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Reconstruction of Swiss bus crash “shows driver was suicidal” — (Flanders Today)
Thirty-five injuries found on Véronique Pirotton’s body — (L’
Medicalisation of misery to blame for soaring use of antidepressants, say GPs — (The Guardian)
Famous Singer, Yasmine, [Hilde Rens] Kills Self
Belgian nursery killer’s parents ‘wanted him in psychiatric care’—(earthtimes)
SSRI Ed note: Man being treated for depression (o.e. taking antidepressants) becomes violent, kills several people including toddlers, claims no memory, has hallucinations.
‘Mother In family tragedy swallowed many antidepressants’ — (
SSRI Ed note: Mother on many antidepressants kills 2 of her children, attempts suicide.
Mother won’t be prosecuted — (Expatica)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking antidepressants for post partum depression forgets 5-mo-old baby in hot car, he dies. She is not charged.
Woman who killed her five children was being treated for depression — (The Irish Times)
SSRI Ed note: Mother being treated for depression stabs her 5 children to death, attempts suicide. Police seatch for motive.
Murder on Prozac? The “happiness pill” in the dock — (Le Soir)
SSRI Ed note: Ptozac defense tried in Belgium in 1998 in a case of man murdering his wife where she worked. Defense fails, no scientific evidence linking Prozac to violence.