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People who take antidepressants are ‘50% more likely to be convicted of assault’ — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Study finds that young people taking SSRIs are twice as likely to commit violent crimes, and more likely to abuse alcohol.
Antidepressants: Safety warning over Britain’s most common drug
Former Student Claims U.S. Naval Academy Had ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Rape Victims — (The Daily Beast)
Celexa & Women's Libido — (
Whistleblower Claims Forest Bribed Study's Investigator to Favor Celexa — (Bloomberg BNA)
Top 10 Drugs with Heart Side Effects —(
Antidepressants Starting my Panic Attacks — (MD Junction)
Murder trial begins — (The Andalusia Star News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on various meds including Lexapro drives recklessly, kills 2, charged with homicide.
Kim Richards Spills the Beans on Her Drug Issues—(Gather)
Researchers Assess What Works Best to Prevent PTSD — (HealthDay)
SSRIs, Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep Linked in Children — (Family Practice News)
A Fatal Case of Simultaneous Ingestion of Mirtazapine, Escitalopram, and Valproic Acid — (Journal of Analytical Toxicology)
SSRI Ed note: Journal article about a woman whose psychiatrist prescribed mirtazapine, escitalopram and valproic acid together. She died by suicide.
Why are more women depressed? Is this a real epidemic – or the result of cynical marketing by drug giants? — (Daily Mail)
The Catch-22 of Antidepressants — (Huffington Post)
Police Say Grad Student Was Shot 11 Times — (KHQ Q6)
Woman dies after jumping onto tracks — (Riverdale Press)
Defense: Stewart doesn’t remember nursing home shooting — (WRAL)
SSRI Ed note: Nurse prescribes man, 46, Lexapro, Xanax, Ambien. 2 days later he shoots 11 nursing home residents in a zombie-like state, 8 die. He gets life.
Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in older people — (BMJ) / Murder-suicides in Elderly Rise — (WebMD)
SSRI Ed note: Study finds risk rises significantly with use of antidepressants, higher with SSRIs than tricyclics. Murder-suicides in elderly up as rate of A/D use rises.
Famous Dancing With the Stars Actress Paulina Porizkova Emotionally Numbed by Lexapro
Witness says Merritt ‘was on a mission’ in bar slaying — (The Knoxville News Sentinel)
SSRI Ed note: Man on cocktail of psych drugs including Lexapro, Wellbutrin, gets into a fight at a bar, shoots and kills a man and cuts and chews a piece of flesh. Gets life.
Former Judge Bob Downing explains episode that led to his resignation — (The Advocate)
SSRI Ed note: Appeal judge takes Lexapro, stops taking it, becomes manic, is diagnosed bipolar, spends money wildly, alienates everyone, has to resign from bench.
Soldier’s suicide a puzzle — (The Star Advertiser)
Firm with Earth City unit is settling suits over drugs tied to suicides — (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Woman driving after drinking wine, taking Lexapro and other meds drive impaired, kills pedestrian. State expert misses issue of SSRI/wine combination.
Famous Woman News Broadcaster Jumps from Cliff: In Process of Switching Meds
Murder Trial Defense: Intoxication— (The Advocate)
SSRI Ed note: Man hunts down and kills ex-fiancee, attempts to kill neighbour and attempts suicide.
US Kids Represent Psychiatric Drug Goldmine — (Truthout)
Shelby County woman charged in connection with murder-for-hire plot — (FBI, Birmingham Division)
SSRI Ed note: Woman supplies Lexapro to Kimberly Dawn McGuffie to use in a deadly drug cocktail intended to kill McGuffie's husband.
Jackass star Bam Margera taken to marriage counselling and put on medication — (The Daily Telegraph)
Astor Court Testimony, All Too Revealing — (WWD)
Nobel prize winner points to dangers involving psychotropic drugs—(
Doctor pleads guilty to illegal hydrocodone sales—(
When a mother is tried for murder: The case of Linda Woo / Linda Woo gets 25 to life for killing daughter— (San Francisco Weekly)
SSRI Ed note: Mom in Lexapro withdrawal kills daughter with BBQ fumes.
Those grieving after a suicide forever wonder what they could have done to save a life—(
A Broward foster child who killed himself last week had been prescribed powerful psychiatric drugs, some of which the FDA does not approve for children.—(
SSRI Ed note: Foster child given neuroleptic, Lexapro dies by suicide, hanging himself in shower. Family had noticed he was overmedicated.
Funeral expenses an added burden—(
Mom accused of robbing store—(
SSRI Ed note: Mom on Lesapro gets prescription changed to citalopram, shortly after, she robs a store at gunpoint.
Man with head trauma ordered to stand trial for fatally stabbing surgeon father — (The Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Man with CTE on Ambien, Lexapro has delusions, stabs and kills surgeon father,
Duluth wants Fulton cop’s suit over shooting dismissed — (
SSRI Ed note: Policeman with "spotless" record takes 2 SSRIs, drinks, flags down female motorist , attacks her and gets into shootout with other officers. Everyone shocked.
Widow Loses Fight For Payout — (The Courant)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Lexapro takes out insurance, lies about taking medication, arranges to be killed, widow has claim denied.
Police report found no Scientology role in suicide — (Tampa Bay Times)
SSRI Ed note: Young man, 20, from Scientologist family, not aware of the dangers of taking SSRIs off-and-on, uses Lexapro "as needed" and dies by suicide.
County police join frontlines in mental health — (Montgomery County Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Teen prescribed Lexapro, lithium makes disturbing post, is handcuffed, detained, told to take less meds, given huge bill for cost of involuntary "care".
Antidepressant labels to carry new warning of life-threatening side effect — (The Los Angeles Times)
SSRI Ed note: In 2009, the FDA required warning that antidepressantcs can cause NMS,, an uncommon but deadly side effect. Made no difference to public awareness.
Surgeon Admits Beating Girlfriend — (
SSRI Ed note: MD writes Lexapro prescriptions for himself under alias, assaults girlfriemd while on drug.
Mix of prescription, booze lands man in jail — (The Salem News)
SSRI Ed note: Lexapro causes man to become seriously impaired after small amount of alcohol, he is charged, faces driving licence supension.
Effects of abuse, part 2
SSRI Ed note: SSRIs can cause more vivid traumatic flashbacks, nightmares.
Evelyn Pringle: SSRI Pushers under Fire — (Scoop)
SSRI Ed note: With reference to GRassley inquiry, journalist exposes sleazy pharma tactics used to promote ineffective, dangerous SSRIs to doctors and the public.
Officials: Teen commits suicide on webcam as others watch — (CNN)
SSRI Ed note: Teen overdoses on antidepressants, dies while others watch on webcam without notifying authorities.
Erin McLean: ‘It was a huge mistake’: In an exclusive interview, Erin McLean tells her side of a tragic story — (Knoxville News Sentinel)
SSRI Ed note: Young father struggling with vatious challenges is prescribed Lexapro, he shoots and kills a man he thinks is having an affair with his wife shortly after.
Being unique is a disorder — (Sydney Morning Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Sexual problems, gambling, stealing, anger mgt, compulsive shopping are now disorders to be managed by drugs. But antidepressants can cause them.