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Berkshire DA releases documents revealing possible motive in grisly murder-suicide — (The Berkshire Edge)
SSRI Ed note: Man treated at psychiatric facility, wife believes his opioid addiction a side effect of other medication, drinks, kills wife, three kids, then himself.
Teen ‘serial killer in training’ gets life without parole in brutal death of 98-year-old Wadsworth woman — (The Chronicle-Telegram)
SSRI Ed note: Formerly "sweet" teen prescribed Zoloft when Dad gets leukemia, also on Concerta, begins drinking, criminal behaviour, murders elderly woman. Mum blames Zoloft.
‘Deceitful and manipulative’ man jailed for 24 years for murdering daughter — (The Argus)
SSRI Ed note: Man being treated for depression attempts suicide twice, later plans and carries out murder of beloved daughter, 7. Reminiscent of David Carmichael case.
Mother-of-two substitute teacher, 29, had sex in her home with a male student, 18, after her husband, 33, plied him with alcohol — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Substitute teacher on medication for bipolar has sex with student in her home, is charged, gets 2 year prison sentence, is registered sex offender.
Banker killed himself after telling wife of affair — (The Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Shortly before his death a man is prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping pills. "Despite" this, his mental state deteriorates and he commits suicide.
Citalopram is the Divorce Drug — (
SSRI Ed note: Citalopram transforms woman, she become selfish, reckless and and uncaring, couple divorces.
Olympia woman pleads guilty in 2013 murder — (The Olympian)
Marriages destroyed by SSRI/SNRIs — (Pharmacology Forum)
SSRI Ed note: Support forum for spouses who find themselves "married to a stranger" when their spouse takes SSRIs.
Could Prozac cause bizarre behavior in BPD (borderline personality disorder)? — (Facing the Facts)
Resigned Detention Deputy Arrested After Investigation — (Polk County Sheriff's Office)
From beauty to beast: I watched my ex-wife's descent into drugs, violence and murder — (Daily Mirror)
Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton admits she worked as an escort — (The Guelph Mercury)
SSRI Ed note: Olympic athlete takes Zoloft for depression, becomes Escort (prostitute), is careless about her identity. Brother died by suicide after quitting bipolar meds.
Problems with Cymbalta – Comments — (Rottstein Law Group)
Police Say Grad Student Was Shot 11 Times — (KHQ Q6)
Celexa/Citalopram stole my husband — (PaxilProgress)
Tunica millionaire’s death continues to mystify his daughter — (WMC-TV)
SSRI Ed note: Millionaire behaves in bizarrely, travels with 2 young women spending recklessly, appearing intoxicated. Drowns in car on fluoxetine and low level of alcohol.
Zephyrhills prison warden’s past includes affair with subordinate, lover’s suicide — (Tampa Bay Times)
Singaporean man denies supplying drugs to student — (The Straits Times)
SSRI Ed note: Exchange student in Singapore takes Xanax, Sertraline, OxyContin, Ambien and GHB (the "date rape" drug), dies from combination.
+Woman School Teacher Molests 14 Year Old Male Student
Jessica Davies: The last seduction — (The Sunday Times)
Ambien-fueled infidelity? Sleepwalking man claims no memory — (City Pages)
SSRI Ed note: Ambien in high dose or with antidepressant leads to sleepwalking, sexual activity, memory loss
Exclusive: Police feared wife killer had murdered me too, reveals mistress — (The Daily Record)
SSRI Ed note: Man begins affair while taking antidepressants, wife plans divorce, he quits meds, stabs her to death 86 times, claims no memory. Court never consideres meds.
Erin McLean: ‘It was a huge mistake’: In an exclusive interview, Erin McLean tells her side of a tragic story — (Knoxville News Sentinel)
SSRI Ed note: Young father struggling with vatious challenges is prescribed Lexapro, he shoots and kills a man he thinks is having an affair with his wife shortly after.
Jealous wife poisoned husband’s Chinese dinners in bid to get him to admit to fling — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants poisons husband's food in a bizarre attempt to get him to confess to affair. Meanwhile she is having an affair.
BOONEVILLE : School board fires superintendent after investigation confirms affair — (Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: School superintendent on antidepressants behaves in a reckless manner, using public property to carry on affair.
Eagan couple’s sex ads on craigslist were a setup for ID theft — (West Metro Star Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Man addicted to antidepressants and girlfriend advertise for sex so they can rob people. Obvious, clumsy fraud.
Sex, Stress and the Governor — (Expert Click)
SSRI Ed note: The man under whose office sued GSK for fraud over Paxil uses antidepressants and exhibits bad judgement.
A doctor’s downfall, McLean’s fallout — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Hospital President on antidepressants loses reputation after becoming sexually involved with a patient, attempting suicide.
Before His Suicide, Winter Revealed Affair — (The Tampa Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Man taking sleep aid, alaprazolam, Lexapro, and pain meds has an affair, tells wife, friend, everyone encourages him, but he kills himself.
Love triangle ends in shooting death — (Scripps News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman in love triangle stops taking antidepressants, is suspected of stalking and killing her rival. Violence is out of character for her.
Double life of the man who decided to hang himself — (Manchester Evening News)
SSRI Ed note: Pillar of community depressed since 1992, takes antidepressants, starts an affair shortly after. 13 years later, in 2006, he drinks heavily, dies by suicide.
Antidepressants and Cheating/Lying — (eNotAlone)
SSRI Ed note: Man recounts the story of how SSRIs changed his wife from a caring responsible wife to an irresponsible "swinger". Another marriage casualty of SSRIs.
Doctor banned for patient love affairs — (The Age)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist on antidepressants has affair, in trouble, begins a second affair with another vulnerable patient, quits antidepressant, lies, is caught again.
She had dead spouse in the bathroom, lover in the closet — (
SSRI Ed note: Woman on cocktail of drugs, including two SSRIs, murders husband while lover hides in closet
The tapes that convicted Smart: Cecelia Pierce’s role — (KeeneEquinox)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on Prozac masterminds murder of her unfaithful husband.
Agent says VA suspect bipolar — (Fayetteville Observer)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Effexor murders his lover of 11 years when she wants to end their relationship.
Accused Man Took Overdose — (The Eastbourne Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man takes antidepressants, murders wife who has moved out of home, attempts suicide several times, finally succeeds.
Wife of American Banker plots his demise — (CNN)
SSRI Ed note: Woman having affair with tv repairman tranquilizers her husband with her meds, then clubs him to death.
Mixed bag of witnesses testify for Sarah’s defense — (Court T.V.)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 16, on Zoloft, Ambien shoots and kills her parents in their bedroom, then wants to watch volleyball and have her nails done.
Former Toledo minister linked to wife’s murder — (The Toledo Blade)
SSRI Ed note: Minister on Paxil loses posts, has affair, marriage troubles, murders wife.
Drug an issue in Craven trial — (The Kentucky Enquirer)
SSRI Ed note: Man kills lover's husband while in withdrawal from Paxil
No charges will be filed against a Missouri Valley police officer who fatally shot a woman last weekend — (Iowa Briefs)
Sex and drugs surface in shrink’s murder case — (IOL News)
Prosecutor Lists Foley Slaying Motives He Says Kathleen’s Extramarital Affair, Husband’s Control Led Her To Kill Joe. Lehigh County — (The Morning Call)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac smokes marijuana, overspends, has an affair and gets pregnant, finally murders husband. Everything but the Prozac is blamed.
Hostage told police of danger — (The Westchester County Journal News)
Deputy’s offer of aid nearly got him killed — (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)
SSRI Ed note: Young man on antidepressants fires gun at Sheriff's deputy who stops to help him on the road.
SSRI Ed note: Man addicted to numerous drugs murders Gianni Versace, probably many others.