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Ex-WWE Developmental Star Commits Suicide — (Wrestling Inc)
SSRI Ed note: Famous Wrestler on antidepressants kills himself.
Terry Newton’s death a ‘warning to others’ — (The Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Rugby player on steroids, antidepressants, alcohol loses his job due to illegal substances, hangs himself. Coroner does not record as suicide.
Famous Singer's Sister Commits Suicide
Famous Comic Writer Dies of Accidental Overdose of Prozac & Wellbutrin
SSRI Ed note: Comedy writer prescribed Prozac and Wellbutrin dies of overdose (of these meds)
Joy for Mirjana Lucic; A Journey to Hell and Back — (Bleacher Report)
SSRI Ed note: Up and coming tennis player a force to be reckoned with until she takes Wellbutrin.
Simon Monjack Autopsy Report: Cause of Death Oddly Similar to Wife Brittany — (Gather News)
Last Dress Designed By Alexander McQueen Before Committing Suicide — (AllVoices)
SSRI Ed note: Designer overdoses on antidepressants and sleeping tablets then hangs himself 9 days after his mother, who taught him to sew, dies. They were very close.
Famous Woman Gardening Writer for Telegraph in U.K. Kills Self: Inquest into A/D's
Jesse James Takes the Stand in Custody Hearing — (411 Mania)
SSRI Ed note: Woman in custody battle with Sandra Bullock's ex accused of addiction to antidepressants, problem behaviour.
Famous Son of Bin Laden Becomes Schizophrenic Due to Antidepressant Use According to UK Doctors
Eerie similarities with Nafisa’s death — (Times of India)
SSRI Ed note: Many parallels between Indian models, one who committed suicide in 2010, one in 2004. Both took antidepressants.
Famous Former Super Model Commits Suicide
Famous Talk Show Host Larry King's Wife Attempts Suicide
Famous Actress Didn't Have Any Feelings While on Antidepressants
Famous Actor Corey Haim Dies From Pneumonia — (CNN)
Is David LaChapelle the 21st century’s Andy Warhol? — (The Evening Standard)
SSRI Ed note: Artist diagnosed with bipolar knows that antidepressants do not work for him.
Famous Supermodel & Television Host Kills Herself
SSRI Ed note: Columbian supermodel and TV host takes antidepressants, dies by suicide.
Famous British Judo Star Tipped For Olymics Kills Self
Rocker battles depression by sharing hope, passion — (The Columbus Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Musician on Paxil has meltdown on airplane, does not remember, gets diagnosed bipolar, prescribed antipsychotic. SSRI not suspected.
Famous World Wrestler Dead: Likely Suicide
Famous Actress' Brother Kills Self: Had Signed a Contract for Local TV
Musicians Celebrate Their Son's Life: He Killed Himself on Antidepressant
Famous Woman News Broadcaster Jumps from Cliff: In Process of Switching Meds
Famous Singer, Leader of Sparklehouse, Commits Suicide: Had Previously Overdosed on Antidepressants
Famous Golfer Becomes Worse While Taking Antidepressants
Andrew Koenig’s Sister Tells Larry King Her Brother Moved Out, Stopped Taking Antidepressants — (CNN)
SSRI Ed note: Actor on antidepressants stops taking them, dies by suicide. Parents blame psychic "pain" instead of medication withdrawal.
Famous Ice Skater's Brother Arrested After Assaulting Father Who Then Collapses & Soon Dies — (CNN)
Brittany Murphy's Family Continues to Deny Drug Rumors — (Extra)
Famous Folk Singer/Songwriter Lost Her Inspiration on Antidepressants
Famous German Football Goalkeeper Commits Suicide: Age 32
Stephen Gately: The Boyzone star’s secret life that drove him to lies, pills and depression — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Boyzone member becomes zombie on antidepressants, claims he feels no emotion on them, dies prematurely.
Lindsay Lohan's family plan intervention — (Reuters)
Famous Dancer Writes Suicide Note: Found Dead From Gunshot Wound
SSRI Ed note: Famous dancer shoots and kills herself.
Famous New York Designer Commits Suicide
SSRI Ed note: Well-known designer dies of antidepressant overdose
Famous Asian Singer Falls to Her Death from 12th Floor: Family Thinks It Was the Effects of her Med
Jackass star Bam Margera taken to marriage counselling and put on medication — (The Daily Telegraph)
Famous Singer, Yasmine, [Hilde Rens] Kills Self
20 Questions: Christopher Potter—(
SSRI Ed note: Skilled writer tried Prozac. "Had very bad experience."
Chambers Died Of Heart Disease—(
Ex-Nets star Jayson Williams possessed dangerous mix of psychiatric drugs—(Daily News)
Hamilton retires from cycling after positive test — (The Seattle Times)
Why I blame myself for the murder of Sixties playwright Joe Orton, by theatre critic and friend Michael Thornton — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants is paranoid, bludgeons his lover to death, kills himself with prescription overdose.
The Unfinished — (The New Yorker)
SSRI Ed note: "Depressed" writer tries many antidepressants, nothing works (antidepressantw cause depression over the long tierm) and finally dies by suicide.
Aames Fights Back After Thanksgiving Suicide Attempt — (
SSRI Ed note: Sircom actor takes antidepressants, becomes suicidal, drinks, slashes his throat, survives.
After 13 years, the parents of missing rock star Richey Edwards admit he’s dead — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Talented band anchor/songwriter, recently prescribed Prozac goes missing on eve of breakthrough American tour. 13 years later, he is missing, presumed dead.
English beauty dies in roof plunge after her marriage split from John Huston’s son — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Former model taking antidepressants cannot cope with speration from husband, dies by jumping from rooftop.
South Korean star Choi found dead — (BBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Actress prescribed antidepressants to help cope with divorce drinks, overreacts to silly accusation, dies by suicide.
Heather Locklear arrested in California — (Reuters)
SSRI Ed note: Television star is prescribed antidepressants, is charged with DUI.
Steve Foley (drummer) — (Wikipedia)
SSRI Ed note: Drummer on antidepressants is anxious, depressed, dies of overdose of prescription medication.