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Alicia Ann Altieri , 46
SSRI Ed note: Woman close to family given 3 SSRI antidepressants, dies by suicide.
Mom works to prevent teen suicide warning signs — (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH)
SSRI Ed note: Girl given Lexapro becomes suicidal, shoots herself. Mom discovers that SSRIs can cause suicidality but still looks for other answers to "why?".
State of Tennesseev. Warner Conrad Bias — (Court of Criminal Appeals Of Tennessee At Knoxville)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Lexapro and a neuroleptic is paranoid, threatens spouse, murders her, sets the house on fire, is arrested driving erraticly. Gets life, appeal fails.
Suicides of recruiter, wife shine light on post-war struggle — (The Houston Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Army recruiter on Lexapro gets married, dies by suicide, his distraught new wife also kills herself. One drug, 2 families devastated.
Ex-firefighter sues Bethlehem over firing, substance abuse — (The Patriot-News)
SSRI Ed note: Firefighter experiences work stress, takes Lexapro, Xanax, loses ability to get along and to cope, starts to abuse alcohol, is demoted. Sues.
Assault charge thrusts Ch. 7 chief into the news; Allegedly unruly, fought arrest — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: "Tough", "consummate professional" news Chief takes Lexapro, drinks, becomes disorderly, disruptive, resists arrest.
Second Doctor Implicated In La Jolla Surgeon’s Case: Lasik Doctor Accused Of Prescription Fraud, Domestic Violence — (NBC San Diego)
SSRI Ed note: Physician on Lexapro assaults girlfriend while driving. Faces various charges.
Autopsy report suggests teen wasn’t taking meds properly — (The Fresno Bee)
SSRI Ed note: Student, 17, given Lexapro and Geodon for depression attacks policeman with baseball bat, is shot and killed.
Local doctor’s license suspended (w/ documents) — (The Shelby Star)
SSRI Ed note: Physician takes Lexapro for depression, anxiety, has a drink, chokes wife, drives impaired, speeds to evade arrest, crashes car.
This is Your Brain on Drugs — (The Washington Post)
SSRI Ed note: Book review by writer on Lexapro shows drug companies use product placement, pay celebrities to shill, promote the myth that antidepressants work.
Expert: Antidepressant behind Purcell murder — (The Norman Transcript)
SSRI Ed note: Man takes Lexapro and starts to have bizarre, horrible fantasies including cannibalism, kills a 10-yr-old girl, sexually assaults, plans to eat her.
School district cited in suit over suicide — (The News Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Anxious teen prescribed Lexapro, gets worse, dose doubled, she shoots and kills herself. Parents sue Forest Labs, Co lies about drug causing suicidality.
Sheridan woman, 28, charged in adopted baby’s death — (The Indianapolis Star)
SSRI Ed note: Adoptive mom prescribed Xanax, Lexapro to ward off potential return of depression shakes her adopted 13-month old to death in a fit of rage.
Breaking the silence — (The Times-Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: "Young, successful, handsome" man who "loved life" breaks up with girlfriend, given Lexapro, Xanax, Effexor, seroquel + 3 other meds plans, executes suicide.
Teen attempts mental defect defense in robbery — (The Oregonian)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on Lexapro behaves recklessly, gets involved in car crash, carries guns, robs a store.
Man shoots himself after starting new medication — (The Irish Independent)
SSRI Ed note: Man given Lexapro for depression by GP becomes suicidal, kills himself after 8 days on med. Inquest promotes myth that drug takes time to kick in, then helps.
Lexapro related suicide? — (
SSRI Ed note: Woman reports sister, anxious about pending divorce, tries Lazapro becomes suicidal, totally unable to cope, kills herself. Responder confirms suicidal urges.
Before His Suicide, Winter Revealed Affair — (The Tampa Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Man taking sleep aid, alaprazolam, Lexapro, and pain meds has an affair, tells wife, friend, everyone encourages him, but he kills himself.
Anti-depressants could backfire for teens — (KHOU 11)
SSRI Ed note: Teen given Lexapro to deal with normal emotions hangs herself 6 weeks after starting the drug. Recognizing tragedy's cause, father plans to sue.
Drug withdrawal effects are real — (The Roanoke Times)
SSRI Ed note: Woman provides detailed account of the nightmare of withdrawing from Lexapro, notes that this real phenomenon is not believed.
Man blames shooting on pills — (The Roanoake Times)
SSRI Ed note: Man, no history of violence, in Lexapro withdrawal shoots and kills former girlfriend. When he realizes is was med, tries to change plea, judge disallows.
Yeshiva Winter Break Marred By Teen Suicide — (The Sun Sentinal)
SSRI Ed note: Teen feels suicidal, takes overdose, prescribed Lexapro, dies by jumping of 11 storey building. Stress, pressure, depression blamed, Lexapro not a suspect.
Local woman, child die in suicide/homicide — (The Eastern Arizona Courier)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Lexapro kills herself and her 2-yr-old son with carbon monoxide.
Soldier Accused of Murdering Iraqi Family Was Diagnosed as Homicidal Threat 3 Months Before — (Fox News)
SSRI Ed note: Soldier given Ambien and Lexapro is deemed unfit for service 8 days later. He has homicidal ideation, hallucinations, murders Iraqi family. Meds not suspected.
Mixing alcohol and pills is dangerous — (Newsday)
SSRI Ed note: THe Graedons warn that mixing bupropion and escitalopram with booze could be fatal.
Police Log November 28 2006 Shopping daze — (The Concord Monitor)
SSRI Ed note: Teen taking Lexapro, Prozac and Elavil, in a daze, openly takes items in Walmart. Apprehended, she is taken to hospital.
Man (62) hanged himself after taking antidepressants — (The Irish Times)
SSRI Ed note: Man feeling "a bit low" takes wife's Lexapro for several days, hangs himself. Lundbeck rep lies about drug side effects.
Police Continue Daniel Smith Investigation — (People Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Young man, 20, dies from mixing methadone, Lexapro and Zoloft.
She had dead spouse in the bathroom, lover in the closet — (
SSRI Ed note: Woman on cocktail of drugs, including two SSRIs, murders husband while lover hides in closet
Suit blames bipolar depression drug for suicides — (Monterey Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Brothers, 27 and 24, both on Lexapro, both commit suicide, within 17 months of each other. Parents sue Forest Labs.
Forest Sued Over Suicide of Girl Who Took Lexapro — (
SSRI Ed note: Child prescribed Lexapro for "defiance toward authority figures" hangs herself after several weeks on the drug.
Cave City woman attempts suicide — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman,22, on Lexapro becomes suicidal, attempts suicide by overdose.
Woman is back in jail after SUV incident — (Deseret News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on 2 SSRIs tries to kill estranged husband by driving into building to run him over.
Two arrested for robbery outside local Wal-Mart — (The Daily Star)
SSRI Ed note: Couple, one or both taking Suboxone and Lexapro, rob man in Walmart parking lot, are caught and charged.
Summit Hill fire set to kill children, police say — (The Morning Call)
SSRI Ed note: Young mom on Lexapro plans murder-suicide of self and 2 kids, gives them all medication then sets the house on fire. All escape, she is charged.
Douglas Richardson v. Glaxosmithkline — (United States District Court, W.D. Tennessee)
SSRI Ed note: Paxil makes man suicidal but lawsuit fails because of lack of proof of causality between the drug and the suicide attempts. Took other A/D as well.
Yamhill County copes with rash of teen suicides — (KATU2)
SSRI Ed note: Three teenagers, 2 in withdrawal from antidepressants, 1 on Lexapro, die by suicide. Everyone baffled, insist all teens need to be monitored for depression.
‘Depressed’ banker in Queens rampage: He shoots teen son, kills self — (New York Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: "Perfect gentleman" banker, caring father, takes Lexapro, becomes manic, threatens to shoot family, shoots son, kills himself. Everyone shocked.
Antidepressant-suicide link debated — (
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 16, prescribed Zoloft for test anxiety commits suicide, as does a state trooper given Lexapro for grief. Doctors blame depression for deaths.
August 24 DC Protest Against the FDA- What’s Everybody Mad About? — (OpEdNews)
SSRI Ed note: 22% of young people taking SSRIs will experience serious psychiatric side effects. None will be helped. Many will die by suicide.
Care of psychiatric patients who are a danger to others — (Leigh Day & Co)
Student Pilot Crashes Rented Gran Aire Cessna — (NTSB)
SSRI Ed note: Suicidal pilot on several antidepressants rents plane for solo flight, does not follow plan, disappears, has fatal crash.
Borough man held on multiple charges after Thursday’s car chase — (The Phoenix Reporter and Item)
SSRI Ed note: Man prescribed Elavil and Lexapro, hooked on OxyContin, embarks on crime spree with assault, car chase, robbery etc. Incarceration certain, bail denied.
Woman’s death ruled suicide — (PhillyBurbs)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking Lexapro and Benedryl drinks alcohol, commits suicide by burning herself to death in her car.
Doctor Sued After Orlean Suicide — (Cape Cod Online)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor keeps trying different SSRIs for woman upset about broken ankle, none work but he keeps medicating her until she commits suicide. Husband sues.
Breaking the silence — (The Times-Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Successful young man, distraught over break up, seeks help, instead gets pushed into the downward spiral psych drugs cause, finally commits suicide.
Police: Crash no accident — (South Boston)
SSRI Ed note: Suicidal man on Lexapro, threatens to kill self and girlfriend, drinks, deliberately crashes car, only girlfriend dies. Booze, rocky relationship blamed.
Fighting depression’s stigma Family and donor turn Madeline Sherlock’s suicide into a wake-up call for Ozaukee County — (Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinal)
SSRI Ed note: Student, 17, is given Lexapro, two weeks later, following a dosage increase, she is dead by suicide. Depression is blamed.
Man, 28, killed by SWAT team — (Nebraska City News-Press)
SSRI Ed note: Man, 28, in Lexapro withdrawal gets into altercation with police, is shot and killed.
Drug leads to son’s suicide, family says — (Mail Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Talented, athletic student, 22, prescribed Lexapro for back pain commits suicide a week after discontinuing it. "Expert" denies drug was a factor.