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Dr. Andrew Weil: Depression – my experience — (ABC News)
Postpartum depression: When the bough breaks — (Ottawa Citizen)
SSRI Ed note: Baby born to woman on Zoloft dies shortly after birth, she continues drug off and on, still depressed. True cause of postpartum trouble ID'd: sleep loss.
When Medicating Kids Goes Very, Very Wrong — (Blog Her)
Teacher allegedly made vodka drinks and had sex with two boys, student testifies — (Dayton Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Gymn teacher on Zoloft has sex with two students, pleads insanity. Lawyer acknowledges drug with booze impaired her judgement.
Raised in chaos, David 'Joey' Pedersen turned to white supremacism, and is now accused of killings— (The Oregonian)
The Real Fresh Meat: I Hallucinated For Three Weeks — (Sabotage Times)
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Examining the Link between Obesity and Mental Illness — (nhpr)
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Cosco Busan owners, operators agree to $44 million settlement for oil spill — (GantDaily)
Add-On Sertraline Nixed for Moderate Postpartum Depression — (Medscape)
Adding Atypical to SSRIs of No Benefit for PTSD — (Medscape)
Suicide verdict after man found dead in car in North Dorset — (Dorset Echo)
Suicide girls on antidepressants banned in Britain — (The Australian)
Kahler Defense Case Begins, See Witness List — (
Wire Strikes Cited In Three Fatalities In Two Weeks — (Aero Network)
Cops: Mother Crashes Car With Kids, Drugs Could Be Cause — (
Documents reveal Hammad Memon’s father provided him medication — (FOX 6)
SSRI Ed note: Boy on Zoloft and Strattera (for ADHD) kills schoolmate.
Violence and murder linked to prescription medications — (
Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in older people — (BMJ) / Murder-suicides in Elderly Rise — (WebMD)
SSRI Ed note: Study finds risk rises significantly with use of antidepressants, higher with SSRIs than tricyclics. Murder-suicides in elderly up as rate of A/D use rises.
Child’s multiple diagnoses create challenges for Topeka family — (The Topeka Capital-Journal )
SSRI Ed note: Child given "more than 60" meds, many diagnoses finally gets only Adderall, Seroquel +Zoloft, still aggressive. A miracle that he can manage at all.
Expert says murder victim Daugherty ingested 'lethal dose' of antidepressant — (Tribune Review)
Police: Man who fired at TV crew took prescription drugs, had slurred speech— (Las Vegas Sun)
Spray relieves runny nose from food — (The Vindicator)
My son had an extreme reaction to Zoloft (an SSRI) — (Conduct Disorders)
SSRI Ed note: Boy takes Zoloft, starts to steal, has suicidal thoughts, is aggressive, frequently "erupts" at home.
Preliminary Report on BEECH N569JL Accident at Greensboro — (NTSB)
Soldier faces international scrutiny, death penalty — (The Post Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Soldier sees 8 in his unit killed incl 2 friends, given Zoloft, Trazadone, becomes delusional, shoots prisoner, diagnosed schizophrenic, court marshalled.
Ex-WWE Developmental Star Commits Suicide — (Wrestling Inc)
SSRI Ed note: Famous Wrestler on antidepressants kills himself.
Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others [SSRI’s among highest] — (PLoS)
KTLA SPECIAL REPORT: Fmr. Cop Accused Of Rape Blames Anti-Depressant Medication — (KTLA)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Zoloft, neurontin drinks, kidnaps & rapes woman, has no recollection of events, is charged, drug defence rejected, dies by suicide. Wife realizes truth.
Motive a mystery in rampage of Dad who killed his two children and himself — (
SSRI Ed note: Man upset by marriage breakdown takes Zoloft, shoots and kills his young children and himself.
Iowa Court Upholds Conviction — (The Daily Iowan)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on Zoloft invites friends over, they drink, he stabs and hammers the 2 women to death for no reason, Court rejects idea that med responsible.
Paige: We must learn from McKinley's death — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man never warned not to take Zoloft intermittantly "as needed" drinks, shoots and kills a woman, is convicted of first degree murder, appeal denied.
Counsellor's tale: pill led to backside 'kiss' — (Sydney Morning Herald)
SSRIs Render Unfriendly Skies — (
Family slaughtered: the wake of the antidepressant — (Libération Société)
Tuerie de Pouzauges: un antidépresseur mis en cause / Family Killed in Pouzauges: was the cause an antidepressant? — (Le Figaro)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor taking sertraline has episode of delirium-psychosis, murders his wife, his 4 children, and kills himself. Investigators decide med was the cause.
What We Don’t Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Torture — (The Bleader)
SSRI Ed note: Zoloft and Wellbutrin withdrawal cause man to lose sleep, which in turn causes delirium.
NTSK releases report on 2008 Mount Airy plane crash — (Time Warner Cable News)
Famous Former Super Model Commits Suicide
Colorado mental-health counselor charged with murdering infant son — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: Woman worries needlessly that her 6-month old son is autistic, takes Zoloft, feels increasingly suicidal, smothers baby to death a week later.
NOLAN v. STATE — (Court of Appeals of Mississippi)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Paxil does badly, Doc switches him to Zoloft, adds Klonapin and Seroquel when he becomes psychotic. Man then kills his father.
Cops: Hammer attack spurred by jealousy — (
Horror comes home: Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder — (Canadian Family Physician)
Singaporean man denies supplying drugs to student — (The Straits Times)
SSRI Ed note: Exchange student in Singapore takes Xanax, Sertraline, OxyContin, Ambien and GHB (the "date rape" drug), dies from combination.
Eric Jasinski jailed for not deploying to Iraq — (Courage to Resist Newsletter)
SSRI Ed note: Soldier given trazodone and Zoloft for PTSD told to deploy to Iraq, he refusesF.
Psychoanalysis scrapped from health insurance — (Dutch