bookish nuclear scientist, commits suicide — (The Washington Post)
2018/01/30 - This brilliant Ottawa tech pioneer had wealth and a wonderful family. His suicide shocked everyone. — (The Ottawa Citizen)
2018/01/29 - Mum who campaigned for people with depression Corrine Leatherbarrow was found dead below cliffs at Kynance Cove — (Cornwall Live)
2017/12/18 - Depressed Greenpeace boss died after stepping into the path of a tube in front of his horrified father as they both returned from visiting his dementia-stricken mother — (The Daily Mail)
2017/12/01 - Haunting Instagram diary of girl, 11, who detailed plan to die before suicide — (News Corp Australia Network)
2017/11/23 - Teenager’s body may have been lying undiscovered for a week — (The Stoke Sentinal)
2017/11/15 - Rohde murder trial: Susan given sleeping pills after Botox — (The Times Live)
2017/11/15 - Young blogger killed herself over fears she would lose custody of her son — (Metro U.K.)
2017/10/23 - Lonely death of Tantric sex guru and yogi Psalm Isadora leaves disciples with unanswered questions — (news.com.au)
2017/10/10 - Pharmacist, 25, hanged herself during romantic holiday with boyfriend — (The Independent)
2017/09/26 - IIT graduate commits suicide before exam — (National Herald)
2017/09/19 - ‘Life is an illusion’: RML junior doctor fighting depression found dead in Delhi flat — (Hindustan Times)
2017/09/07 - Launceston father and child sex abuse victim stabbed himself after refusing medication and counselling
2017/09/04 - BULLIED TO DEATH Tragic young Stirling mum took her own life on her 23rd birthday after internet trolls made her life hell – and even post vile comments AFTER her death — (The Scottish Sun)
2017/07/25 - Student, 21, found hanged after ‘unravelling’ with depression is fifth ‘to commit suicide’ at same university this year — (The Mirror)
2017/07/20 - The Dark Side of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington: Battle With Addiction Inspired and Plagued Singer, Shadowing His Massive Success — (E News)
2017/07/12 - Mental health care and rising suicides in UK prisons — (Aljazeera)
2017/07/03 - YouTube star Stevie Ryan ‘totally off anti-depressants,’ grieving death of grandfather just before suicide — (The Mercury News)
2017/06/22 - Ghostbusters II Baby Oscar Actor and John Denver’s Nephew Dead of Apparent Suicide After Battle with Mental Illness — (People)
2017/06/05 - Heartbreaking note left by girl unable to cope with her mother’s death — (Metro)
2017/05/18 - Chris Cornell, Dead of Suicide, Was Guiding Force in Grunge Music — (NBC News)
2017/04/28 - A son’s battle, a family’s fight: Parents grieving son they say was lost in mental health-care system — (The Regina Leader-Post)
2017/04/21 - Horrible suffering became too much for Adam Maier-Clayton — (The Windsor Star)
2017/04/20 - GSK Must Pay $3 Million in Generic Paxil Suicide Lawsuit: U.S. Jury — (New York Times)
2017/04/13 - State Court of Appeals Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam found dead near Hudson River likely committed suicide, police say — (New York Daily News)
2017/04/11 - Shock as trust admits failings at woman’s inquest — (The Portsmouth News)
2017/03/24 - ‘Shaken’ heritage chief took own life after row with his new employer — (Herald Scotland)
2017/03/23 - Coroner records narrative verdict on Caernarfon schoolgirl who jumped from Menai Bridge — (News North Wales)
2017/03/22 - Teenager hanged herself in bedroom after writing ‘to die would be an awfully big adventure’ on wall — (The Mirror)
2017/03/18 - Mum-of-seven hanged herself just weeks after discovering she was pregnant again — (The Mirror)
2017/03/09 - Pregnant mum with depression hanged herself weeks before birth, telling husband in note: ‘Don’t come in, I’m sorry’ — (The Mirror)
2017/03/01 - Ricki Lake Reveals Her Ex-Husband Died by Suicide amid Battle with Bipolar Disorder: ‘I Wanted to Save Him’ — (
2017/03/01 - Tattenhall mother takes her own life after marriage breakdown — (Chester Chronicle)
2017/02/14 - Celebrity dog walker killed herself after becoming stressed with running her business, inquest told — (The Sun)
2017/01/26 - Doctor doubled girl’s antidepressant dosage before she live-streamed her suicide — (10tv)
2017/01/26 - Wealthy philanthropist jumps to her death on Upper East Side — (New York Post)
2017/01/19 - Death of Brent student who died after being hit by train was suicide, coroner rules — (GetWestLondon)
2017/01/13 - Canadian Ty Pozzobon’s death a wake-up call for rodeo riders about effects of concussions — (The National Post)
2017/01/10 - The Concussion Diaries: One High School Football Player’s Secret Struggle with CTE — (GQ)
2017/01/06 - Why did 12-year-old Katelyn Nichole Davis hang herself on a livestream — (The Daily Haze)
2016/12/28 - Patients suffer over gap between physical and mental health care — (The Star)
2016/12/17 - Inquest held into death of tragic mum-of-two and MS sufferer Margaret MacDermott — (The Chronicle)
2016/11/17 - Tragic end: Missing mom Florence Leung found dead — (CTV)
2016/10/25 - Teenager hanged herself at boarding school after watching Channel 4 series — (Report UK)
2016/10/20 - Violent Deaths in Georgia, 2008-2012 — (Georgia Violent Death Reporting System)
2016/09/29 - Mom: ‘I saw no signs’ son wanted to kill himself — (The Winnipeg Sun)
2016/09/19 - GP found dead after being suspended over bipolar disorder blog — (Health Diary)
2016/09/12 - Harley Street dentist arrested on suspicion of killing wife was victim of domestic abuse, inquest hears — (The Telegraph)
2016/08/29 - Attorney for teen accused of encouraging boyfriend to kill himself raises questions about antidepressant — (The Boston Globe)
2016/08/26 - Florida Court Rules Physician May Be Liable in Suicide — (Medscape)
2016/08/19 - QC who worked on Julian Assange case jumped in front of West Hampstead train after being allowed out of private hospital — (Hampstead Highgate Express)
2016/07/29 - Heartbroken mum of teen who killed himself after withdrawn rape allegation found hanged at family home — (The Mirror)
2016/07/24 - Tragedy of St Albans bleach death man — (Herts Advertiser)
2016/07/23 - High-speed train death accidental — (BBC NEWS)
2016/07/18 - Young mum kills herself after children taken from her care while another desperately ill in hospital — (The Mirror)
2016/07/11 - Cardiff student who died from drug overdose was suffering from exam pressures, inquest hears — (Wales Online)
2016/06/24 - Wife begged tragic Derbyshire man ‘not to be let out’ of hospital before his death — (Derbyshire Times)
2016/06/22 - Parents whose fashion student son, 21, died five days after being released from a mental health unit say police failed to tell them when they found him ‘staring over the side of a bridge’ — (The Daily Mail)
2016/06/21 - Jodie Jose, 22, suffocated herself in her car after battle with severe depression — (Essex Live)
2016/06/14 - Meldreth teenager who ended own life ‘slipped through the cracks’ of mental health system, inquest concludes — (The Royston Crow)
2016/05/27 - My Daughter’s Medication Was Better Regulated Than the Gun She Used to End Her Life — (Vogue)
2016/05/13 - Inquest: ‘Loving, caring and popular’ teen Reece Burrowes found hanged in Danson Park, Bexleyheath, days after being prescribed antidepressants — (This Is Local London)
2016/05/10 - Paul Gascoigne’s lookalike nephew begged to be sectioned five weeks before his sudden death aged just 22 reveals his grieving mother — (The Daily Mail)
2016/05/03 - Veteran’s suicidal past wasn’t known when police put him in cell, inquiry hears — (The Globe and Mail)
2016/04/26 - Jury awards $12 million to estate of Madison man who took his life after being released from hospital — (The New Haven Register)
2016/04/24 - Suicide Rates Rise While Antidepressant Use Climbs — (Mad in America)
2016/04/21 - Mum of five died after TWO ambulances were diverted elsewhere — (The Daily Echo)
2016/04/19 - Coroner: Kindra Chapman committed suicide by hanging — (The Birmingham News)
2016/04/13 - Woman, 30, who was desperate for children killed herself and left a note saying she ‘wanted to be loved’ after a late night row with her partner over starting a family — (The Daily Mail)
2016/04/08 - Moving tributes paid, after University of York students’ inquests — (York Press)
2016/03/24 - La Electrician Who Plunged To His Death From Wilshire Grand Center Committed Suicide — (JIST NEWS)
2016/03/21 - Banker killed himself after telling wife of affair — (The Telegraph)
2016/03/17 - Junior doctor committed suicide fearing his health would stop him from ‘being the best’ — (Metro U.K.)
2016/03/17 - CMED boss was ‘suffering from depression’ — (The Zimbabwe Herald)
2016/03/17 - Cody Glode suicide shows mental health system is in crisis, says mother — (CBC)
2016/03/10 - Airdrie mom calling for mental health reform following son’s suicide — (Airdrie City View)
2016/03/01 - Former Royal Marine committed suicide after being plagued by violent temper tantrums due to steroid abuse — (Manchester Evening News)
2016/02/23 - The Unremembered — (The Globe and Mail)
2016/02/17 - Former Bachelor Contestant Lex McAllister Dies From Apparent Suicide — (Jezebel)
2016/01/27 - Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds / BMJ Article — (The Telegraph)
2016/01/20 - Mother questions inpatient psychiatric care of son (17) who took own life — (The Irish Times)
2016/01/16 - Depression battle for man found dead in churchyard — (The Daily Echo)
2016/01/09 - Children as young as two prescribed antidepressants linked to deaths — (The Adelaide Advertiser)
2016/01/05 - Body of depressed City worker who threw himself under a train ended up in the cab next to the horrified driver — (The Daily Mail)
2015/12/28 - Husband opens up about late wife’s battle with PPD — (WoodTV8)
2015/12/24 - ‘Promising’ student died from antidepressant overdose after recording emotional videos about her boyfriend — (The Mirror)
2015/12/17 - How Football Pulled The Trigger: Zack Langston’s Family Reflects On His Tragically Short Life — (Vice Sports)
2015/12/03 - Lush reunited: ‘We were seen as a band who’d turn up to the opening of a packet of crisps’ — (The Guardian)
2015/12/03 - The Incomprehensibility of Death by Suicide — (Radio-Canada)
2015/11/27 - Alabama Girl Medically Kidnapped and Forced on Drugs: Parents Facing Jail for Failure to Pay State Child Support — (Health Impact News)
2015/11/22 - A Quincy suicide leaves grief and questions — (The Boston Globe)
2015/11/19 - Teen found hanged in woods may have been making a ‘cry for help’ — (The Mirror)
2015/11/15 - A Straight-A Student Killed Himself After Having A Bad Comedown — (UNILAD)
2015/11/12 - Renowned doctor rules Castle Rock teen’s death homicide, not suicide — (kdvr FOX 31 Denver)
2015/11/05 - Top comedy writer who penned jokes for James Corden, Steve Coogan and Jack Dee gassed himself in car next to his favourite fishing lake after battle with depression — (Daily Mail)
2015/11/04 - Tragic fashion student took her own life just a month after her ex killed himself — (The Daily Mail)
2015/10/25 - Though danger signs were everywhere, boy’s life was still lost — (The Portland Press Herald)
2015/10/15 - Schoolgirl took fatal overdose of tablets ‘after being teased by pupils for being poor’ — (The Mirror)
2015/10/09 - ‘Bright and intelligent’ teacher who ‘struggled with insomnia and depression’ found hanged in park — (The Mirror)
2015/10/05 - What did grand jury hear in mysterious Mason death? — (Cincinnati.com)
2015/09/30 - EXCLUSIVE: Death of country music star Eddie Montgomery’s son linked to overdose, as mom admits he was depressed after splitting with his fiancée but had recently passed a drug test — (Daily Mail)
2015/09/26 - His 83-year-old wife jumped to her death from a Kaiser clinic — why? — (Los Angeles Times)
2015/09/25 - Norton woman found dead on New Year’s Day had seen doctor about depression — (Staffs Live)
2015/09/23 - Tragic mum drowned herself after council refused to take in autistic daughter — (The Sun)
2015/09/19 - In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another — (The New York Times)
2015/09/18 - The Human Cost of a Misleading Drug-Safety Study [329] — (The Atlantic)
2015/09/15 - Ghana records 1,500 suicide cases annually — (GhanaWaves)
2015/09/15 - Who killed the 20th century’s greatest spy? — (The Guardian)
2015/09/14 - Sean O’Haire’s final fight was one he couldn’t win — (The Post and Courier)
2015/08/28 - Dublin man may have died from auto-erotic asphyxiation; Open verdict returned in inquest of man (57) found dead on patio of Sandymount home — (The Irish Times)
2015/08/26 - Man who killed himself was haunted by death of young teacher, inquest hears — (Bucks Free Press)
2015/08/24 - Train death lawyer was tortured by guilt she was not a good mother: Millionaire suffered ‘personal problems’ and turned to drink after telling GP she had ‘ruined her life’ — (The Daily Mail)
2015/08/05 - Former cattle breeder shot herself in the face after suffering stress when faced with losing her farm — (Daily Mail)
2015/07/16 - Inquest: Poppy Seller’s Death Was Suicide — (Sky News)
2015/07/15 - Jack Landesman’s father Cosmo wrote this heartbreaking eulogy for his son: Farewell my dear Jack — (The Mirror)
2015/06/18 - How the US Mental Health System Makes Natives Sick and Suicidal — (ICTMN.com)
2015/05/28 - The Secret Sadness of Pregnancy With Depression – Pregnant women often fear taking the antidepressants they rely on. But not treating their mental illness can be just as dangerous — (New York Times Magazine)
2015/05/25 - Inseparable brothers who were ‘deeply troubled’ die in suicide pact after youngest had suffered years of pain — (The Mirror)
2015/05/20 - Teenager left video suicide notes on phone before walking in front of train in Yate — (The Bristol Post)
2015/05/18 - Inquest finds Barnet teenager Alice Gibbs killed herself partly as result of mental health unit’s neglect — (Barnet and Potter’s Bar Times)
2015/05/18 - Mother takes her own life after being branded ‘baby killer’ over case of her murdered daughter — (The Independent)
2015/05/03 - Teenager killed himself after his mother disconnected his Playstation — (METRO 82.7)
2015/05/01 - Devoted elderly couple made apparent suicide pact, inquest hears — (Croydon Advertiser)
2015/04/27 - Brilliant student throws herself in front of high-speed train after becoming stressed over school studies — (The Mirror)
2015/04/24 - Opera singer hanged herself over fears she was losing her voice and would be ousted from choir — (The Mirror)
2015/04/15 - Kayelyn Louder autopsy inconclusive but family insists death ‘was not an accident’ — (Deseret News)
2015/04/11 - Depression, sex abuse claims drove man to suicide-by-cop, friends and family say — (The Oregonian)
2015/04/08 - Lexapro Maker Must Face Claims Tied to Suicide — (Courthouse News Service)
2015/04/03 - Tulane’s mental health meltdown — (Yahoo News)
2015/04/02 - The appalling story of a California prison guard who committed suicide: ‘The job made me do it’ — (Business Insider)
2015/03/18 - Amanda Tucker inquest: Heartbroken Tilehurst wife killed herself after husband’s death from cancer — (Reading and Berkshire News)
2015/03/18 - New jury asked to decide: Was it suicide pact or husband covering up murder? — (The Oregonian)
2015/03/15 - 14-Year-Old’s Suicide Causes Coroner To Question If Prozac Was The Real Trigger — (Inquisitr)
2015/03/07 - Military will publish response to suicide probe — (Toronto Star)
2015/03/06 - September death in Amherst of Marissa Jackson ruled suicide — (Amherst Bulletin)
2015/02/26 - Pregnant woman was killed by train after doctor ‘failed to warn her an anxiety drug could cause suicidal feelings’ — (Daily Mail)
2015/02/18 - Falling through the gaps: the story of a suicide – Martin Strain, 34, was halfway through a four-month wait for an NHS psychiatrist when he killed himself — (The Guardian)
2015/02/13 - Humiliated Woman Hanged Herself After Taunted With What She Did On TV — (Mad World News)
2015/02/12 - ”I’m sorry, I love you”: What depressed teenager texted her friend before stepping in front of train — (The Mirror)
2015/02/10 - Doctor criticised for repeat antidepressant prescription — (New Zealand Herald)
2015/02/07 - Mental health in the NHS: ‘My son wanted to die; we begged for help but there was none’ — (The Telegraph)
2015/01/29 - Aurora mother tried to fix her ‘broken boy’ — (Aurora Banner)
2015/01/27 - Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds — (The Telegraph)
2015/01/23 - Grandad hanged himself at his Gillow Heath home — (Stoke Sentinel)
2015/01/18 - VA responsible for vet’s suicide — (Military Times)
2015/01/15 - Mother-of-one jumped to her death while suffering from depression after her desperate partner’s calls to NHS out-of-hours numbers went unanswered — (The Daily Mail)
2015/01/10 - Inquest into the Death of Alec Meikle — (Sydney Coroner’s Court)
2015/01/09 - Woman, 24, hit by Seven Kings train suffered distress over health before death — (Ilford Recorder)
2015/01/02 - Leelah Alcorn and transgender suicide — (Connexicon)
2014/12/11 - Mental health care system failed ‘low-risk’ suicide mother of two — (The Gloucestershire Review)
2014/12/07 - Confined‎: The death of Eddie Snowshoe — (The Globe and Mail)
2014/12/04 - Mort de Marco Pantani: la piste du suicide privilégiée à celle de l’homicide/ Marco Pantani’s Death Looks Like Suicide — (Libération)
2014/11/10 - Avoidable Mortality in Cumbria: A Case File Review of 78 Suicides — (Liverpool John Moores University)
2014/11/08 - Family devastated by son’s suicide in Farmington jail — (St.Louis Post-Dispatch)
2014/11/07 - Robin Williams — Suicide Triggered by Depression, Parkinson's, Paranoia — (TMZ.com)
2014/11/07 - Actress Lynsey Pow found hanged after battles with cocaine and gambling debts — (London Evening Standard)
2014/10/25 - A Year Later, Trying to Comprehend a Young Hockey Player’s Suicide — (New York Times)
2014/10/14 - Did British drug death couple die in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ suicide pact? — (Daily Mail)
2014/10/08 - For Peyton – After losing his 13-year-old son to suicide, David James is spreading hope, one hand-knitted heart at a time — (The Alcalde)
2014/10/07 - Popular East Devon teenager who died after standing in front of a train was suffering from depression, inquest hears — (Exeter Express and Echo)
2014/10/03 - A patient’s suicide, a doctor’s devastation — (Toronto Star)
2014/10/01 - Boynton Beach I-95 suicide victim had kratom in his system, tests confirm — (Palm Beach Post)
2014/09/24 - ‘Beautiful and vibrant’ nurse, 28, hanged herself after becoming tormented by chronic psoriasis — (The Daily Mail)
2014/09/22 - Family pays tributes to Gail McKinney, 16, from Great Shelford, who took her own life — (Cambridge News)
2014/09/11 - Acton: Charlotte Cobbald’s parents’ plea for better awareness of anorexia in wake of 17-year-old’s death — (East Anglian Daily Times)
2014/09/08 - Higgins v. Forest Laboratories — (U.S. DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA)
2014/09/06 - Probe into IIT-Bombay student’s death after fall, family says he was depressed — (Times of India)
2014/08/06 - Mother died ‘in the most horrible way’ — (New Zealand Herald)
2014/07/29 - Inquest told of tragic newlyweds from Romsey who died just days apart — (Southern Daily Echo)
2014/07/28 - Boyfriend hanged himself after row over girlfriend’s Danny Dyer crush — (Metro)
2014/07/26 - Lovers found dead in hotel may have had suicide pact: cops — (New York Post)
2014/07/21 - Suicide ruled in plane crash — (Fredericksburg Free Lance Star)
2014/07/07 - Survivor charged in suicide pact gone awry — (Omaha.com)
2014/07/07 - Frances Andrade inquest: I thought I was on trial, tragic Chetham’s sex abuse case violinist told husband — (The Manchester Evening News)
2014/06/25 - Lawsuit Alleges Celexa, Lexapro Makers Mislead On Safety for Children — (AboutLawsuits.com)
2014/05/27 - Ashton KCJ represents family of young Spixworth man who jumped to death from Castle Mall after being told to wait a month for treatment
2014/05/20 - Singer, 21, sectioned after attempting suicide six times in three weeks killed herself after hospital staff let her out unescorted — (Daily Mail)
2014/05/20 - Dental Student’s Father Bemoans Privacy Laws — (Voices of NY)
2014/05/18 - Police confirm body found in creek is former Dallas assistant chief — (WFAA Dallas County News)
2014/05/14 - Prozac Lawsuit — (Drug Reporter)
2014/05/03 - GP Elizabeth Kinston’s inquest hears of her depression and anxiety — (The Nottingham Post)
2014/05/02 - Uni student killed himself with poison gas in a tent — (This is Oxfordshire)
2014/04/29 - Antidepressant overdose kills woman — (The Press)
2014/04/16 - YouTube suicide note sends JCPS scrambling — (Louisville Courier-Journal)
2014/04/07 - Coroner rules out ‘suicide pact’ — (Wairarapa Times Age)
2014/04/06 - Mother’s Little Poisoner: L'Wren Scott and a Classic Modus Operandi — (DavidHealy.org)
2014/04/05 - Pilot's MH370 'copycat' flight — (stuff.co.nz)
2014/03/31 - Brilliant young scientist, 25, hanged herself after suffering homesickness and loneliness when she emigrated to Britain from New Zealand—(Daily Mail)
2014/03/26 - ‘Boris Berezovsky was a broken man’: Inquest into death of Russian oligarch hears he had been devastated at losing a multi-billion pound legal battle with Roman Abramovich — (Daily Mail)
2014/03/23 - Inquest hears of tragic end of dad-of-two; He is found close to death in stream — (The Free Library)
2014/03/21 - Helena Belmonte Dead: Latest News is That Filipino Model Had Bipolar Disorder — (The Epoch Times)
2014/03/19 - Norfolk woman hit by train struggled to cope with anti-depressant drugs — (EDP24)
2014/03/18 - Inquest hears HMP Durham prisoner had 'rehearsed' his cell suicide — (Chronicle)
2014/03/18 - Nobody saw man falling to his death from Reading town centre car park — (GetReading)
2014/03/18 - Clowne: Ex-army man ‘took his own life’ with antidepressant overdose — (Worksop Guardian)
2014/03/16 - Suicide ‘could not have been foreseen’ — (Bury Free Press)
2014/03/15 - New Epidemic — (DrLucire.com)
2014/03/14 - Carfax tower death fall man 'a wonderful person who gave so much to the community' — (Oxford Mail)
2014/03/14 - Patrick Roberts: teen found dead in woods "had so much to look forward to" — (Watford Observer)
2014/03/14 - ‘He made the tragic decision to take his own life’: Jeffrey Corzine, 31, the youngest son of former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine commits suicide in Mexico City hotel — (Daily Mail)
2014/03/13 - Ex-police inspector took lethal cocktail — (Gazette and Herald)
2014/03/13 - Inquest hears how drowned St Budeaux man became depressed after tragic death of wife — (Plymouth Herald)
2014/03/12 - South Wimbledon man took his own life after emailing friend — (Your Local Guardian)
2014/03/10 - Together We Can Stomp Out Antidepressant Induced Suicide And Violence — (JonnysLaw.org)
2014/03/10 - Suicide student's mum says lessons must be learned from his death—(Birmingham Mail)
2014/03/08 - Top Manhattan lawyer jumps to his death from 12th-floor office after 'suffering terrible depression after losing both parents and splitting from wife'—(Daily Mail)
2014/03/08 - Mum took her own life hours after planning for Christmas — (The Portsmouth News)
2014/03/06 - I won’t be long behind you’: The heartbreaking story of a loving husband who died just hours after his beloved wife — (Wales Online)
2014/03/06 - Suicide verdict on Telford overdose man — (Shropshire Star)
2014/03/05 - Norton man found hanged had history of mental health problems — (Stourbridge News)
2014/03/05 - Ronnie Norman inquest: NHS could have done more for Tunbridge Wells father — (Kent and Sussex Courier)
2014/03/04 - Generic Paxil Suicide – Judge Rules Widow’s Case Can Move Forward against GSK — (Baum Hedlund)
2014/03/03 - Indian minister’s ‘mistress’: Death will haunt me — (Vancouver Desi)
2014/03/03 - Ronald Anderson's family calls for improved PTSD treatment — (CBC News)
2014/03/01 - Mizzou did not pursue alleged assault — (ESPN.com)
2014/02/24 - Friends tried to save fragile Charlotte Dawson – (The Sydney Morning Herald)
2014/02/21 - Sheffield mum jumped to her death from car park — (The Star)
2014/02/13 - Girl, 15, jumps to death off grandma’s Upper West Side apartment building — (New York Daily News)
2014/02/08 - Stoke Newington teen took own life after struggling with severe depression — (Hackney Gazette)
2014/02/04 - Car park fall death ‘not suicide’ — (The Worthing Herald)
2014/01/27 - Office worker who killed herself after battle with depression ‘had been anxious about her hair colour’ — (Daily Mail)
2014/01/23 - Young writer set computer to automatically post Facebook suicide note AFTER he had hanged himself after depression forced him to drop out of English degree—(Daily Mail)
2014/01/22 - Tallulah Wilson inquest: Timeline that led to teenage ballerina’s tragic death under train — (Hampstead Highgate Express)
2014/01/22 - Anti-depressants taken by thousands of Brits 'do NOT work', major new study reveals — (Mail Online)
2014/01/21 - Heartbroken parents say their children were failed by the NHS — (Portsmouth News)
2014/01/19 - Inquest records open verdict on man hanged at cricket ground — (Bexhill-on-Sea Observer)
2014/01/19 - Fundraiser at Fox being held in brother’s honour — (Langley Advance )
2014/01/15 - Dad describes son’s suicide — (The Tribune Chronicle)
2014/01/13 - Wife took fatal drugs overdose just hours before her husband was CLEARED of sex crimes against four young girls. —(Daily Mail)
2014/01/09 - Family anguish after Long Eaton man's drug overdose death — (Nottingham Post)
2014/01/09 - Decorator took his life over cancer fears — (Oxford Mail)
2014/01/07 - Antidepressant regulations tightened following suicide — (Copenhagen Post)
2014/01/06 - David Rathband inquest: Shot PC’s affair with 7/7 survivor ‘ended marriage’
2014/01/06 - Woman sues husband’s doctor following apparent suicide — (The Cook County Record)
2014/01/06 - Utah tragedy: The last flight of Speedy Peterson — (Salt Lake City Tribune)
2014/01/02 - Man ignored partner’s pleas and hanged himself — (Western Wards Gazette)
2013/12/27 - Kill Me Now: The Troubled Life And Complicated Death Of Jana Van Voorhi — (BuzzFeed News)
2013/12/23 - Family of mother who took her own life to sue health board — (HeraldScotland)
2013/12/20 - Ned Vizzini Commits Suicide, Another Victim of Depression — (Liberty Voice)
2013/12/19 - Lesbian who married her lover in one of Britain’s first same-sex weddings was found hanged in a cemetery after the marriage fell apart — (Mail Online)
2013/12/18 - Burnley overdose mum's 'cry for help' — (Burnley and Pendle Citizen)
2013/12/18 - Man commits suicide after seeking help — (Portsmouth News)
2013/12/18 - Coroner urges NHS Trust to learn lessons from tragic suicide Of Northampton father — (Northhampton Herald and Post)
2013/12/17 - Keighley mental health patient killed himself, inquest finds — (Telegraph and Argus)
2013/12/17 - Attacked Midland man living in fear took his own life — (Birmingham Mail)
2013/12/17 - Inquest into river death — (Salisbury Journal)
2013/12/13 - Depressed man took his own life with shotgun — (Bucks Free Press)
2013/12/12 - Kate Barry: Daughter of Jane Birkin and John Barry found dead after fall from Paris apartment — (The Independent)
2013/12/12 - Police officer, 49, who suffered from depression after he was kidnapped and pistol-whipped, stabbed himself to death on his second week of retirement — (Daily Mail Online)
2013/12/09 - Nurse gave herself insulin overdose — (Kenley Standard)
2013/12/07 - Mother's fears over tragic Emily's prescribed drugs — (Nottingham Post)
2013/12/07 - Hengist owner Paul Smith took his own life amid mounting debts at Aylesford High Street restaurant — (Kent Online)
2013/12/07 - Police confirm body is of missing Bradford mum Seemberjeet Kaur — (Telegraph and Argus)
2013/12/06 - Antidepressants: Preschoolers Remain a Fast Growing Market — (Liberty Voice)
2013/12/05 - Inquest hears depressed Russian woman took her own life after becoming homesick — (Get Reading)
2013/12/05 - Narrative verdict on store manager's death — (Dorset Echo)
2013/12/05 - Flashbacks and work probe behind suicide — (The Cornishman)
2013/12/04 - Hemel Hempstead mother took her own life less than a month after coming off anti-psychotic medication — (Hemel Today)
2013/12/04 - CSU student's October suicide prompts policy changes — (Coloradoan.com)
2013/12/03 - Father-to-be tormented by rare condition that made him terrified of everyday noises died after he was hit by Tube train — (Daily Mail)
2013/12/01 - As more students face mental health issues, MSU strengthens support — (Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
2013/11/29 - Inquest hears of Devizes man's depression — (Gazette and Herald)
2013/11/28 - Personal health issues caused Dereham man’s depression, inquest hears — (EDP 24)
2013/11/28 - Coroner’s ‘pill popping’ warning to GPs after tragic death of Hemel Hempstead dad — (Hemel Today Gazette)
2013/11/28 - Jail policy of letting prisoners self-medicate questioned —(The New Orleans Advocate)
2013/11/28 - Janice Borner and Ian Mathewson died in suicide pact ‘enabled by excessive medication repeatedly prescribed in error’ — (Cambridge News)
2013/11/25 - Father pays tribute to daughter as death remains a mystery — (Oxford Mail)
2013/11/23 - Keighley carer, 60, took her own life — (Telegraph and Argus)
2013/11/20 - Kolar medico dies: WAS it suicide or murder over Telangana? — (Deccan Chronicle)
2013/11/20 - Antidepressant use on the rise in rich countries, OECD finds — (The Guardian)
2013/11/19 - The mother of a junior doctor who took her own life described her daughter's working hours as "immoral" following an inquest into her death — (The Independent)
2013/11/19 - Colonel who was Bosnia and Kosovo veteran shot himself dead after becoming overwhelmed with Army workload following defence cuts — (Daily Mail)
2013/11/15 - Soldier Discovered Fiancee’s Body When He Came Home From Afghanistan After She Hanged Herself While Suffering Postnatal Depression — (Daily Mail Online)
2013/11/15 - New mother with post-natal depression killed by 100mph train — (The Telegraph)
2013/11/15 - Boy killed himself after years of bullying, inquest hears — (The Guardian)
2013/11/13 - Pastor Who Killed Self Battled Manic Depression, Struggled to Keep It Secret; Was Taking Medication, Had ‘Physical Challenges’ — (The Christian Post)
2013/11/12 - Prisoner on suicide watch took overdose of medicine — (Bicester Advertiser)
2013/11/11 - Bus driver in fatal crash not facing charges — (Holland Sentinel)
2013/11/09 - New China Cities: Shoddy Homes, Broken Hope — (New York Times)
2013/11/08 - Toddler, 3, found home alone in Mow Cop after Avon saleswoman mum died — (Stoke Sentinal)
2013/11/07 - Pharmacist died 'in train tragedy' — (Stokes Sentinal)
2013/11/05 - Suicide watch teen’s prison death — (Yorkshire Evening Post)
2013/11/05 - Park Street woman’s death ruled as suicide — (Herts Advertiser)
2013/11/03 - NYPD officers’ suicides a sad lesson for new mayor, police commissioner — (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
2013/11/01 - Coroner to make recommendations after man suffering from poor mental health is found hanged in prison — (Darlington and Stockton Times)
2013/11/01 - Prozac and Zyprexa Murdered My Son — (Bryan's Mom)
2013/10/30 - Alcoholic mother of two took own life, Cumbrian inquest told — (Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser)
2013/10/21 - Leanne Thompson death: ‘go and kill yourself …’ — (Sydney Morning Herald)
2013/10/19 - Investigating a military suicide when it's your son — (Aljazeera America)
2013/10/19 - Double-murder suspect Mahmoud Hindi commits suicide in jail — (The Courier-Journal)
2013/10/14 - Mystery after young dad Jack Hilding found near electricity pole in Biddenden after disappearing from Staplehurst home — (Kent Online)
2013/10/08 - Lee Thompson Young suffered from bipolar disorder before suicide: coroner’s report — (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
2013/10/06 - Heartbroken dad reveals agony as decision to axe his son's benefits is overturned.. weeks after his boy killed himself
2013/10/04 - Depressed Boldon social club landlady took her own life — (Chronicle Live)
2013/09/26 - IT boss charged with stabbing his ex-wife and her lover is found dead in prison cell as he ‘feared moving jails’ — (Daily Mail)
2013/09/21 - Pensioner took his own life over worries about growing older — (Buck's Free Press)
2013/09/21 - Open verdict on Clayton man who took overdose after death of wife — (Telegraph and Argus)
2013/09/21 - The Black Box Warning: Antidepressant Medication, Monitoring, HIPAA Confidentiality, and Suicide: A LETTER TO CONGRESS — (Mental Health Law and Policy Journal)
2013/09/13 - Dad took own life after suffering painful back injury — (The Sentinel)
2013/09/13 - Dad 'with heart of gold' sent texts to loved ones before taking his own life — (Hull Daily Mail)
2013/09/12 - Ex-police inspector took lethal cocktail — (The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
2013/09/11 - Inmate died after warnings were missed — (Lancashire Evening Post)
2013/09/09 - “Health team let my son down” – Thatcham mum tells inquest — (Newbury Today)
2013/09/05 - Man who jumped to his death from Norwich’s Castle Mall was let down by mental health services, inquest told — (Norwich Evening News)
2013/09/05 - Wickham man found hanged, inquest hears — (Hampshire Chronicle)
2013/09/04 - Sidcup man Lee Brooks hanged himself in church gardens — (News Shopper)
2013/09/04 - Cancer patient Neil Jones took his own life, coroner concludes — (BBC News)
2013/09/03 - Crawley man killed himself after losing benefits — (The Argus)
2013/09/03 - Coroner told teen suicide victim Michaela Mundy had waited more than a year to see a psychiatrist — (ABC Australia)
2013/08/29 - Golcar man found hanged took own life after work and marriage problems — (Huddersfield Daily Examiner)
2013/08/29 - Barnet Council tenant on Stonegrove Estate in Edgware took fatal overdose hours before eviction by Barnet Homes — (Hendon and Finchley Times)
2013/08/28 - Mow Cop dad died after battle with depression — (The Sentinel)
2013/08/27 - Healthcare trust 'missed opportunity' to help depressed man — (GetReading)
2013/08/23 - Great Yarmouth mother ‘did not mean to kill herself’, inquest hears — (Norwich Evening News 24)
2013/08/23 - Mitcham man killed after placing head under wheels of moving lorry in Balham — (Your Local Guardian)
2013/08/22 - Worker spoke of suicide plans weeks before jumping to his death — (Grimsby Telegraph)
2013/08/22 - Man's body so badly decomposed that identification was impossible — (Herald Express)
2013/08/17 - Inquest hears of widower’s suicide at Cow and Calf rocks — (Telegraph & Argus)
2013/08/17 - 'Cry for help' woman died in bag tragedy — (Birmingham Mail)
2013/08/16 - Suicide verdict after Dunmow dad's death in woodland — (Herts and Essex Observer)
2013/08/15 - Grieving boyfriend calls Gia Allemand ‘the most beautiful person’ as friends say failing relationship tormented her — New York Post
2013/08/14 - Man found in car in Waterford 'devoted to family' — (Herfordshire Mercury)
2013/08/14 - Dad, 33, died on Christmas Day 'from a broken heart' — (The Sentinel)
2013/08/13 - 'He had everything to live for. I was shocked' — (Hull Daily Mail)
2013/08/13 - GP took own life after admitting to suicidal thoughts — (Essex Chronicle)
2013/08/10 - Gifted young Burnley man was found dead at home — (Burnley Express)
2013/08/09 - Coroner's fury over girl's 'suicide book': Overdose teenager was found dying in her bedroom next to 'wicked' and 'very disturbing' guide — (Daily Mail)
2013/08/06 - Bury St Edmunds: Coroner says PCSO Sue Medcraft took her own life — (EADT24)
2013/08/05 - Troubled train track suicide man 'not listened to'— (East Lindsey Target)
2013/08/03 - Coroner praises programme to prevent suicides — (Eastern Daily Press)
2013/08/02 - Depressed man killed himself using poison plants — (Essex Chronicle)
2013/07/31 - Warning – Your Anti-Depressant May Induce Psychosis — (Turning Point Psychotherapy)
2013/07/26 - Kidderminster man killed himself 'out of the blue' – Coroner — (The Shuttle)
2013/07/18 - Coroner records open verdict on woman’s death — (Belper News)
2013/07/18 - House eviction ‘led to death’ — (GetWestLondon)
2013/07/15 - Rehtaeh Parsons: Shamed into Suicide — (People)
2013/07/14 - Thatcham MS sufferer ‘fought to remain positive’ — (Newbury Today)
2013/07/12 - Pensioner was worried about being a burden — (The Sentinel)
2013/07/11 - 28-year-old caught up in trial took life — (Wells Journal)
2013/07/11 - Death of Arizona serial killer ruled a suicide — (The Evening Sun)
2013/07/10 - Depressed OAP hanged himself — (Carmarthen Journal)
2013/07/05 - Troubled cook struggled with drink problem — (The Sentinel)
2013/07/05 - Depressed Cheshunt man hung himself — (Hertfordshire Mercury)
2013/07/04 - Former Highland Games champion who shot himself in head with a bolt gun was stressed and depressed, inquest hears — (Daily Record)
2013/07/04 - Depressed man took his life after battling illness for 12 years — (The Gloucester Citizen)
2013/07/03 - St Columb mother took her own life after rape allegations — (Cornish Guardian)
2013/07/02 - Ex-Highland Games champion shot himself with bolt gun at cattle mart — (Herald Scotland)
2013/07/01 - Widow's push for awareness after ex-Notts soldier's suicide — (Nottingham Post)
2013/07/01 - Evidence of Mansfield soldier’s suicide ‘not sufficiently clear’ — (CHAD)
2013/06/27 - Child rape accused hanged himself — (Lancashire Evening Post)
2013/06/27 - Ipswich: Man who overcame 22-year drug addiction died after overdose — (EADT24)
2013/06/25 - Pensioner took own life — (Daily Echo)
2013/06/24 - Ipswich: Man who committed suicide outside Asda had seen doctors that day — (EADT24)
2013/06/22 - 'Great dad' fought depression battle — (The Sentinel)
2013/06/20 - Woman took her own life on railway tracks — (Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
2013/06/19 - Woman who fell from balcony 'feared she was under attack', inquest hears — (Your Local Guardian)
2013/06/13 - Tragic death of ex-cricketer from Barrowford — (Lancashire Telegraph)
2013/06/12 - Toxicology report reveals drugs in student who dived from East College Avenue apartment window — (The Daily Collegian)
2013/06/12 - Teen in overdose tragedy was terrified of jail — (Birmingham Mail)
2013/06/11 - ‘I Love You’: What Father Of Two Shouted Before Shooting His Wife And Later Hanging Himself Over Her ‘Affair With Solicitor’ — (Daily Mail)
2013/06/09 - Father Robert Keywood died after jumping from Medway Council car park at Pentagon shopping centre, inquest heard — (Kent Online)
2013/06/08 - Gower College Swansea worker Nigel Grove, 46, took his own life, an inquest finds — (South Wales Evening Post)
2013/06/07 - Inquest told of concerns over psychiatric patient — (Get Surrey)
2013/06/05 - Christchurch quake blamed for suicide — (New Zealand Herald News)
2013/06/05 - Scientist weeps at inquest into 'Prozac death' — (The Independent)
2013/06/05 - Inquest hears postmortem results show death was due to hanging — (The Irish Times)
2013/05/26 - Tragic overdose mum had history of self-harming — (Bolton News)
2013/05/23 - Unsaid Issue Behind Veteran’s Rising Suicide Rate Is Shame Based Guilt — (Veterans Today)
2013/05/21 - Teenager killed himself after relationship ended — (The Plymouth Herald)
2013/05/21 - Woman who hanged herself five days after being groped had not been asked about her emotional state when sexual assault counsellors assessed her — (Daily Mail)
2013/05/17 - Young mum who plunged to her death was suffering mental health problems — (The Bristol Post)
2013/05/17 - Is Titus Young the latest NFL player suffering from hits to the head? — (CBS Sports.com)
2013/05/16 - Todd's death consistent with hanging, not garrotting: pathologist — (SEAsiaNewsroom)
2013/05/15 - Baffling Rise in Suicides Plagues the U.S. Military — (New York Times)
2013/05/14 - Teenage folk singer hanged herself after battling depression — (The Yorkshire Post)
2013/05/12 - Doctor fought for jury trial and lost — (The Canton Repository)
2013/05/12 - Was grandmother driven to suicide by the 'bedroom tax'? Unemployed woman, 53, hit by £20-a-week charge dies after leaving note saying the Government was to blame— (Mail Online)
2013/05/08 - Open verdict for Stourport man found in field — (The Shuttle)
2013/05/07 - Hiding the Bodies of Suicide Victims (Comment) — (Mad in America)
2013/05/05 - Teen died after breathing tube was removed —(The Shields Gazette)
2013/05/05 - After suicide: All that’s left is ‘why?’ — (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
2013/05/03 - River death man, 36, took drugs overdose — (Suffolk Free Press)
2013/05/03 - Coroner recommends flagging students with mental illness in wake of Victoria teen’s suicide — (Times Colonist)
2013/05/02 - Man died after car crashed into a drain — (Grimsby Telegraph)
2013/05/01 - 'Lack of communication' cited in hanging verdict — (Get Surrey)
2013/04/25 - Jobless Henham man hanged himself, coroner rules — (Hertz and Essex Observer)
2013/04/25 - Gun death verdict sparks debt alert — (Oxford Mail)
2013/04/25 - Missing Gaston woman died from drug overdose — (Gaston Gazette)
2013/04/18 - Willen Village Surgery: GP error led to patient’s death — (Milton Keynes Citizen)
2013/04/18 - GAYWOOD: Well-liked man found dead in woodland — (Lynn News)
2013/04/18 - Ryan Freel seemed to have it all—a major league career, a loving family, a few million in the bank. But life without baseball was more than he could bear — (Sportsnet)
2013/04/17 - Hellesdon man visited crash site day before killing himself — (EDP24)
2013/04/16 - Mental healthcare concerns raised after ‘Romeo and Juliet’ couple’s deaths — (The Portsmouth News)
2013/04/16 - Man suffering from depression took his own life — (GetReading)
2013/04/10 - Inquest opens into death of reporter — (GetReading)
2013/04/10 - Death of woman found in Fareham river was an accident — (The Portsmouth News)
2013/04/09 - Prescribed Drugs 'To Blame Over Spate Of Violence Among US Soldiers' — (The Telegraph)
2013/04/09 - Eli Lilly and Co. settles wrongful death lawsuit — (Indy Star)
2013/04/06 - Train death man seen staggering after drinking — (The Bolton News)
2013/04/04 - Hanging death in Ilkeston woodland ‘might not have been suicide’ — (Ilkeston Advertiser)
2013/04/02 - Mystery emails and calls could have led to scientist's suicide — (Southern Daily Echo)
2013/03/29 - Woman took her own life in town centre, coroner concludes — (West Sussex Gazette)
2013/03/28 - Former Hot Gossip girl hanged self, court rules — (Brentwood Gazette)
2013/03/27 - News brief: Centralia standoff target’s cause of death concluded to be suicide — (Lewis County Sirens)
2013/03/25 - Woman went to help at crash scene – and found victim was her husband — (The Bristol Post)
2013/03/19 - Mum suffering with hip pain took own life — (The Stoke Sentinal)
2013/03/19 - Doctor, 51, hanged himself after becoming so depressed about his son needing kidney transplant he could 'barely speak' — (Daily Mail)
2013/03/17 - Beloved veteran saved many, but couldn’t escape own demons — (Yakima Herald)
2013/03/17 - Former Durban man dies in bridge jump — (iol news)
2013/03/16 - 13-page suicide note left by mother who jumped with baby — (Christian Science Monitor)
2013/03/14 - Chairman was found dead at club ground — (The Stoke Sentinal)
2013/03/14 - Father pays moving tribute to his bright, popular son found dead in his flat — (Macclesfield Express)
2013/03/13 - Debt fear triggered overdose of St Austell man Kenneth Isted — (Cornish Guardian)
2013/03/13 - Mother dead, one-year-old stable after eight story plunge from Harlem apartment — (New York Post)
2013/03/13 - Woman: Antidepressants led to suicides of relatives — (Irish Examiner)
2013/03/12 - Left Hanging: Suicide in Bridgend — (davidhealy.org)
2013/03/08 - Inquest hears how biploar father, 32, jumped in front of tube train — (West End Extra)
2013/03/07 - Cheltenham man drowns following depression after cosmetic surgery, inquest hears — (Gloucester Echo)
2013/03/07 - Lympstone bicycle pioneer took his own life — (Exeter Express and Echo)
2013/03/06 - Woman killed herself after years of pain — (The Portsmouth News)
2013/03/04 - Suicide in the age of Obama — (WND)
2013/02/28 - Inquest hears Alex Martin died when his car swerved into the path of a lorry on the A449 — (Worcester News)
2013/02/27 - Hanged mum-of-one had lost job, inquest hears — (Croydon Guardian)
2013/02/26 - Suicide student lay dead in room for three days — (Manchester Evening News)
2013/02/24 - Mum’s heartache after son hangs himself at hospital’s £20m specialist suicide ward — (Daily Record)
2013/02/23 - Tommy’s Story — (Dead Man’s Vitamin)
2013/02/20 - Ashley Smith’s mother speaks to inquest: ‘Most of her life, she was smiling and happy’— (The Globe and Mail)
2013/02/19 - Police blasted for 999 delay to suicidal mum — (Manchester Evening News)
2013/02/15 - Mum pays tribute to Newent's 'bright and popular' Bethan Rosetta — (The Gloucester Citizen)
2013/02/15 - North Wales mum took own life after stuggling to cope with death of son — (North Wales Daily Post)
2013/02/14 - RESPECTED OFFICER HAD FOUGHT DEPRESSION FOR YEARS; Coroner rules on tragedy — (The Free Library)
2013/02/14 - Mum killed herself to save family watching her die from cancer — (The Shields Gazette)
2013/02/11 - Llangollen aqueduct fall woman had been depressed — (The Leader)
2013/02/10 - Suicide survivor: ‘There was a butcher knife in her chest. I just went berserk.’ — (The Billings Gazette)
2013/02/07 - Mental health in the NHS: ‘My son wanted to die; we begged for help but there was none’ — (The Telegraph)
2013/02/02 - Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions — (New York Times)
2013/02/02 - My tragic mum was driven to suicide by being branded 'liar' in Chetham's rape trial — (Manchester Evening News)
2013/02/01 - Suicidal’ woman found hanging in hospital — (Hastings and St Leonards Observer)
2013/02/01 - Widow killed herself after tiff with new partner — (The Swindon Advertiser)
2013/01/31 - Sex assault led to depressed ex-bus driver taking her own life — (Swindon Advertiser)
2013/01/31 - Woman’s arson attack on family home led to father-of-two’s tragic suicide — (Kilkenny People)
2013/01/30 - Dad leaves cryptic note before taking fatal overdose — (Southern Daily Echo)
2013/01/28 - Suicide or murder?: New evidence suggests Faisal was taking anti-depressants — (Express Tribune)
2013/01/28 - Tetney woman was found with 30 tablets in her stomach, inquest hears — (Louth Leader)
2013/01/23 - Hartlepool-born prisoner found hanged in his cell, inquest heard — (The Northern Echo)
2013/01/20 - Suit filed over jail hanging claims medication denied — (Portage Community.com)