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Man, 56, suffering from tinnitus took his own life on walk to ‘build trust’ with wife — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Retiree with busy social life is prescribed antidepressants, dose is increased and he dies by suicide several days later.
Steve Bing pals: Suicide spurred by money, drugs and mental health struggle — (Page Six)
SSRI Ed note: Hollywood mogul takes antidepressants for years, is not close to his kids, has drug problem, manages his fortune poorly, dies by suicide.
Man Accused Of Hanukkah Stabbings Charged With Federal Hate Crimes — (HuffPost)
SSRI Ed note: Peaceful man with history of "mental illness" [read: psych drugs], stops drugs, writes hate notes, goes missing, stabs 5 at synagogue. Anti-semitism blamed.
Chorley teenager took her own life after battling mental health problems since the age of seven — (The Lancashire Post)
SSRI Ed note: Teen prescribed antidepressants after break-up with boyfriend diagnosed with recurrent depression, has suicidal thoughts, hangs herself in woods.
What Happened to Elisa Lam, Who Was Found Dead on the Roof of an L.A. Hotel in a Water Tank? — (Yahoo)
SSRI Ed note: Tourist prescribed toxic combo (Wellbutrin,+Lamictal+Seroquel+Effexor) for "bipolar" acts strangely, tries to reduce, has psychotic episode, dies in water tank.
Missing Person — SOLVED: Larry Ely Murillo Moncada — (Iowa Cold Cases)
SSRI Ed note: Man appears disoriented, GP prescribes antidepressants, he is instantly paranoid, hallucinates, acts irrationally, disappears, body discovered 10 yrs later.
Jennifer Dulos: Inside the Turbulent Marriage of the Missing Connecticut Mother of 5 — (New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: Marriage breaks down with extreme acrimony, husband accuses wife of being delusional, unfit mother due to anti-depressant use. She disappears mysteriously.
Supreme Court Justice Gascon attributes disappearance to depression, anxiety — (CBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Supreme Court Justice, long-time user of antidepressants changes medications, goes missing, cannot explain his actions.
ALL THAT REMAINS Guitarist OLI HERBERT Drowned After Ingesting Antidepressants And Sleeping Pills — (Blabbermouth)
SSRI Ed note: Guitarist self-medicates with antidepressants prescribes to someone else, believing that he was a manic-depressive (no such thing). Drowns in pond.
This brilliant Ottawa tech pioneer had wealth and a wonderful family. His suicide shocked everyone. — (The Ottawa Citizen)
SSRI Ed note: Stressed entrepreneur has breakdown, is prescribed anti-anxiety med, dies by suicide 6 mo later. Everyone shocked.
Family’s anguish over missing student Sophie Smith after revealing she left suicide note before disappearing on Boxing Day — (The Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Student being treated for anxiety and depression disappears after talking of suicide, leaves suicide note. Mother urges others to seek the same "help".
Renowned yoga teacher Michael Stone dies after drug overdose in Victoria — (CBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Wellness guru is diagnosed with bipolar, medicated, gets worse,"more desperate", turns to opioids, dies of overdose.
Inquest held into death of tragic mum-of-two and MS sufferer Margaret MacDermott — (The Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Woman diagnosed with MS gets antidepressant dose increased, jumps off bridge and drowns, coroner records open verdict.
Missing JNU Student Najeeb Ahmed Was On Anti-Depressants: Police — (Newsworld India)
SSRI Ed note: University student on antidepressants gets into altercation, goes missing, cannot be located.
Wife begged tragic Derbyshire man ‘not to be let out’ of hospital before his death — (Derbyshire Times)
SSRI Ed note: Man distraught over grandmother's death, split with wife, given antidepressants, attempts suicide, later succeeds. Depression blamed.
Jodie Jose, 22, suffocated herself in her car after battle with severe depression — (Essex Live)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman taking antidepressants dies by suicide.
Banker killed himself after telling wife of affair — (The Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Shortly before his death a man is prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping pills. "Despite" this, his mental state deteriorates and he commits suicide.
Husband opens up about late wife’s battle with PPD — (WoodTV8)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking medication for depression appears to attempt murder-suicide. She dies, her 2 small children survive.
Top comedy writer who penned jokes for James Corden, Steve Coogan and Jack Dee gassed himself in car next to his favourite fishing lake after battle with depression — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Writer on antidepressants argues with wife, leaves home, commits suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Depression blamed.
Mother seeks answers in daughter’s mysterious death — (Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman with several drugs in her system, including antidepressants, dies mysteriously in forest.
Accountant who fled to Appalachian Trail pleads guilty to wire fraud in Ohio embezzling case — (Access
SSRI Ed note: Man embezzles millions, disappears.
Southampton mother pleads guilty to killing son, 5, in car blaze, court hears — (Hampshire Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Mom on Zoloft acts bizarre, goes missing, attempts murder-suicide by burning her 5-yr-old son and herself in a car. Survives, pleads guilty, committed.
Misty Upham: the tragic death and unscripted life of Hollywood’s rising star — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Native American actress dies tragically
Kayelyn Louder autopsy inconclusive but family insists death ‘was not an accident’ — (Deseret News)
SSRI Ed note: Mystery substance: Woman who took nothing "fatal or illegal" makes 3 bizarre phone calls, is clearly confused and delusional, disappears, is later found dead.
16-year-old missing after leaving group home, mother says — (WNCN)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on antidepressant leaves group home and walks into a wooded area. Found safe.
September death in Amherst of Marissa Jackson ruled suicide — (Amherst Bulletin)
Topic: Husband with depression spiralling out of control — (Beyond Blue)
SSRI Ed note: Wife complains that husband on antidepressants "spitalling down". He stops taking them, loses job, no improvement, No clue that meds might be problem.
Nick Cutter’s Death Exposes Neglect Scandal at Miami VA Hospital — (Miami New Times)
GP Elizabeth Kinston’s inquest hears of her depression and anxiety — (The Nottingham Post)
SSRI Ed note: GP suffering "post-natal depression" takes antidepressants, suffers thought disturbance, suicidality, disappears, kills herself. Coroner records open verdict.
FBI Searching For William Bradford Bishop — (Business Insider)
SSRI Ed note: Successful family man on antidepressants gets insomnia, murders entire family with hammer, drives to another state, burns them, disappears. An FBI most wanted.
Pilot's MH370 'copycat' flight — (
Inquest hears of tragic end of dad-of-two; He is found close to death in stream — (The Free Library)
Inquest hears how drowned St Budeaux man became depressed after tragic death of wife — (Plymouth Herald)
Office worker who killed herself after battle with depression ‘had been anxious about her hair colour’ — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Woman probably in withdrawal from antidepressants - she was refusing to take them - unhappy with hair dye job hangs herself.
Missing elderly man recently taken off antidepressant — (WZZM)
Missing Corby man’s death ‘accidental’ — (Northamptonshire Telegraph)
Woman sues husband’s doctor following apparent suicide — (The Cook County Record)
Family of missing mother and baby found dead at cliff after going missing from hospital ward pay emotional tribute to tragic couple saying they ‘are now at peace’ — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: New mom who stopped taking antidepressant to breastfeed kills herself and baby.
Police confirm body is of missing Bradford mum Seemberjeet Kaur — (Telegraph and Argus)
Coroner still hoping to ID mystery man found in Marin Headlands wearing wetsuit — (San Jose Mercury News)
SSRI Ed note: Drowned man with pain medication and Lexapro in his system remains unidentified.
Bus driver in fatal crash not facing charges — (Holland Sentinel)
Missing man’s plane found at airport, wrecked with his body on board — (The Post and Courier)
Mystery after young dad Jack Hilding found near electricity pole in Biddenden after disappearing from Staplehurst home — (Kent Online)
SSRI Ed note: Man found dies of electrocution one month after starting antidepressants.
Sidcup man Lee Brooks hanged himself in church gardens — (News Shopper)
Cancer patient Neil Jones took his own life, coroner concludes — (BBC News)
Great Yarmouth mother ‘did not mean to kill herself’, inquest hears — (Norwich Evening News 24)
Man's body so badly decomposed that identification was impossible — (Herald Express)
Suicide verdict after Dunmow dad's death in woodland — (Herts and Essex Observer)
Man found in car in Waterford 'devoted to family' — (Herfordshire Mercury)
Inquest into gardener Jolan Malhas leaves questions unanswered at body found in sea off Dover — (Kent Online)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants becomes agitated, "unstable and unpredictable", buys a boat, goes out and if found drowned 2 days later.