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Coroner writes to surgery after troubled Worthing councillor’s suicide — (Worthing Herald)
Former Sammamish man convicted in Illinois of killing wife, 3 children — (The Seattle Times)
SSRI Ed note: Mom on deadly combo of nortryptaline and Topomax kills kids and self, tunnel vision police blame husband she also tried to kill
Beast who raped and murdered pensioner lies to police he killed a child — (Daily Record)
Man who killed ex-wife at Parker McDonald’s was cancer-free — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man on barbiturates and nortriptyline kills ex-wife, self.
Navy lieutenant killed herself aboard warship after senior officer called her ‘sweetheart’ — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Naval Officer on amitriptyline commits suicide after senior officer calls her "sweetheart" during cigarette break.
Woman sues after her prison release — (Columbus Dispatch)
Prozac 'increases risk of death in over-65s': Regular users have greater chance of developing serious health problems — (Daily Mail)
Common drugs 'raise OAP death risk' — (London Evening Standard)
Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in older people — (BMJ) / Murder-suicides in Elderly Rise — (WebMD)
SSRI Ed note: Study finds risk rises significantly with use of antidepressants, higher with SSRIs than tricyclics. Murder-suicides in elderly up as rate of A/D use rises.
Former chief deputy coroner dozed off during DUI arrest, court documents allege — (Lewis County Sirens)
Ruffolo verdict due Nov. 18 as final witness testifies — (Times Colonist)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressant kills cheating husband with overdose of it with heroin.
Pilots in crash may have been impaired — (Tulsa World)
Teenage girl dies after taking anti-depressants — (The Telegraph)
Those grieving after a suicide forever wonder what they could have done to save a life—(
The Unfinished — (The New Yorker)
SSRI Ed note: "Depressed" writer tries many antidepressants, nothing works (antidepressantw cause depression over the long tierm) and finally dies by suicide.
A criminal update: ‘Bizarre offense? The suspect is a strange bird, ripe for TBS. And why?   Because he committed a bizarre crime’ — (deVerdieping Trouw)
SSRI Ed note: Quiet, friendly man given Effexor, in 3 days he becomes "crazy"stabs live-in girlfriend to death, also stabbed self. Experts deny drug the cause.
Prison reform campaigner took her own life — (The Chester Standard)
SSRI Ed note: Prison reformer mom on dothiepin (a TCA) distraught over daughter's death in prison, dies by overdosing on her meds. Previous suicide attempts.
Mum Charged After Death Of Child — (Hackney Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Toddler boy, 20 months dies with antidepressant in his system. Mom charged.
Inquest rules Mandy, 19, died after taking no more than four anti-depressants — (Skelmersdale Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: "Happy, bouncy, genuine, sincere" woman loses baby at birth prescribed antidepressants, she drinks, dies. Coroner records accident.
Suicide GP ‘frustrated’ at work — (BBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Committed GP takes citalopram & tricyclic, starts to drink and dies by suicide. Husband completely shocked.
Cortlandt slay suspect told troopers of ‘surreal’ events — (Lohud)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Zoloft, amitriptyline (a tricyclic) beats fiancee to death in a fit of rage, then tries to commit suicide.
Court documents reveal incidents leading up to Lehi murder — (Eyewitness News)
SSRI Ed note: Man prescribed stimulant, steroids in increasing doses, Valium, 2 antidepressants including Paxil, shoots and kills wife. Experts doubt drugs played a role.
Judge takes pity on husband who bungled suicide pact with wife — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Couple on antidepressants arrange suicide pact, but it fails and he is charged.
Man has ‘rude awakening’ about mental health care — (Northern Life)
SSRI Ed note: Man prescribed Effexor, Lorazepam and Amitripyline has an extreme negative reaction, learns that the system does not blame the meds and it not nice to victims.
Brother of inmate who died in jail may be planning lawsuit — (The Herkimer Telegram)
SSRI Ed note: Man arrested for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, dies in jail from lethal levels of venlafaxine & nortriptyline, following steady deterioration.
Father Accused of Poisoning Kids’ Soup — (Court Report)
SSRI Ed note: Father on Prozac and amitriptyline poisons his 2 small children in a bizarre, irrational scheme to defraud Campbell's.
Crews Find Body of Missing Teen — (
SSRI Ed note: Couple drink alcohol, take his imipramine, he survives, she does not, he denies suicide pact.
Fence Post — (Daily Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man on psych drugs long-term, multiple diagnoses, takes tricyclic antidepressant, becomes aggressive, loses two jobs.
Death of girl, 6, is ruled a murder — (Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Mother gives 6-yr-old daughter an overdose of amitriptyline, takes one herself in murder-suicide attempt, but mother is found in time.
Court grants bail to Beniwal — (Times of India)
SSRI Ed note: Woman prescribed 2 benzos, 3 SSRIs, 1 tricyclic + zolpidem after her toddler dies, hangs self and 7-yr-old son. Amazingly she survived these poisons for 2+ yrs.
Drugs linked to Agnes’ murder — (The Chester Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking Effexor and Amitriptyline, uses illegal drugs, bludgeons an elderly friend to death. Interaction between cocaine and tricyclic blamed.
Circuit judge delays Yost murder trial — (The Bay City Times)
SSRI Ed note: Woman kills her daughter by poisoning her with imipramine.
Management of patient with severe, deteriorating mental illness (01HDC13687) — (NZ Health and Disability Commissioner)
SSRI Ed note: Woman with postnatal depression given tricyclic antidepressants attempts suicide, medication changed and she succeeds.
Report says pilot in crash was on several medications — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Pilot on imipramine and desipramine and other meds crashed plane killing himself and 5 others.
Wife-killer stabs ‘soulmate’ to death — (Bucks Free Press)
SSRI Ed note: Man on psych meds given mianserin, has akathisia, kills his beloved wife & his GP. When released, kills 2nd wife a week after amitriptyline dose increase.
Man found guilty in wife’s stabbing — (The Oregonian)
SSRI Ed note: Man on amitriptyline and pain meds has a fit of rage during which he stabs his wife nine times in front of their kids.
Leah Harris Letter to the FDA — (National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy)
SSRI Ed note: Woman writes to the FDA to explain that years of self-mutilation and suicidality were due to taking antidepressants since early childhood.
Police ‘warned’ before machete attack — (BBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Man starts Celexa, tells GP about "abnormal, extreme thoughts", 4 months later kills shopkeeper with machete. BBC blames schizophrenia, med not mentioned.
Father overdosed after girl left home — (Staffordshire Newsletter)
SSRI Ed note: Divorced alcoholic man on antidepressants facing jail for impaired driving commits suicide after daughter moves out.
SSRI Ed note: Woman on many meds, including Prozac, kills her kids.
Woman's death was suicide, MD tells inquest — (Toronto Star)
WIFE KILLING ‘A TRAGEDY’ — (Somerset County Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Suicidal senior university lecturer, 63, given citalopram, other meds, has nightmarish delusions, citalopram stopped, 6 weeks later stabs his wife to death.
Coroner’s jury also rules on several drug overdoses — (Peoria Journal Star)
Coroner's jury rules on several drug overdoses — (Peoria Journal Star)
Bangor man arrested after late-night foot chase — (Bangor Daily News)
Slaughter in A School Yard — (Time Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Drifter, 26, on amitriptyline and thorazine takes AK-47, shoots 5 children in a schoolyard, then himself.
New Details Emerge in Downey Case — (E! News Daily)
Last words go to children Lawyer says execution ‘state-assisted suicide’ — (The Daily Oklahoman)
SSRI Ed note: Mother on amiytriptyline kills her two children, attempts suicide but lives. She is charged with murder and executed.
SSRI Ed note: Man prescribed amitriptyline, Prozac for depression gets more depressed, dies of overdose right after he is put on new medication. Depression blamed.