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Being unique is a disorder — (Sydney Morning Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Sexual problems, gambling, stealing, anger mgt, compulsive shopping are now disorders to be managed by drugs. But antidepressants can cause them.
Alicia Ann Altieri , 46
SSRI Ed note: Woman close to family given 3 SSRI antidepressants, dies by suicide.
Snow wants statements thrown out — (Oneida Daily Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Cymbalta experiences mood swings, throws a toddler hard first to floor, causing fatal injuries, gets 34 yrs in jail.
Yates murder convictions upheld: Appeals court throws out challenge — (Baraboo News Republic)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Cymbalta, other meds, suffering diagnosed but uncorrected serotonin syndrome kills his infant twins, is charged, convicted of murder. Meds not blamed.
Pine View woman denies charge — (The Record-Courier)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Cymbalta breaks up with fiance, house a disaster, charged with child neglect.
Troy man to seek insanity defense in office shooting — (The Detroit News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Cymbalta, trazodone loses job, shoots up office killing one, wounding 2.
Eli Lilly Markets Its Dangerous New Drug as If a Pipeline Depended On It – Suicide and Cymbalta — (Counterpunch)
SSRI Ed note: Duloxetine causes serious withdrawal problems to healthy volunteers, including suicides, that French researchers conclude it should not be prescribed.
Man says injury accidental — (The Oneida Daily Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Cymbalta loses temper, seriously injures toddler.
Suicidal Ideation Associated With Duloxetine Use: A Case Series — (Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology)
SSRI Ed note: Report of 4 cases of suicidal thinking on Cymbalta/duloxetine. Real lesson: people react differently to different SSRIs, MDs always prescribe too many meds.
ACCIDENTAL HANGING: Medical Examiner Ann Bucholtz’s autopsy of Carol Anne Gotbaum finally released — (Phoenix New Times)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Celexa detained by police for causing a disturbance hands herself.
Aiello guilty on 10 counts — (The Times-Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on Cymbalta carjacks a taxi, shoots at houses, faces potential life in prison.
State Rep. Rob Briley charged with DUI, evading arrest — (The Leaf-Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: House Judiciary Chairman takes Cymbalta, drinks, drives impaired, speeds, resists arrest and damages police property.
Withdrawals from antidepressant extreme — (The Clarion-Ledger)
SSRI Ed note: Newspaper reader writes to People's Pharmacy outraged that she was not warned at how awful withdrawal from an SSRI can be,
Pantless driver arrested after pulling into oncoming traffic — (The Boston Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man taking Ativan, Cymbalta and Zoloft drinks, drives, is severely impaired, charged.
Washek ordered to stand trial for murder — (Minot Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Man who suffers hallucinations and aggression from Cymbalta murders the mother of his 4-yr-old daughter, is charged with murder.
Drugs might breed violence; Attacks on staff rise at Western State Hospital — (The News Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Washington hospital finds that increasing use of SSRI antidepressants and certain neuroleptics increases patient agitation, aggression, violence.
Not Guilty by Reason of Cymbalta Induced Insanity: Man Kills Wife
SSRI Ed note: Father taking Cymbalta drinks vodka, leaves baby son in car where he dies of heatstroke.
FDA Warns About Antidepressants, Suicide — (Bluefield Daily Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Drug companies continue to submit misleading studies to the FDA, promotion of Lilly's Cymbalta for incontinence in women.
Woman in Lilly clinical trial hangs herself — (The Indy Star)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman, no history of depression or suicidality, hangs herself during trial of Cymbalta. Eli Lilly denies the drug was responsible, when it clearly was.
Prozac Data Kept From Trial — (NARPA)
SSRI Ed note: Eli Lilly patent application for Cymbalta claims (incorrectly) that the new drug does not have bad side effects of Prozac including suicidality and violence.