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‘I'm messed up’: Iraq war veteran says PTSD led him to crime, prison—(The Tribune-Democrat)
‘I’m messed up’: Iraq war veteran says PTSD led him to crime, prison—(The Tribune-Democrat)
Ambien-fueled infidelity? Sleepwalking man claims no memory — (City Pages)
SSRI Ed note: Ambien in high dose or with antidepressant leads to sleepwalking, sexual activity, memory loss
Tom and Diane Vande Burgt formed their own support group for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, a condition that plagues Tom.—(
Sorry for all the trouble —(The Suffolk Times)
SSRI Ed note: (Another) veteran addicted to psych meds including Venlafaxine, Xanax, exhibits erratic behaviour, commits multiple felonies, withdrawal even worse.
A criminal update: ‘Bizarre offense? The suspect is a strange bird, ripe for TBS. And why?   Because he committed a bizarre crime’ — (deVerdieping Trouw)
SSRI Ed note: Quiet, friendly man given Effexor, in 3 days he becomes "crazy"stabs live-in girlfriend to death, also stabbed self. Experts deny drug the cause.
REM and Antidepressants — (The Legal Examiner Affiiate Network)
SSRI Ed note: A reference to SSRI-induced parasomnia in which the chemical that suppresses activity during REM sleep is disrupted.
The Suicide Rush — (CounterPunch)
SSRI Ed note: Two Iraq Vets on Klonapin, Geodon, Clonodine, Remeron, Prozac, other meds suffer serious side effects,, attempt suicide, one succeeds.
Sleep Violence: Antidepressant Link? — (CBS News)
SSRI Ed note: Mayo clinic teams takes 1st step toward discovering that SSRIs cause parasomnias, a phenomenon now known elsewhere.
Antidepressant gives patient nightmares — (The Times of India)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor figures out that Mirtazapine / Remeron can cause terrible violent nightmares.
Parenting: Six common causes for kids’ nightmares — (The Sun-Sentinal)
SSRI Ed note: Mayo Clinic warns that certain antidepressants can cause children to experience nightmares.
Effects of abuse, part 2
SSRI Ed note: SSRIs can cause more vivid traumatic flashbacks, nightmares.
Army suicides rise as time spent in combat increases — (USA Today)
SSRI Ed note: Veteran taking antidepressants drinks heavily, collects arsenal, kills himself in front of VA hospital.
Nocturnal dreams add insight and quality to life — (Tulsa World)
SSRI Ed note: Research shows that antidepressants inhibit the normal dream process, important for health, potentially causing serious illness.
Tripler plans to release soldier who held off Hawaii police in standoff — (The Honolulu Star Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: Young veteran on antidepressants suffers nightmares, has stand-off with police during manic episode, attempts suicide.
‘Raped’ male nurse guilty of wasting police time — (The Wimbledon Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Nurse on "cocktail" of medications for depression, insomnia, has vivid dreams, thinks he was raped, later recants. Court accuses him of lying to get attention.
Dead Marine’s family says he didn’t get proper care — (Austin American-Statesman)
SSRI Ed note: Marine taking 6 medicataions including zolpidem, trazodone, fluoxetine, lorazepam, seroquel suffers multiple negative side effects, dies in sleep.
Jury acquits sex-sleep man in an hour — (The Australian)
Sleepwalking defense out in biting case retrial — (The Journal News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drinks, suffers parasomnia/sleepwalking, attacks and bites woman, defence that act involuntary disallowed.
Girlfriend Believes Chantix Contributed to Texas Musician’s Death — (ABC News)
SSRI Ed note: Talented musician takes Chantix to stop smoking, has hallucinations / dreams while awake, this leads to him being shot by neighbour. Girlfriend blames med.
Motions delay nail-gun trial — (The Western Nevada County Union)
SSRI Ed note: Man withdrawing from Paxil takes former wife and daughter hostage, kills ex with nail gun, attempts suicide, uses "unconsciousness" defence at trial.
Many returning soldiers become uncounted casualties of war — (KING 5 News)
SSRI Ed note: Young Iraq vet given loads of psych meds by VA, becomes suicidal, detached, uncaring, has panic attacks and nightmares, dies by suicide.
Violent Dreaming and Antidepressant Drugs: or How Paroxetine Made Me Dream That I Was Fighting Saddam Hussein — (Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine)
SSRI Ed note: Doc at U Arizona does research showing that SSRIs (Prozac, Paxil) cause disturbance of REM, nightmares, violent activity while asleep.
Judge won’t release report on Samolyuk — (The Tri-City Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man given antidepressants after vehicle crash has problems including nightmares, memory loss, undisclosed problems, murders wife. Competency impacted.
Self-Nonmedication — (The New York Times Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Writer has terrible nightmares on Prozac, agonizing withdrawal from Effexor.
A rabbi finds support after shoplifting arrest — (The Miami Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Rabbi on powerful insomnia (Ambien?) and antidepressants medications (recently changed) shoplifts; this is totally out of character.
Mother of man who killed wife, daughter, self: Psychiatrist ‘could have stopped it’ — (The Westchester County Journal News)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist prescribes Ambien and antidepressants to man, who starts to act strangely, strangles wife and daughter, stabs himself to death.
Drug turned Janice’s life into a ‘living nightmare’ — (The Sunderland Echo)
SSRI Ed note: Woman who takes Seroxat (paroxetine) one year for sadness has a major battle getting off, it takes 3 years and horrendous side effects. She was not warned.
‘I don’t want anyone to end up like me’ — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Former Patriots' linebacker with CTE takes Wellbutrin, Prozac, depression worsens, he becomes confused, unreliable, has memory lapses, loses relationship.
Mom seeks parole after killing daughter in 1990 — (The Salem News)
SSRI Ed note: Terrific mum of 2 teenage girls takes antidepressants, in middle of night gets shotgun, shoots elder daughter in her sleep, attempts suicide. Parasomnia.
SSRI Ed note: Mom on Prozac and Ambien smothers beloved son, 9, then jumps in front of train, survives, is charged with murder.
Man jailed for ‘sleepwalk’ murder — (BBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants, sleeping pills drinks, murders girlfriend, cannot remember. Act totally out of character but he is convicted due to nature of crime.
Chess prodigy death plunge mystery — (
SSRI Ed note: British teenage chess prodigy, 19, given antidepressants, commits suicide by jumping from hotel balcony.
Drugs may cause violence in sleep — (
SSRI Ed note: Doctor at Mayo clinic discovers that 80% of young people with REM sleep disorder, causing violent dreams, are on antidepressants.
REM sleep behavior disorder at young age linked to antidepressant use — (EurekAlert)
SSRI Ed note: Antidepressants appear to affect neurotransmitters, esp of young, that normally keep muscles paralyzed during REM sleep, allowing acting out of nightmares.
It’s ruled sleep sex — (
SSRI Ed note: Man on Effexor drinks, has sex with woman with no consent, court recognizes actions due to parasomnia, acquits him. Connection to medication not identified.
Victory for ‘Drug Battle’ Man — (WHTimes)
SSRI Ed note: Man finally gets free of Paxil/ Seroxat after trying to get off it for years, sue to terrible side effects. GSK denies that drug is a problem.
‘Over my dead body’ — (Tampa Bay Times)
SSRI Ed note: Soldier, 25, traumatized by experience in Iraq is given antidepressants instead of help. He commits suicide.
Expert witness says drugs to blame in sodomy case — (Times Herald-Record)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 15, never in trouble given Zoloft, two stimulants, complains to doc, dose is upped, he sodomizes a neighbor, is found guilty. Psychiatrist not blamed.
Noah Wright Smith — (2006 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Boy, 15, testifies at FDA hearings that all the drugs he was forced to take made him feel suicidal and violent.
Fresnan says dream led to terror threat charge — (The Fresno Bee)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Paxil unwisely tells friend about a violent dream, officials treat it as a threat.
Beverly Hatcher — (2004 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Woman, 60, prescribed Paxil for grief hangs herself. Her daughter tells her story in 2004 FDA hearings.
Trouble in Prozac Nation — (Fortune)
SSRI Ed note: Happy, talented 37-yr-old given Zoloft for insomnia, dies by suicide, Wife Kim becomes activist.
The Death of: Patrick Norman Redhead — (Report By Provincial Judge on Inquest)
When the Brain Disrupts the Night — (New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: Scientists find SSRIs cause parasomnia, including R.E.M. disturbance, and linked to violence. People can be partly awake and partly asleep.
A TRAGIC OUTCOME — (Healthy Options)
Sylvia Plath: Maybe it was just the drugs — (Mctaggart)
SSRI Ed note: A week before her suicide, the talented poet/author is prescribed phenelzine, or Nardil, a med that is seldom prescribed today.
Girl’s rebirthing was “last chance” to save family — (The Denver Post)
Terri Williams — (FDA HEARINGS 2004)
People’s Pharmacy: Watch for side effects from antidepressants — (Houston Chronicle)