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Violent Dreaming and Antidepressant Drugs: or How Paroxetine Made Me Dream That I Was Fighting Saddam Hussein — (Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine)
SSRI Ed note: Doc at U Arizona does research showing that SSRIs (Prozac, Paxil) cause disturbance of REM, nightmares, violent activity while asleep.
Judge won’t release report on Samolyuk — (The Tri-City Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man given antidepressants after vehicle crash has problems including nightmares, memory loss, undisclosed problems, murders wife. Competency impacted.
Self-Nonmedication — (The New York Times Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Writer has terrible nightmares on Prozac, agonizing withdrawal from Effexor.
Drug turned Janice’s life into a ‘living nightmare’ — (The Sunderland Echo)
SSRI Ed note: Woman who takes Seroxat (paroxetine) one year for sadness has a major battle getting off, it takes 3 years and horrendous side effects. She was not warned.
SSRI Ed note: Mom on Prozac and Ambien smothers beloved son, 9, then jumps in front of train, survives, is charged with murder.
Drugs may cause violence in sleep — (
SSRI Ed note: Doctor at Mayo clinic discovers that 80% of young people with REM sleep disorder, causing violent dreams, are on antidepressants.
REM sleep behavior disorder at young age linked to antidepressant use — (EurekAlert)
SSRI Ed note: Antidepressants appear to affect neurotransmitters, esp of young, that normally keep muscles paralyzed during REM sleep, allowing acting out of nightmares.
Victory for ‘Drug Battle’ Man — (WHTimes)
SSRI Ed note: Man finally gets free of Paxil/ Seroxat after trying to get off it for years, sue to terrible side effects. GSK denies that drug is a problem.
‘Over my dead body’ — (Tampa Bay Times)
SSRI Ed note: Soldier, 25, traumatized by experience in Iraq is given antidepressants instead of help. He commits suicide.
Expert witness says drugs to blame in sodomy case — (Times Herald-Record)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 15, never in trouble given Zoloft, two stimulants, complains to doc, dose is upped, he sodomizes a neighbor, is found guilty. Psychiatrist not blamed.
Noah Wright Smith — (2006 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Boy, 15, testifies at FDA hearings that all the drugs he was forced to take made him feel suicidal and violent.
Beverly Hatcher — (2004 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Woman, 60, prescribed Paxil for grief hangs herself. Her daughter tells her story in 2004 FDA hearings.
Trouble in Prozac Nation — (Fortune)
SSRI Ed note: Happy, talented 37-yr-old given Zoloft for insomnia, dies by suicide, Wife Kim becomes activist.
The Death of: Patrick Norman Redhead — (Report By Provincial Judge on Inquest)
A TRAGIC OUTCOME — (Healthy Options)
Sylvia Plath: Maybe it was just the drugs — (Mctaggart)
SSRI Ed note: A week before her suicide, the talented poet/author is prescribed phenelzine, or Nardil, a med that is seldom prescribed today.
Girl’s rebirthing was “last chance” to save family — (The Denver Post)
Terri Williams — (FDA HEARINGS 2004)
People’s Pharmacy: Watch for side effects from antidepressants — (Houston Chronicle)
Teen denies killing friend’s parents — (Orange County Register)
Instead of making her well, woman says drug sent her … Spinning Out of Control – Lawsuit Says Drug Made Woman Suicidal — (The Salt Lake Tribune)
San Diego County Inmate Jarred Viktor — (National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Murderers)
SSRI Ed note: Troubled teen drinks, has suicidal thoughts, GP prescribes Paxil, 10 days later he kills his grandmother, stabbing her 61 times. Convicted 1st degree murder.
Attorney says accused wife-killer had stopped taking medication — (Boston Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Vietnam vet on Paxil dreams of murder-suicide, nobody thinks it possible, he kills wife, is intercepted before suicide. Mental illness blamed.
False-Memory Backlash Is Coming Full Circle — (The Wichita Eagle)
SSRI Ed note: Worman cuts back psych meds,. realizes her "repressed memories" of abuse never happened. Foundation of families damaged by false memories has 7,000 members .
Judge Unswayed By Wife Killer’s Prozac Defense — (Post-Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Man with known temper stops taking Prozac, feels bad, goes back on it, becomes manic, stabs wife to death, can't believe what he did.
Sally Barrett — (1991 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 17, given Prozac becomes hostile, aggressive, agitated and suicidal. She gains 75 lb, shoplifts, overspends, finally buys a gun and kills herself.
Pallie Carries — (1991 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Woman put on Prozac for weight loss becomes uncaring, selfish zombie, has terrible nightmares, develops physical ailments and gains weight.
Irene Dotson — (1991 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Woman takes Prozac, undergoes personality change: is paranoid, withdrawn, suicidal, has nightmares sp bad she cannot sleep, attempts suicide.